Bulbasaur, #001, The Seed Pokemon
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Height: 2'4"
Weight: 43.2 lbs
Length: 2'6" (head to tail)
Width: 1'9"
Egg Group: Monster / Grass
Diet: Bulbasaur are predominately phototrophs, meaning that they use the bulb on their back to create food using sunlight. They do supplement their diet with meat however, although they are very lazy hunters.
Characteristics: Bulbasaur are coated in a thick greenish-blue leathery hide. This hide provides protection against most attacks. They are short and thick, their thick hide often creating rolls of fat. This fat is actually stored away energy from their photosynthesis that they are able to tap into during the long winter months where sunlight is scarce. The most distinctive trait of a Bulbasaur is, obviously, its large bulb. This bulb isn't actually a part of the Bulbasaur, as shown by the giant vines securing its location on the Bulbasaur's back. It is technically a parasite, leeching off the Bulbasaur's own energy to feed its own. However, it has integrated itself so fully into the Bulbasaur's system that it has become beneficial. This bulb has so many uses. It naturally produces weaponized spores and seeds capable of delivering a wide range of attacks. In addition, this bulb creates long prehensile vines that are almost a Bulbasaur's trademark. The bulb and beast are one, creating the Pokemon.
Behavior: Bulbasaur are perhaps the most peaceful of the three starting Pokemon. For the most part, they are happy to sit around, basking in the sun. Small Pokemon, such as Rattata, that venture too close to these herds of Bulbasaur are often grabbed by a vine and violently bashed into the ground until dead. Bulbasaur, being the youngest, are full of a lot of energy. They run around, dancing around the older Venasaur. They also experiment with their vines, grabbing small objects and such. As a trainer Pokemon, Bulbasaur are a little lazy. They are hard to motivate to work but they do quickly become a loyal Pokemon in battle. When Bulbasaur evolve their demeanor changes very little, making them prized as a starter.
Habitat: Bulbasaur most commonly live in large grasslands, migrating in herds.
Population: Bulbasaur roam in massive herds that can easily reach over a hundred. Usually only half the horde is actually a Bulbasaur; the rest are Ivysaur and Venusaur. Their herds are rare; there are perhaps a half dozen in all of Kanto, but most people are easily able to locate them.
Relation with other Pokemon: Bulbasaur herds aren't messed with. Most Pokemon avoid these herds, afraid to be forced into a confrontation with these Pokemon. However, Fearow commonly swoop down on the hordes, picking up a Bulbasaur and flying off with their unfortunate prey.
In the World: Bulbasaur are prized as a starter due to their calm demeanor and the power granted by their bulb.
Lifespan: Bulbasaur live about ten years without evolution.
Egg: Bulbasaur eggs are much like them; short and thick. They are almost perfectly round; 1' tall and 11" across. Even as an Egg vines criss-cross across the outside of the greenish shell.
Breeding: Bulbasaur are unable to breed until about level 20 or evolution. A Bulbasaur cannot be coaxed to breed with any birds or Fire types and will not breed if they aren't in the sunlight.

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