Araris Valerian - PL 10

Strength 3, Stamina 10, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 8, Intellect 0, Awareness 4, Presence -2


Luck 5, Improved Critical 4 (Swords), All-Out Attack, Power Attack, Evasion 2, Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Bind, Improved Initiative 2, Instant Up, Interpose, Fearless, Takedown


Acrobatics 0 (+0), Athletics 0 (+3), Close Combat (Swords) 6 (+14), Deception 0 (-2), Expertise (???) 0 (+0), Insight 4 (+8), Intimidation 0 (-2), Investigation 0 (+0), Perception 10 (+14), Persuasion 0 (-2), Ranged Combat (Thrown) 0 (+0), Sleight of Hand 0 (+0), Stealth 0 (+0), Technology 0 (+0), Treatment 0 (+0), Vehicles 0 (+0)


Metal Sense - 6 PP
Any basic metalcrafter can detect the metal in a battle and, without fail, use that fact to anticipate and block attacks. While for a normal metalcrafter that might grant them some chance at dodging a metalcrafter of Araris' quality is essentially immune to any attack using metal as a medium.

  • Accurate Acute Ranged Radius Detect Metal - 6 Points

Metalcrafter Toughness - 9 PP
Like the metal they are so adept at using, metalcrafters have almost extraordinary toughness, capable of resisting poisons and diseases that would cripple a lesser man and all but ignoring many attacks.

  • Immunity (Poison, Disease, Critical Hits) - 3 Points
  • Immunity (Life Support sans Disease and Poison), Limited to Half Effect - 4 Points
  • Protection 2 - 2 Points

Metalcrafting - 35 PP
As a metalcrafter Araris has a few talents he can use to great effect, allowing him to compete with the various denizens of other worlds.

  • Perfect Guard - Araris is a master swordsman, to say the least. Against any sort of physical attack he's nigh on untouchable, especially when Araris himself is armed.
    • Immunity (All Toughness), Limited to Physical, Limited to Half Effect - 27 PP
    • Impervious Protection 12, Limited to Physical - 6 PP
  • Weaken Metal - Another common technique for a metalcrafter, Araris can sap the strength of any metal without hardly any effort.
    • Progressive Affects Objects Weaken Toughness 10, Limited to Metal, Incurable, Reversible, Accurate - 33 PP
  • Bolster Metal - Just like Araris can sap the strength of metal so can he strength it, making the material far stronger than it was before.
    • Enhanced Impervious Toughness 12, Affects Only Objects, Affects Only Others, Limited to Metal - 12 PP
    • Immunity (All Toughness), Limited to Physical, Limited to Half Effect, Affects Only Objects, Affects Only Others, Limited to Metal - 20 PP

Metal Call - 3 PP
While metalcrafters aren't typically capable of moving their material, Araris can do it with very small quantities.

  • Perception Move Object 1, Limited to Metal, Precise - 3 Points

Furycrafted Gladius - 2 PP (Removable, Base 3)
A sword that Araris subliminally reinforces to make it cut just a little better.

  • Strength-Based Damage 3

Trained Soldier - 1 PP
After years as a soldier it's almost a given that one will pick up a bit of a sixth sense. For somebody like Araris? He's had it since he was a teen.

  • Senses (Danger Sense) - 1 Point


Initiative +8
Furycrafted Gladius: +14, Damage 6, Critical 16-20
Unarmed: +8, Damage 3


Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 10, Toughness 12, Will 10


Wooden Surroundings [Power Loss]
As long as Araris has access to some metal his powers are completely functional. Of course, a great deal of his powers require him to actually be in contact with metal. In Alera it is a common tactic (when fighting a metalcrafter) to force them to fight in an environment not to their advantage. Assassins using wooden or bone weapons find themselves able to easily bypass many of a metalcrafter's advantages and, if trapped in a wooden cage, a metalcrafter may have a difficult time escaping.

Alera is Safe [Motivation]
After defeating the Vord Queen and putting Tavi, now Gauis Octavian, on the throne there was not much for Araris to do. He acted as Octavian's bodyguard of course, but the First Lord hardly required him at this point. While Araris continued to train and did his best to keep in the best fighting condition he rarely found himself able to put his talents to good use. Still, he was happy. He was with the woman he loved and Alera was at piece.

When the recruiters from the other world came, Araris was initially a skeptic. Other worlds? That was something a little far fetched, even for one would had seen the true extent of the Vord armies. Still, as they demonstrated the very real danger bit by bit Araris came around, eventually accepting. Taking only his gladius with him Araris went to the other world, intent on ensuring the safety of Alera one way or another.

