In recent years, some have questioned why we search out the most beautiful as weapons. Why, you may ask, train them? Why not the fastest, the smartest, the strongest? The answer is simple. The beautiful, particularly models, are in excellent shape. They're also fools, making them very malleable weapons. Their beauty itself is a weapon when properly trained. The question still stands, why use the beautiful? Why not?

[Class][+1 Speed][+1 Special Defense]
Prerequisite: Novice Charm, Novice Athletics, Novice Acrobatics
Effect: You gain the Beautiful Ability.

Not The Face!
[+1 Speed][+1 Special Defense]
Prerequisite: Beauty
2 AP - Swift Action, Interrupt
Trigger: An Opponent targets you with a damaging attack.
Effect: The Target treats their relevant Attack stat as 4 Combat Stages lower for the triggering attack.
NOTE: This is declared BEFORE you know whether or not the Attack hits.

[+1 Speed][+1 Special Defense]
Prerequisite: Not The Face!
Effect: You gain the Sonic Courtship Ability.

[+1 Speed][+1 Special Defense]
Prerequisite: Compliment
1 AP - Swift Action
Effect: You may use Attract on a same-Gendered or Genderless targets.

Beautiful Friends
[+1 Speed][+1 Special Defense]
Prerequisite: AMBIGUOUS!
At-Will, Extended Action
Target: A willing Pokemon with at least 2 Tutor Points.
Effect: The target loses 2 Tutor Points, and gains the Sonic Courtship or Beautiful Ability. This may only target a specific Pokemon once.

Pucker Your Lips Like This…
[+1 Speed][+1 Special Defense]
Prerequisite: Beauty, Adept Charm
Effect: You learn the Moves Sweet Kiss and Lovely Kiss.

[+1 Speed][+1 Special Defense]
Prerequisite: All Beauty Features
Effect: You learn Protect and Mirror Move.

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