Chiba River Valley

To the east of Cerulean Lake is the Chiba River Valley. Predominately throughout it is, of course, the Chiba River, which flows out from Cerulean City. The Chiba River Valley has a calm, almost serene, landscape which belies some of the inherent dangers of the area. Route 9 goes all the way out to the sea, spanning miles of open road. While water is an easy convenience, this area is famous for one thing, and one thing only; the snakes. While most parts of Kanto have a wide diversity of Pokemon, the Chiba River Valley doesn't follow that rule as closely. While there are still many species, Ekans dominate the area. There are even some aquatic ones that flow through the rivers. At the end of Route 9 is Chiba Town, a small port that is the last bastion before Rock Tunnel. Also nearby is the mysterious Power Plant, pumping out electricity to forge Magnemite constantly.

Route 9 With the Chiba River flowing almost dead center through Route 9, it is still traversable like most of the Great Lakes, that is, by water. The Chiba Valley as a whole is famous for one thing though; Ekans. The trees here are low and branching, providing them ample ability to ambush enemies. Some are even aquatic, taking to the river to hunt prey there. All the other members of the populace have some method of escaping the Ekans; many are Poison, or can fly. The Sandshrew in the area are the natural enemy of the Ekans but, not being immune to the poison, often die trying to kill their prey.
Chiba Town Chiba Town lies along the eastern coast of Kanto, providing the northernmost port in all of Kanto. The town's economy is mostly reliant on this port, being the easiest path to the coast from Cerulean City. The claim to fame is the large number of Magnemite exported from Chiba Town due to their proximity to the Power Plant. Most people in the city own at least a small Magnemite, It is also only a a few days journey from Rock Tunnel, making it an ideal stopping point for trainers before attempting to brave the dangers of the Tunnel.
Power Plant A mysterious factory owned by the Silph Co., nobody is quite sure exactly what powers this monstrosity, and entry is limited to only the top scientists of Silph Co. What is known is that the Power Plant creates almost all the Magnemite, battery and combat, for the whole region. The pillar of electricity arcing from the Plant can be seen from miles away. Located about a mile out from Chiba Town, security is tight. The number of Magnemite and Magneton that guard the area is incredible, creating and almost impassable electromagnetic barrier when working in unison.
Route 10 Located between Chiba Town and Rock Tunnel, Route 10 has a much different landscape that Route 9. Instead of the lush grass and soft hills with a sharp river cutting through, Route 10 is mainly sharp crags and difficult terrain. The deep crags and harsh terrain provide a home for many creatures, most of which are dangerous. The area is mainly dominated by packs of Electrabuzz, dominated in turn by the alpha males of the packs. While reclusive, these packs are vicious and dangerous when crossed. Other than that, the standard array of Kantoan wildlife as well as various bugs can be found.
Fort Citrine Located right before Rock Tunnel, Fort Citrine is one of the few forts in the region with an area open to the public. Basic healing services are provided, and allow for Trainers to heal before making their way through Rock Tunnel. This fort specializes in training Elite Rangers. The area around is incredibly hostile, as well as Rock Tunnel itself. Between the two, Rangers can become extremely powerful. Rumor also has it that a special squad of Trainers using advanced technology is also being trained at Fort Citrine.
Rock Tunnel A pitch-black tunnel, Rock Tunnel is nearly impassable without a consistent light source. The tunnel is home to the standard cave fare of the Geodude and Zubat families, but also huge tribes of Machop that make their way in their tunnels, nearly blind but able to navigate the tunnels by memory and sound. But the true danger of the Tunnel are the Onix. Indistinguishable from common stone much of the time, by the time an Onix has struck it's almost too late. Despite the dangers, Rock Tunnel is one of the only passageways through the mountains, and many Trainers will go through. Poachers also love the tunnel; the bones of Cubone are harder than almost any metal, and extremely light, making them extremely valuable. While rare, there are many Cubone in Rock Tunnel as well.
Lavender Pass A relic from ages past, Lavender Pass was built during the time of the Lavender Empire. The stonework, while old, still stands to this day. The pass carries many hazards though, and ones that most don't expect. Getting to the pass carries many of the same challenges as crossing the Lunar Range, albeit without Charizard. THe mountain is not any more treacherous than any other until one reaches the Pass. Like many of the ruins of the Lavender Empire, it is rumored to be haunted. An unsubstantiated claim to say the least, especially since ghosts are clearly a figment of the imagination of a tormented mind. Still, the number of accidents that happen to those traveling through the Pass is abnormally high…
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