The Laughing Child - PL 15

Strength 6/10*, Stamina 6/10*, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 0, Awareness 0, Presence 0
* with Growth


Luck 7, All-Out Attack, Power Attack, Evasion 2, Improved Critical (Blood Weapons) 4, Move-by Action, Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge, Fearless, Great Endurance, Ultimate Effort (Toughness, Fortitude, Will, Close Combat (Blood Weapons), Ranged Combat (Blood Weapons)), Quick Terror, Swift Terror, Improved Aim, Prone Fighting, Instant Up, Interpose, Improved Initiative 5, Feature (Firstborn of Artoran)


Acrobatics 0 (+0), Athletics 10 (+20), Close Combat (???) 0 (+0), Deception 0 (+0), Expertise (War) 24 (+24), Insight 0 (+0), Intimidation 25 (+25), Investigation 0 (+0), Perception 22 (+22), Persuasion 0 (+0), Ranged Combat (???) 0 (+0), Sleight of Hand 0 (+0), Stealth 0 (+0), Technology X (+X), Treatment X (+X), Vehicles X (+X)


Blood Weapons - 46 Points
A Toraq's greatest asset in battle, aside from their Beast, are their Blood Weapons. Forged from their own blood at a young age, these weapons can never be taken from a Toraq and are among the best that a warrior could hope to use. They are imbued with the soul of Artoran himself, making them deadly when in the hands of a Toraq.

  • Innate
  • The Axe - The first of the many Blood Weapons that The Child created, this is his go-to weapon in nearly every situation.
    • Strength-Based Multiattack Damage 2
    • Incurable
    • Affects Insubstantial 2
    • Accurate 9
    • Linked: Limited Degree Multiattack Affliction (Impaired, Stunned) 12, Resisted by Fortitude
    • Affects Insubstantial 2
    • Enhanced Advantage (Precise Attack, Melee Cover and Concealment)
  • Alternate Effect: The Bow - In his world, The Child invented archery and, with all humility, he is leagues beyond any mortal who would deign to use a bow.
    • Ranged Strength-Based Multiattack Damage 2
    • Incurable
    • Affects Insubstantial 2
    • Homing
    • Extended Range
    • Accurate 9
    • Enhanced Advantage (Precise Attack, Ranged Cover and Concealment)
  • Alternate Effect: Perfect Warrior - The Child had already been alive for centuries before blood weapons came into being; while the tools amplify his powers, they're hardly essential for him to dominate in a battle. Between his innate rage and flawless technique he's already a terror and only can become more of one.
    • Enhanced Advantage (Close Combat) 14
    • Enhanced Advantage (Ranged Combat) 14
    • Enhanced Advantage (Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Smash, Fast Grab, Chokehold)
    • Enhanced Strength 6, Limited to Combat Purposes

Blood Armor - 11 Points
Like all Toraqi, The Laughing Child is able to cover himself in thick, near-impenetrable plates of armor that seem to adapt and change to block any and all attacks.

  • Sustained Protection 8
  • Immunity (Critical Hits)
  • Innate

Pureblooded - 24 Points
The Child is the first of Artoran's children and is imbued with his own blood, making him very, very hard to kill.

  • Regeneration 8
  • Persistent Regeneration 2
  • Immunity (Aging, Disease, Poison, Starvation and Thirst, Need for Sleep, Pain)
  • Immortality 2
  • Immortality 3, Limited to Home Dimension
  • Innate

Slab of Muscle - 9 Points
While The Child was initially human, meaning he doesn't have the great size of a Toraq, his body is literally a slab of muscle, making him far stronger and tougher than he has a right to be.

  • Permanent Growth (Does Not Change Size) 4
  • Innate

Toraq and Beast - 6 Points
A Toraq and his Beast have an almost unbreakable connection, awarding them a small number of benefits. They can communicate emphatically, allowing the two to understand another on a level that few can rival. While Vitri may not be with The Child in body, the two are still connected in spirit.

  • Enhanced Advantage (Second Chance: Will Checks vs. Mental Effects)
  • Senses 2 (Communication (Vitri), Rapid, Dimensional 3)

Child of the Gem - 2 Points
The Red Gem created The Child and, unsurprisingly, is a core part of his very being.

  • Senses 1 (Communication (The Red Gem))
  • Immunity (The Red Gem)

Toraq Conditioning - 3 Points
The Child is a peak specimen when it comes to his strength and speed, even among the prodigious ranks of the Toraq.

