Athena 13

Codename: Athena (Abigail Ecorche) - PL 13

Strength 2, Stamina 8, Agility 6, Dexterity 6, Fighting 12, Intellect 2, Awareness 12, Presence 0


Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Evasion, Improved Aim, Improved Critical 4 (Rifles), Improved Initiative, Move-by-Action, Precise Attack (Ranged, Concealment and Cover), Quick Draw, Power Attack, Uncanny Dodge, Assessment, Fearless, Instant Up, Hide in Plain Sight, Benefit (Security Clearance), Ultimate Effort (Will, Toughness), Luck 6, Equipment 12


Acrobatics 4 (+10), Athletics 5 (+7), Close Combat (???) 0 (+12), Deception 0 (+0), Expertise (Aliens) 11 (+13), Expertise (Military) 11 (+13), Insight 8 (+20), Intimidation 0 (+0), Investigation 8 (+10), Perception 8 (+20), Persuasion 0 (+0), Ranged Combat (Firearms) 12 (+18), Sleight of Hand 0 (+6), Stealth 16 (+22), Technology X (+X), Treatment X (+X), Vehicles 4 (+10)


Mental Warfare - 58 Points
While Athena makes use of many of her mental powers for mundane uses, sometimes a less fine touch is required. That's when people become vegetables.

  • Mental Domination - While she is hesitant to use it, Athena is capable of dominating an opponent's mind, making them a personal puppet.
    • Perception Cumulative Affliction 13 (Dazed, Compelled, Controlled), Subtle 2, Insidious
  • Mind Fray - While Athena can brute force her way into somebody's mind, sometimes tearing their defenses apart can provide a much needed opening.
    • Progressive Perception Weaken Will 13, Resisted by Will, Limited (Reduced Will Limited to against Athena), Subtle 2, Insidious
  • Mental Scream - As a career supersoldier Athena has a large amount of experience with pain. Transmitting that to somebody that doesn't usually has an interesting result.
    • Perception Secondary Effect Damage 13, Resisted by Will, Subtle 2, Insidious
  • Mind Reading - It's pretty much what it says on the tin! She can read your mind. Scary, right?
    • Cumulative Effortless Mind Reading 13, Subtle 2, Insidious

Mind Detection - 9 Points
Athena doesn't actively read everybody's minds but she can feel their presence, something that makes her job a little bit easier.

  • Senses 8 (Detect Minds, Ranged, Radius, Extended, Rapid, Acute, Accurate)
  • Senses 1 (Mental Awareness)

Mental Interruption - 3 Points
With a quick mental assault, Athena can make somebody have a much worse day.

  • Luck Control (You can spend a hero point or use Luck to force someone else to re-roll a die roll and take the worse of the two rolls. The target of this last effect may spend a hero point or use Luck to avoid having to re-roll.)

Telepathy - 11 Points
Perhaps Athena's most useful skill is her ability to speak telepathically, relaying information between others with ease.

  • Mental Communication 2, Rapid, Subtle 2


SHADOW Blaster Rifle - 24 EP
Athena was able to take a few things with her when she quit SHADOW. The gun is reliable and, fortunately, still seems to hold up alright.

  • Ranged Damage 8, Multiattack

Silenced Blaster Pistol - 13 EP
Of course, going in guns blazing isn't always advisable. For situations like that a silenced pistol is extremely useful.

  • Ranged Damage 6, Subtle

Stealth Armor - 13 EP
It does what it sounds like. It's really nothing all that fancy at the end of the day, but between the helmet and the rest Athena is rather more durable than one might expect and a little bit harder to detect.

  • Protection 4
  • Sensory Protection Suite (+5 bonus to auditory and visual attacks)
  • Immunity 3 (Suffocation, Gasses)
  • Senses 1 (Darkvision)
  • Senses 1 (Infravision)
  • Feature (Conceals identity)

Grapnel Cable - 2 EP
A mobility-assistance device devised by SHADOW, this device is essential to allowing Athena keep up with more heavily modified soldiers.

  • Flight 3, Gliding, Limited to between two points, Platform
  • AE: Movement (Wallclimbing, Platform)

Durasteel Combat Knife - 5 EP
While it was strongly advised to avoid melee confrontation with the aliens, SHADOW soldiers were equipped with two foot long "combat knives" nonetheless.

