Ark 607

Ark 607 was originally constructed in the Pacific Northwest of the United States; Washington, to be exact. It was one of the last Arks created in the Great War which would prove to be a boon in the long run. Out of the seventeen Arks located in Washington, 607 was the most advanced, the best equipped, and the largest. Created with layer upon layer upon layer of heavy metals to resist a blast, rooted firmly in the ground, the Ark was immovable, indestructible.

As far as technology, 607 was the best that the world had to offer. Most of the major functions of the Ark were handled by Dexter, the Ark's AI. The air ducts, heating, everything, were handled by him. He controlled bots to keep the ship working, controlled the combat drones, and the massive databank contained within the Ark. Air extractors guaranteed the Ark's survival even if the Ark was to be submerged. Decades of food were stockpiled with a greenhouse to support it. Some livestock was even taken on board the ship.

The original occupants of Ark were equally impressive. Rich, intelligent people that were able to buy themselves on were many of the original occupants, although many soldiers snuck their way into the Ark. By the time it was sealed it was too late to kick them out. Fortunately, the Ark managed to coexist safely, thick walls shielding them from the wars occurring outside and Dexter running the Ark.

For almost a hundred years the Ark held on. Everything went smoothly. People lived, people died. There never was a shortage of food

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