  • Speed 6, Check Required: Athletics, 5 (19 for full use)
  • Alternate Effect: Leaping 6, Check Required: Athletics, 5 (19 for full use)
  • Alternate Effect: Swimming 6, Check Required: Athletics, 5 (19 for full use)

Toraq Senses - 13 Points
The Toraq are, at their most basic level, better than a human. It only makes sense that their senses are better as well.

  • Senses (Darkvision, Danger Sense, Tracking (Visual), Ultra-Hearing, Accurate Auditory, Accurate Olfactory)


Initiative +24


Toraqi (Somehow this is English?)


Dodge 12, Parry 12, Fortitude 18, Toughness 10/18 (Blood Armor), Will 12

Power Points

Abilities 24 + Powers 117 + Advantages 38 + Skills 27 (81 other ranks) + Defenses 44 = 250


While he still goes by his Laughing Child monicker, a name older than all but a select for of the gods, The Child is anything but. While he only stands a hair above six foot, The Child still manages to exude an aura of menace that few can match. His body is covered in long, blotchy red scars, a testament to the innumerable battles the Original Murderer has survived. The few pieces of skin not covered in horrible scars are few and far between, barely existing on a warrior that has literally been recreated from a skeleton countless times. Underneath these scars The Child is a solid mass of muscle, yet somehow moves with a grace that defies all expectation.

Of course, two of the more terrifying aspects of The Child have nothing to do with his strength. The Child always seems to be grinning, an easy, sadistic smirk almost permanently painted across his pointed teeth. His eyes, while sparkling with intelligence, also burn with a cruelty that cannot be matched by the most brutal of villains and hint at a madness barely contained.

Finally, there is his laugh, the true show of The Child's mental state. No matter how injured he is, no matter how many he has killed, The Child is always laughing in battle. Always.


A Missing Piece [Motivation]
Somehow, The Red Gem is missing and The Child is incapable of communicating with it. That beautiful, wondrous gem that brought about the creation of The Child vanished without a trace from his own world and, as of now, is far beyond The Child's reach. The Child cannot rest until he has regained his missing part and will quite literally do anything to find it.

The Red Gem [Obsession]
The beautiful, wondrous gem that sparked the Original Murder. The Child and The Red Gem are one and the same, with the start of one being almost impossible to discern from the other. The Red Gem calls to The Child, speaks to him, and yearns to be wielded by its true master. That beautiful, wondrous gem will start wars, destroy civilizations and burn the entire universe to be reunited, just as The Child will do the same.

War Incarnate [Reputation/Enemies]
Among all but the Toraq, the coming of The Child warrants certain doom. He brings death more certainly than flood or plague, and those that catch his ire often die before they can comprehend what they have done wrong. He is a violent, cruel demigod, constantly bringing about war for the glory of Artoran. The Child has literally led the extermination of entire species and killed gods. While he is out of their reach on his own plane due to Artoran's own protection, out in the multiverse they may find him slightly less difficult to get to.

Aleru the Whore [Hatred]
Once upon a time, The Child's father, Artoran, found himself constantly at odds with Aleru, a god that deigned to judge his violent tendencies and tried to make a stand against him. Of course, this is all in the past; The Child grew powerful enough to strike down the goddess himself, burning through a great deal of his own power to finally accomplish the task. Still, she's dead now. Right?

Red Beast [Quirk]
While The Child is normally insane, violent and not one to particularly care for casualties he used to be afflicted with a curse that predated even him in terms of age. Whenever the moon turned red The Child would become a horrifying monster, growing in power and rage to become a nigh-on-unstoppable war machine. Since his killing of Aleru and Artoran's vengeance against the god who created the curse The Child hasn't had any incident, even when directly exposed to the moon, but somehow The Child doubts that things were finished so easily.

No Clothes [Prejudice]
Clothes are considered a sign of weakness among the Toraq. The Child, as their leader, obviously refuses to wear them.

Toraq and Beast [Relationship]
While The Child predates the Toraq, he still has the same powers as the rest. He and his Toraqi beast, Vitri, are bonded together, body and soul. While The Child had to leave his Beast behind to traverse the realms for The Red Gem, The Child and his Beast are still more closely

The Greatest Warrior to Ever Live [Pride]
In their native world, there are exactly two things stronger than a Toraq: Gods, and dragons. Everything else is beneath them. The Child has risen far above the others that serve Artoran, standing on even footing with minor gods. It has been decades since his last serious battle, and The Child has understandable issues taking an opponent seriously due to that.