  • Strength-Based Damage 5

Assorted - 3 EP
Of course, assorted gear is a required part of Athena's arsenal. While not as useful as some of her gear it all helps her nonetheless.
Mini-Tracer, Lock Release Gun, Multitool


Initiative +10
Unarmed: Damage 2, +12
Durasteel Combat Knife: Damage 7, +12
SHADOW Blaster Rifle: Multiattack Ranged Damage 8, +18, Critical 16+
SHADOW Blaster Pistol: Multiattack Ranged Damage 6, +18
Mental Domination: Perception Cumulative Affliction 13 (Dazed, Compelled, Controlled), Resisted by Will
Mind Fray: Progressive Perception Weaken Will 13, Resisted by Will, Limited (Reduced Will Limited to against Athena)
Mental Scream: Perception Secondary Effect Damage 13, Resisted by Will




Dodge 14, Parry 14, Fortitude 10, Toughness 8/12 (Body Armor), Will 16

Power Points

Abilities 96 + Powers 81 + Advantages 40 + Skills 31 (12 combat ranks, 75 other ranks) + Defenses 16 = 264 / 265


To the untrained eye, Athena might appear to be a typical, possibly airheaded blonde. Standing at 5'8" she's taller than most women yet still hardly a giant. Most wouldn't notice the trained grace she moves with, every motion seemingly regulated to utilize as little energy as possible. While far from ugly, most would describe her appearance as plain, although her startling purple eyes are a bit of an oddity. Once upon a time they were blue but, well, human modification comes with a cost. At least she came out of it mostly in tact.

In her combat armor Athena is unrecognizable as Abigail, much less as a woman. The suit, while almost exclusively black, has dark purple mixed in across the design. For enhanced stealth, of course. The suit does a good job at disguising her feminine figure and, coupled with her helmet, she's hardly recognizable. More than once she's been called "purple Master Chief" by spectators which, so far, she doesn't mind. Keeping her civilian and professional identities separate is important, especially with her past.


Damn Dirty Aliens [Prejudice]
When you've fought aliens day in and day out for the better part of a century some sort of resentment is only to be expected. Whether they be twelve foot tall arachnids covered in pincers and spines or almost identical to a human save for the lack of a second eye, Abigail has extreme xenophobia against anything not born and raised on the planet Earth, something that, in the past, she's been able to easily express. With her current mission that could be slightly more difficult…

Ditzy Blonde [Identity]
Despite all of Abigail's many skills, lying is not one of them. In order to try to differentiate the real Abigail from Athena, the purple-armored hero, Abigail does her best to act the ditzy blonde in her civilian life, although the rigid, professional soldier sneaks through far more than it should. It's a constant struggle for her to maintain her civilian cover, much less make any real attachments in it. Some small part of her is afraid to get to close to anything only for it to be ripped away just when she began to care about it.

Shadowy Past [Secret]
As a SHADOW operative, Abigail's past is a legend and a tool, something that makes others fear her by name alone. But now, acting as Athena the superhero? Should the public learn of half the things she'd done they'd likely have her locked away for multiple lifetimes.

We Were Gods [Relationship]
With how often Abigail moved from squad to squad in the military she rarely made any true connections. Sure, she had friends and the like but, due to both her childhood and the nature of her work, she learned to avoid making connections that ran too deep. Fortunately for her, that changed when she joined up with SHADOW. Her squad, nicknamed the Gods by the others because their codenames just happened to be those of Greek gods. There was Poseidon, a big, boisterous man that had enough genetic modifications to go toe-to-toe with damn near any alien in close combat with his giant spear. Hephaestus, the only member without some sort of gene mods but spent more than enough time in the foundry fabricating advanced weapons to make up for his shortcomings. Zeus, their de-facto leader, a man who had traded most of his body for a giant cybernetic suit. Artemis and Apollo were a pair of twins, oddly enough, and some of the best snipers ever to grace the planet, due partly to the heavy modifications to their eyes.. Finally, there was Hades, the only other psion on the other team and the sole survivor of a dangerous camouflage gene mod that allowed him to render himself nearly invisible just like his namesake. Of all the crew he was the one Athena was the closest with. The squad were legends among SHADOW and the closest thing Abigail ever had to family.

