Civil War

Ten years. Ten years since Lance left, leaving the Johtan government in shambles. Ten years since the previously stable nation had fallen apart into petty squabbles like a bunch of two year olds.

He gave no reason, simply climbing onto his Dragonite, his Elite Four and two personal bodyguards accompanying him. The entire government gone in an instant.

It didn't take long. It started when Claire, cousin to Lance and leader of the Blackthorn Gym, attempted to take the throne previously held by her relative. A powerful trainer, she may have taken power if not for Walker, leader of the Violet City Gym. A great battle ensued, resulting in the loss of Walker's life. Claire was free to take the throne, but it was not to last.

As Claire took the throne, the Johtan nation splintered. Violet City, now led by Falkner, Walker's son, seceded from the nation, calling up their allies in Goldenrod and Azalea Town for aid. The three formed the Ilex Compact, opposing the League's rule.

Simultaneously Ecruteak and Olivine City left the nation, forming their own compact for their own protection, not trusting Claire but also fearing the Ilex Compact, the Tower Compact. Cianwood took the chance to secede as an independent nation, becoming simply Cianwood.

Pryce, the old Ice Master of Mahogany Town, swore allegiance to the old league, always having been a staunch supporter of the old government. He and Claire, with their respective towns, form the Unity Compact, dedicated to returning the Johtan nation to its old roots.

Cherrygrove and New Bark, however, have yet to swear allegiance. While they have seceded, they have not swore allegiance to any of these factions. They remain on the fence, trying to avoid the conflicts.

Four years after Lance had left, the wars began. The Ilex Compact declared war on the Unity Compact, waging war against the two cities of the rule. The Tower Compact has remained neutral throughout this time, helping neither side. Cianwood remains sealed off from the rest, preparing for war.

Skip forward six more years. Goldenrod City has become a war zone. While Ecruteak has not joined the war, remaining neutral with Goldenrod, it allows troops of the Unity Compact free passage. The Unity troops batter the heavy walls of the great city, drawing ever nearer. Olivine continues to prepare for war, and only the diplomatic efforts of Professor Elm have protected Cherrygrove and New Bark Town from total destruction.

While the Compacts wage war, a new threat grows on the horizon. Pokemon, previously hostile and powerful, have become even moreso in recent times. Troops are as likely to be killed by the tooth of a roaming Arcanine as by a troop from the other side. They grow bolder every day. Cherrygrove and New Bark Town may soon be forced to accept aid from one of the Compacts simply to protect themselves from the increasing wild threat. The attacks aren't the random acts usually associated with wild Pokemon either. They are coordinated, vicious, and intelligent.

With the nation warring against both itself and nature, the future of Kanto seems grim. Can one step forward to light the way?

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