Blood for the Blood God! [Obsession]
Calling The Child addicted to war would be akin to saying that a crackhead has a bit of a problem. Conflict is more than just a means to an end for The Child; it is everything. It is how they prove their worth, how they prove their worth to the opposite sex, how they honor their god and, if they are lucky, it is how they die. The Child would rather die than back down from a fight, no matter how trivial.

All Hail Artoran! [Obsession]
As the firstborn son of Artoran, The Child is his chief servant, priest and instrument on the mortal plane. While the Toraq typically praise Artoran with song and recounting their great deeds in battle, The Child praises his progenitor in a much more simple way; he kills those that stand against the will of Artoran.

The World of The Child

Untold eons ago, in a world seemingly untouched by the others, there existed a village. It was a quaint town, full of men that did not know war, did not know violence. Of course, such a fact was not odd; across the world, none knew the true release of combat, the thrill of the kill. There was peace, and it was sickening.

Of course, all dark times must pass. Upon some fortuitous day a beautiful, wondrous gem appeared to a small child at the outskirts of the village. Immediately, in his heart, the child coveted the gem and, without a second thought, took it. When the boy returned to the village others coveted it as much as the boy had and, for the first time, men fought one another for the chance to possess such a beautiful, wondrous gem. The boy, of course, was scared, but the gem urged him to fight. On that day the boy killed a man, the first of many for both him and the world.

And the child laughed.

The child grew older and older, stronger and stronger, bolstered by the strength of the gem. His early exploits, while true, became the stuff of legend. He traveled beneath the world, teaching the Skizzik the ways of war, giving them the gift of archery, and urging them forward into war. Plaguing the early kingdom of Galvastia with the gem, forcing the war between goblins and man. Using the gem to twist mankind into versions of himself, creating deadly warriors that can compete with the best of any race.

The Child became a figure of legend, guided by both the Red Gem and his forefather, Artoran, Lord of War. For long centuries The Child and the Red Gem were separated and he was thought to be simply a myth. He drifted the world, becoming stronger and stronger to better serve Artoran. Where there was war, The Child would find his way. As the years passed Artoran blessed his principal servant more and more. The Child, ever one to advance the cause of war, spread these gifts among the followers of Artoran, slowly creating what would become the Toraq, the greatest warriors to ever ravage the land.

Still, while the Toraq knew of The Child, other races thought him to be simply a legend or some sort of title passed between generations of Toraq warriors. Naturally, that all changed in the near future.

The Child had set out across the desert in search of new lands of conquest and, in time, had found the elves and their queen, a queen who proved in time to be a proper bride for Artoran. The other races grew bold as the legendary warrior of Artoran seemed to vanish and, in time, the Galvastians, long tired of the assaults of the Toraq, marched against them in force, led by Falrak, a servant of Aleru who had stolen the Red Gem from The Child many years ago. The two sides fought a bitter war for long years with neither side gaining an advantage for decades, the history of the two becoming simply blood and conflict.

Of course, The Child returned to his homeland, prepared for war and aching for the Gem, his better half. When he found it in the hands of a human, The Child himself led the charge on the Galvastian capitol, tearing through the walls with his bare hands.

The rest of The Child's story is far more mundane. With Artoran's chief opponent defeated The Child was forced to deal with more mundane matters, whether it be subduing the minotaurs of Malagor or repelling Skizzik invasion forces. He still fought, still caused wars and, of course, still killed more than plague and famine combined.

That is, until recently. The Child, alone with the Gem, heard a strange buzz. A flash of light later The Child was hurled across the room, causing extensive damage to the cave wall behind him. In the fraction of a second it took The Child to return to his feet the source of the attack was gone, as was The Gem. And, for once, he couldn't feel it.

Enraged beyond belief, The Child scoured his world, finding nothing. He searched and searched until a fortuitous day when he found a portal, although whether it was placed there for him or some other purpose is unknown. The Child set out on his own, crossing dimensions one by one, bringing war and destruction in his search for the Red Gem. Of course, travel was difficult, even for him, and so a deal was struck with a group of intrepid protectors of reality. If The Child limited his rampages, fought with them, they would take him world to world in his search for the Gem.

How could The Child refuse?

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