Welcome to the Accelerated World!

Real World Form

Between 6 and 16 years old. If you play a younger character, try to be in character for that, as difficult as it may be to put yourself in that mindset. This also means that you are in highschool with all that entails.

You are Power Level 3 with 50 Power Points. Your Neurolinker is provided free of charge and does not require any PP to function. For all Skills running off Intellect, Awareness or Presence, treat the PL cap as 10.

Among your various Complications at least one needs to be a form of childhood trauma. Of course, I don't want it to all be "MY PARENTS ARE DEEEEEAAAAAD!" Things stick with kids that are on a far smaller scale than that. It doesn't have to be some giant, depressing issue, just something that your character personally has trouble dealing with to this day, whether that be bullying, a mistake or just something mundane.

You may not purchase powers. You are completely and utterly mundane.

Game Form

You are now Power Level 10. You gain 110 Power Points to lay over your "Real World" stats.

You may not spend points on Awareness, Intellect or Presence and may not spend any points on Skills affected by those Attributes.

You do not have full agency over your power. A power, along with some traits, will be psuedo-randomly assigned. You do, however, have some agency over how that is shown.

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