Samuel "Butch" Janek - PL 8


Strength 2, Stamina 6, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 6, Intellect 0, Awareness 0, Presence 0


Luck 4, Improved Critical 4 (Finger Blades), Takedown 2, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Precise Attack (Close Cover and Concealment), Uncanny Dodge, Interpose, Instant Up


Acrobatics 0 (+0), Athletics 4 (+6), Close Combat (Finger Blades) 4 (+10), Deception 0 (+0), Expertise (???) 0 (+0), Insight 0 (+0), Intimidation 6 (+6), Investigation 0 (+0), Perception 10 (+10), Persuasion 0 (+0), Ranged Combat (???) 0 (+0), Sleight of Hand 0 (+0), Stealth 0 (+0), Technology X (+X), Treatment X (+X), Vehicles X (+0)


Finger Blades - 14 Points
Butch has no idea why, but his fingers are morphing into long blades, something that causes him no small amount of distress but, for now, they're useful.

  • Strength-Based Multiattack Damage 4
  • Penetrating 4

Razor Body - 26 Points
Due to Butch's peculiar condition his body has been covered with huge blades, making close quarters fighting highly inadvisable.

  • Reaction Damage 6 (Hit Butch)
  • Penetrating 2

Weaponized Shell - 4 Points
The blades on Butch's body provide a solid defense against a great deal of attacks, making bullets and fists far less useful against him than they should be.

  • Protection 4

Blade Utility - 2 Points
While most of the time Butch's blades are a hindrance, sometimes they come in handy.

  • Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling)

Enhanced Mobility - 2 Points
Butch's changes are making him faster and stronger than he has any right to be, something that, so far, is helping him.

  • Speed 1
  • AE: Leaping 1



Initiative +0




Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 9, Toughness 10, Will 7

Power Points

Abilities 28 + Powers 50 + Advantages 17 + Skills 11 (22 ranks) + Defenses 16 = 111



Little Orphan Sammy [Secret]
Samuel grew up without his parents and it's his own fault for murdering them, whether he intended to or not. That's something he's going to have to live with his whole life.

The Name's Butch [Identity]
For whatever reason, Samuel has stuck with the nickname he was given in prison, not even referring to himself as Samuel anymore.

Acceptance [Motivation]
The only people that ever really loved Samuel were his parents and, well, he killed them in a very brutal fashion. In prison he was a freak and considered dangerous, the others keeping their distance. At the end of the day, Samuel is just a scared kid that wants friends again but knows that will never happen.

Walking Knife [Accident]
When your body is covered in hundreds, if not thousands of small, incredibly sharp blades it becomes very easy to accidentally shred clothes, friends and just about anything that gets too close to you.

Murder [Phobia]
For a man that's a walking blade, Samuel has an aversion to killing, something that can make using his powers for good very, very difficult, especially considering that they are, in fact, in a war zone.

He's Just a Kid! [Quirk]
Samuel is only nine years old right now, with all the maturity that brings with it. While the events in his life have certainly made him more mature than he should be and he looks the part of an adult his childishness still sneaks through occasionally.

You're Not a Damn Kid… [Prejudice]
Nobody believes that Samuel is a nine year old that is somehow trapped in this body, for obvious reasons. He's long since given up on trying to convince anybody of that.

Scissor Hands [Disability]
Samuel's hands are already severely limited in what they can do; with his fingers morphed into blades from the fingertip down, Samuel has a hard time with fine motor control and really can't cut much of anything at this point.

Ugly As Sin [Prejudice]
Samuel is not attractive by any stretch of the imagination; the blades all over his body are beyond disfiguring and the constant dried blood on the boy tends to be a little offputting.

The Blades [Disability]
Samuel's entire life is dominated by the blades across his body. If he isn't careful he cuts himself on them, shredding what remains of his human flesh. Day by day, week by week the blades grow longer and longer, taking over more and more of his body. While Samuel has no idea exactly how he'll end up, he is almost certain that someday he'll simply become a giant sword and die.

Beginning of Mutation

Samuel had always seemed to grow slowly. He was born small, hardly break six pounds and his trend of being small and runty would simply continue through the rest of his life. He was always small, picked on. He was never fast enough, or strong enough. At recess he was picked on and, back in the '40s, teachers had little incentive to stop what they considered harmless bullying. Still, Samuel's parents did the best they could they could to make Samuel feel loved and appreciated, as little comfort as it was. While his life was far from idealistic, Samuel had a good enough life; he rarely went hungry, his parents loved him and, even if the other kids didn't love him his dog seems to be just fine with him.

That is, until that night.

Samuel had never been a heavy sleeper so, when he woke up in the middle of the night, he didn't think anything of it until he looks in the mirror. Rather than the familiar, short little boy there was a 6'4" monstrosity, covered in brittle spines, bleeding from hundreds of cuts. Like any eight year old, the first thing Samuel did was scream for his mom, only for the voice of a grown man to come out. A few seconds later when his father burst into the room with a baseball bat, Samuel expected help. His father, for obvious reasons, thought there was an intruder.

He didn't mean to do it; he hadn't realized his fingers were tipped with small blades sharper than diamonds. He didn't realize how easily human flesh could be torn and, most of all, didn't realize that he had the strength to shear through a baseball bat. When his mother saw the corpse she opened fire with the small pistol the family owned, only for the bullet to bounce off of one of Samuel's many blades across his body, hitting her in the stomach. Samuel watched her die.

The gunshot obviously drew the police and, when they arrived, they didn't believe Samuel's story of being an eight year old that suddenly awoke in a spiny, older body. He was locked up with hardly a trial for the two murders, simply tossed into a regular prison as the authorities had no idea what to do with him. After a (very brief) confrontation with the other prisoners he earned the nickname "Butch" and, for the most part, was left to his own devices.

Every day the blades grew, inch by inch, increasing Butch's pain and deforming him more and more. So far the blades on most of his body are small, barely getting longer than an inch, but it has made wearing conventional clothing next to impossible. His fingers are currently the most deformed; all the way to the second knuckle was been changed from flesh and blood to the razor sharp, almost indestructible blades. It's already extended to the second knuckle on his fingers, severely limiting what he's capable of accomplishing with his hands.

When the war began the draft came with it and, Butch was shipped out with everybody else. He had only gone a few days in basic training before he was plucked out of the general military and placed on a special squad, one where he was hardly the strangest member on it…

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