In the World of Pokemon, there are many odd powers and Abilities, but perhaps none are as odd as those of a Blank. For whatever reason, a Blank has dedicated them self to becoming the ultimate counter to a Psychic opponent. Maybe they mistrust the Abilities of a Psychic, or have had some terrible loss occur as a result. Whatever the reason, Blank has become almost undetectable to the supernatural means used by Psychics and has many skills in combat that give them a definitive edge over those that practice the Psionic arts.

Now Doxy approved! It probably won't break your game!

[Class][+2 Special Defense]
Prerequisites: Psionic Sight, Iron Mind, No Psychic Classes (Clairvoyant, Telepath, Telekinetic, or Warper)
At-Will - Swift Action
Effect: You may instantly know when a Pokemon, Trainer, or other Target has a Psionic Move, Feature, Ability, or Capability.

Indomitable Will
[+2 Special Defense]
Prerequisites: Blank
Daily / 15
Trigger: You are hit with a Psychic Status Move or have a secondary effect triggered by a Psychic Move
Effect: You may ignore the effects of the Move (if a Status Move) or act as is the Attack had not had the secondary effect triggered.

True Blank
[+2 Special Defense]
Prerequisites: Blank, Adept Focus
Effect: You gain the Mindlock Capability. You never show up in Scrying or Auguries.

Focus Disruption
[+2 Special Defense]
Prerequisites: True Blank
Effect: You resist Psychic damage.

[+2 Special Defense]
Prerequisites: True Blank
Battle - Swift Action
Trigger: An opponent uses a Psychic Move, Feature, Ability or Capability.
Effect: The foe gains an injury, and then loses 2 HP for each Injury it has.

Art of the Blank
Prerequisites: True Blank
At-Will, Extended Action
Target: Your Pokemon
Effect: The Target Pokemon loses 2 Tutor Points. The Target Pokemon gains the Mindlock Capability.

Blank Aura
[+2 Special Defense]
Prerequisite: 5 Blank Features, Expert Focus
2 AP - Swift Action
Effect: For this round, all targets within a radius equal to your Focus Rank may not use Psychic Moves, Features, Abilities, or Capabilities. Any Psychic Moves, Features, Abilities, or Capabilities targeting targets within the radius but used from outside, targeting creatures inside, instantly fail as well.

Arcran's Note: Example time! Joey is a Psychic. Jim is a Blank. Jim is using Blank Aura and has Expert Focus (5). Joey is 6 spaces away and tries to hit Jim with Confusion. Even though Joey is not in the Blank Aura, the Confusion still fails because he is targeting into the Blank Aura.

Psychic Effects

What counts as Psychic? The answer is quite simple.

For Moves… Psychic ones. Duh.
For Features… Ones from any of the four Psychic classes.
For Abilities… Calming Vibe, Telepathic Warning, Telepathy, Magic Bounce, Transporter, Hypnotic.
For Capabilities… Telepathy and Telekinesis as well as the Teleporter Movement Capabilitie.

Also, thanks to IrnBruAddict for the name and general idea!

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