Brutal Trainer

Brutal Trainer


There is such thing as a "brutal trainer." Lashers beat their Pokemon, crushing their will. Fearmongers can be considered brutal, as their extreme tactics cause fear in all but the strongest of souls. Few, however, are quite the same as a Brutal Trainer. While others focus themselves to force their Pokemon to become harsher, the Brutal Trainer inspires his Pokemon to enjoy it. The Pokemon of a Brutal Trainer are forced to fear his hand to become brutal; they begin to enjoy the rush of battle, the thrill. That burst of adrenaline as a foe falls to the ground. That feeling as a foe begins to flee, only to be stopped by their mighty jaws. A Brutal Trainer expects his Pokemon to win, and only gets stronger as they do that. Anybody cowardly enough to run from a battle with a Brutal Trainer can expect severe consequences.

Thanks to castfromhp for giving a ton of balance feedback and helping to nerf this before Riot had to step in!

Brutal Trainer
Prerequisites: Adept Command, Beast Master
Effect: You can tell how many Injuries an opponent's Pokemon has. If a Pokemon in the encounter has at least two Injuries, your Pokemon deal +5 damage and +1 Accuracy on all attacks against that target.

Prerequisites: Brutal Trainer
At-Will - Standard Action, Interrupt
Trigger: Your Pokémon fells a foe; or rolls a 20 on an Accuracy Roll against a foe.
Effect: The Target may immediately take a Standard Action to use any Move, Attack, Ability, or Feature that has a Frequency of "At-Will" or "EoT" as long as it is damage dealing. They also receive a Shift Action.

No Escape!
Prerequisites: Brutal Trainer
At-Will - Extended Action
Target: A Pokemon with at least 1 Tutor Point.
Effect: The target loses 1 Tutor Point, and learns the Move Pursuit, even if they would normally be unable to.

Adrenaline Rush
Prerequisites: Brutal Trainer, Affirmation
Daily/10 - Swift Action, Interrupt
Trigger: Your Pokemon triggers Affirmation
Effect: The Target becomes Enraged and gains the White Flame Ability for the remainder of the encounter.

Skilled Hunter
Prerequisites: Adrenal Rush
Battle - Swift Action, Interrupt
Trigger: The Interrupt Conditions of Pursuit are fulfilled (the foe is fleeing or being switched out).
Effect: If your Pokemon uses Pursuit this round, the Move cannot miss. This effect may only trigger once per Pokemon per battle.

You Shall Not Run!
Prerequisites: 5 Brutal Trainer Features, Expert Command
Daily - Free Action, Interrupt
Target: The Interrupt Conditions of Pursuit are fulfilled (the foe is fleeing or being switched out).
Effect: Instead of using Pursuit, your Pokemon may use another Move, adding the following line to the effects of the Move for the remainder of the round.

If the foe is fleeing or being switched out, [this move] may be used as an Interrupt, targeting the triggering foe. When used as an Interrupt, [this move] grants the user a +5 bonus to all Movement Speeds.

This feature may only be triggered with Moves with a natural (Read: No PP Up) frequency of Battle or lower and must be damage dealing.

Perfect Pursuit
Prerequisites: No Escape!, Master Command
One Time Use/8 - Extended Action
Target: A Pokemon with at least 1 Tutor Point that knows Pursuit.
Effect: The target loses 1 Tutor Point. Choose one of the following effects: Pursuit is now one of the Types possessed by the Pokemon or uses Special Attack instead of Attack. Perfect Pursuit may target a Pokemon multiple times, but the Tutor Point cost as well as the feature cost must be paid each time.

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