Metalcrafting [Power Source]
Araris depends a great deal on his ability to harness the furies inherent in all aspects of metal. Some of his powers, such as his inherent toughness, require no metal to function and are simply a result of years of harnessing furies. Others, such as his ability to manifest a fury, require a small amount of metal, however small. However, even without metal Araris is a dangerous swordsman, capable of going toe-to-toe with most enemies even without his blade.

Coward's Brand [Disability]
When Araris went into hiding he branded himself with the Coward's Brand to ensure nobody mistook him as Araris while he pretended to be dead. While few are likely to see it as such outside his own world, the scar is quite ugly and does little to make him more attractive.

Personal Honor [Honor]
As Alerans are descended from Romans their code follows what those that had come before laid out. In truth, Araris' personal code relies heavily on humility about his strength and dedication to upholding his word. He also feels quite strongly about protecting those he cares about, although that is less likely to come up in the span of a multiverse. He is opposed to using trickery unless absolutely necessary and, unsurprisingly, has little regard for criminals even if he can respect their skill.

Family [Relationship]
Araris' wife Isana is the most important person in his life, followed quickly by Octavian, his brother-in-law Bernholdt and the various other members of his family, related or not. Fortunately for him the majority of those he holds dear are powerful furycrafters, although it seems there is always somebody a little stronger in the multiverse…

Greatest Swordsman Alive [Rivalry]
While Araris is aloof from his fame and not particularly interested in upholding his reputation, swordsmen (often of the less than moral kind) across Alera seek to prove themselves by defeating the famed Araris Valerian. More often than not they follow the proper procedures and attempt to defeat him in a legitimate duel but, on occasion, they use underhanded methods.

Silver Fox [Disability]
While Araris is still an exceptional swordsman, he isn't exactly as young as he once was. While his constant training and metalcrafting allows him to mitigate a great deal of the main issues of his age it still occasionally comes up as an issue, especially in regard to how competent he is.


Aleran, Native Language

Character Notes

The history of Alera is a topic of hot debate among the intellectuals of the land, although the true answer is unknown to all of them.

Alera is sort of a cosmic sinkhole. Early man was taken from one dimension and deposited, becoming the proud and mighty Marat. Great wolves were taken from another, creating the Canem. The Vord were taken from some other world, along with the Icemen north of the wall. Even the Alerans themselves aren't native to the land. Whatever you believe about the Roman Legion XI Hispana is incorrect. The legion was taken through a portal and deposited within what would become Alera, eventually becoming bonded to the furies that were native to the world and using them for their own strength.

Now to Araris. Years ago, long before the current state of the world, the Marat and Alerans were engaged in a bloody, brutal war. At that time Araris had been a singulare to Gaius Septimus. Had been is key there as, due to the treachery of one they considered friend, Septimus was murdered by the Marat. In his shame and to ensure one lived who knew of the treachery Araris faked his death, branded himself a coward and went to live among the holdfasters as Fade, a dumb mute, maintaining the act for almost a decade and a half.

That is, until the Marat once again threatened invasion. As Tavi, a young man on the holdfast, put himself in danger to attempt to stop the invasion Araris was forced to cast aside the guise of Fade and once again become Araris Valerian, the greatest swordsman to ever live.

The story after that is history. Araris helped to repulse the Marat invasion, went on to take help repulse the Canim invasion as Tavi's singulare, helped to break Varg out of the impenetrable Grey Tower and taught the future First Lord almost all he knows of swordplay. Even after being taken hostage by the Vord and being left to rot for months Araris manages to break free, manifesting his fury for the first time and fighting the Vord Queen nearly to a standstill on his own, a feat no other could hope to claim.

After the Vord were repulsed Araris married his longtime love and friend from back when he was simply a singulare for Septimus Isanna and was named the Count of the Rillwater by Gaius Octavian. The realm was safe and, somehow, Octavian was keeping the peace. Life was perfect.

For some reason the recruiters came to Alera, searching for people to help defend the multiverse. For Araris the choice was hardly easy; after all, he had finally earned his happy ending. Still, if there was a threat to the realm Araris could not let it stand. Octavian obviously could not leave to hunt down some possible threat and many of the others were simply too old or feeble now. The burden fell on Araris to deal with the issue, a responsibility he shouldered reluctantly. Still, as long as there was a threat to Alera Araris could not rest easy.


Araris typically wears whatever allows him to be blend in with the native population although he does make a conscious choice to try to wear clothing with metal as an added contingency.

Power Points

Abilities 46 + Powers 57 + Advantages 23 + Skills 10 (20 ranks) + Defenses 14 = 150

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