Bonsai! [Quirk]
Strangely enough, Abigail is a fan of gardening although, due to her rather mobile lifestyle, has never really been able to maintain anything larger than a small bonsai tree that she takes with her wherever possible.

More Than Human [Obsession]
Abigail is convinced that simply being human isn't going to be enough; she needs to be more than human if she hopes to ever compete with the aliens and other enhanced humans. Training and hard work can only get you so far; she needs augmentations. Genetic, cybernetic, hell, even magic if such a thing exists; she'll take them all. Only when she's so far beyond human that such issues seem trivial will she truly be at peace with her form.

It's My Fault [Guilt]
Of course, Abigail learned long ago that she didn't get happy endings. Hades was killed in action and while in actuality there was likely nothing that Abigail could have done to save him, she still blames herself for the fact that he's gone.

SHADOW [Responsibility]
Abigail is a SHADOW operative, not a hero. Occasional visits from her handler make sure she never forgets this, although it's unlikely she ever would; she is the definition of a professional soldier.

A Stable Life [Obsession]
Abigail craves the rigidity and structure of military life in almost everything she does, likely a combination of the lack of stability in her life as a child and her time in the military. She's borderline OCD when it comes to cleaning and, should somebody see her apartment, they might question if anybody actually lives there. Of course, by the same token, Abigail has a hard time getting too attached to anything; she was constantly moving about as a child due to foster homes and, in the military, she was moved from one mission to another before she could make any real bonds. She learned long ago that it was better to simply not make those bonds rather than risk them being broken.

There's a Spy! [Secret]
Abigail isn't acting a hero for the sake of being a hero; she's acting a hero for the sake of getting close to the other freaks who call themselves that. Obviously, they likely wouldn't take kindly to being spied on.

Protection of the Earth (or at least America) [Motivation]
While Abigail is first and foremost a SHADOW operative she does legitimately believe in their broader goal. She has skills and she has powers. Out there there are monsters that are equally skilled and with far greater power than even her; who besides Abigail could stand up to fight them? She has a duty to the world to protect it, even if it means leaving the only family she's ever had to lie to people with superpowers.

Night Terrors [Phobia]
While Abigail would admit it to nobody, she does suffer from PTSD. She's seen things most men can't even fathom and survived far more than the human body is capable of. Whether it's a flashback of her first mission, an interrogation of a particularly stubborn Russian Omega or just killing somebody who saw something they shouldn't have, Abigail has plenty of things to keep her up at night, chief among which is a Hades desperately trying to go invisible as a Crawler impales him with a giant spine.

Whispers [Secret]
When she first got her powers they were faint. A slight whisper in the back of her mind, hardly noticeable. Yet, day after day, week after week, they've grown stronger, grown louder. Abigail has yet to tell anybody of the voices, mostly because she believes that if she admits to it she'll be removed from the field for obvious reasons.

The Blacklist [Enemies]
Abigail spent a long time as a SHADOW agent and, as such, has earned enemies both domestic and alien in nature. While Athena the superhero isn't obviously linked to SHADOW, it's likely only a matter of time until one of the more enthusiastic of her foes figures out the link.

I Have a Cat? [Relationship]
Abigail wasn't allowed to bring much with her in terms of possessions and has little contact with her old squad; Hephaestus is the only one that could truly walk in public without getting odd looks and he's too valuable for the research team to waste his time visiting Abigail for debriefings. A little starved for company, Abigail bought a cat. She's named Hecate (what, Abigail has a thing for Greek gods!) and, so far, doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of her owner.

The Shadow War

For decades mankind has been engaged in a secret war, one detached from nations and politics. It has been one that took place in the shadows, avoiding the limelight and, yet, the soldiers that have fought in it have saved the Earth many times over.

July 11th, 1962. That was the day that the world as we knew it disappeared or, at least, should have vanished. A lonely military base in the Nevada desert was struck with what was officially classified as an asteroid. Unofficially, of course, the answer was much more complex. Scientists at the time were completely baffled; a seamless orb of metal, seemingly impossible to open. The substance was alien and, aside from the that it emitted radio waves, nobody knew what it was. That is, until they arrived.

