Character Creation

Kanto has its own specific starting status at various levels. Weak Trainers, strong Trainers, it's all the same. The stronger the Trainer, the more powerful team and squad of Pokemon you will have. Are these specific? Yes, very much so. Why are the starting levels so low? Because everybody has to start somewhere.

Loyalty Rankings
While these tend to be rather meta, the starting Pokemon in this list will have an approximate Loyalty Ranking off their strength. As a GM, it is your job to make sure these Loyalty Ranks are upheld.

Pallet Starting

Level 1
Age: 16-22
Starting Funds: 1,000

Available Starters: Level 10, Legacy Moves included
Trainers may expect to be able to receive one of the traditional starters from Professor Oak after either some sort of test or quest. This is in addition to their "Best Bud" Pokemon. You should probably let the players stat this Pokemon.

Notes: Pallet Town is small and primarily rich. If you're poor, you're probably from the docks. When writing your background, keep in mind how hard it is to tame Pokemon. You probably didn't just patch them up and have them listen to you. It was probably the work of many months, if not years.

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