First contact with the aliens was short and brutal. Nobody at the military base remained and less than half of the bodies that should have been there remained. Understandably, this event scared the US government into action and, soon enough, the organization that would eventually become SHADOW was created to find some way to fight the alien threat.

And fight it they did. Tactics were built through piles of bodies of those that fell to the aliens built but, day by day and inch by inch mankind began to fight back. Every bit of technology was experimental and within the first few years steroids had become all but mandatory for every soldier. Within ten years the organization had equipment almost equivalent to modern day gear and had even begun to dabble in human modification. Of course, other organizations of a similar nature began to spring up around the world, sparking a new kind of warfare. The groups struggled to repulse aliens silently and covertly across the world even while engaged in their own arms race. Alien technology was stripped down and studied, making energy weapons a very real thing. Alien DNA and human DNA were tested for viability and, in some of the less scrupulous organizations, spliced with human DNA to create what were quickly dubbed Omega humans.

In the modern age the Strategic Homeland Alien Defense and Omega Warfare organization, or SHADOW, is the (un)official organization in charge of the United States' status in this shadow war between aliens and advanced mercenary groups which brings us to Abigail Ecorche.

Growing up Abigail found herself going from foster home to foster home, changing schools almost every year. Coming out of high school she didn't have the money to pay for college herself or the grades for a scholarship and, like so many others, joined the military to try to find a way to pay the bills and get to school at some point. Almost the second she arrived on base Abigail felt like, for the first time in her life, she was home. Life was structured, orderly. Things didn't change, something that she had lacked for most of life. For the most part who you were didn't matter, only what you could do which, in the case of Abigail, quickly became a lot.

As such, Abigail threw herself into the training, Obviously she wasn't as big as many of the other recruits simply as a result of her gender so she used what she had. She was scrappy, she was quick and, most of all, she would do whatever it took to win. By the time they were deployed Abigail was by far the best shot and the most capable hand-to-hand combatant in the group. She was by far the best soldier among the group and, when the time came for special missions it was always Abigail that was selected. Soon enough she was taking parts in special operations until, eventually, she found herself in an unfamiliar facility, bound and gagged.

That was when she first heard of SHADOW. She was given the same choice as likely thousands of soldiers before her; join SHADOW as an operative or have her mind wiped. It seemed a simple choice, at least to Abigail, at least at the time. The next step in special operations with a more elite crew and more elite gear? It seemed the logical progression at the time.

Of course, when she was on her first mission, fleeing from a half ton alien with claws as long as her she did question her choices somewhat.

Even still, Abigail did exactly what she had done before. She trained hard, became better with SHADOW's advanced gear than anybody else. She volunteered for genetic modification after modification, pushing her body far beyond what it should have been able to accomplish normally. When, for the first time ever, SHADOW was able to capture a living psionic alien, she allowed herself to be the guinea pig, to initial results that were extremely disappointing. Besides massive migranes the gene mods seemed to do nothing, at least until she woke screaming from her bed one night, eyes glowing purple.

That incident marked the beginning of Abigial as SHADOW's prized field operative. As her psionic abilities grew, Abigail found herself going on more and more missions and becoming more and more brutal. There was something about killing somebody while experiencing their every thought that changed you. Abigail quickly became a legend in SHADOW, both for her unprecedented genetic modification and ability in the field. When everything was going to shit and all other options had failed, Abigail was sent in. When failure was not an option, Abigial was sent in. When there was no other options and the operation seemed doomed to fail, Abigail was sent in and, against all odds, would win.

Which brings us to Abigail today. In an unprecedented event Omega humans and aliens are appearing i the public eye, both as protagonists and enemies. For obvious reasons this concerns the United States government and, by extension, SHADOW. As such, Abigail has been tasked with the role of being a "superhero" for now, taking the name Athena as her own. Fight the Omegas and aliens that choose to cause mayhem in the public eye and ensure they cause minimal damage. Of course, Abigail has a secondary and, in her opinion, more important mission: get close to the Omegas and aliens that would call themselves friends and determine whether or not they can be trusted and, if not, figure out the easiest way to kill them as a precautionary measure.

In all honesty, Abigail doesn't care whether the aliens are on their side. In her opinion, they're all threats simply by being on this planet. While she takes no pleasure in lying to them, she will have no problem eliminating them when the time comes. In fact, she might even enjoy it…

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