Color Ace

Color Ace


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Associated Skills: Pokemon Education

Some Trainers specialize in Type, some in a specific Stat, others in a particular Contest Stat and still others in unevolved Pokemon, only a handful specialize in the color of the skin of their Pokemon. People tend to assume that the color of a Pokemon is only skin deep; they could not possibly be more wrong. With the correct training and a little TLC that particular color can bring out enough specialized potential in a Pokemon that nobody ever sees coming.

With their exceptional skill with grooming and an uncanny ability to unlock a Pokemon's true sparkle, Color Aces create Pokemon with odd skillsets that are dazzling without compare. It becomes an expression of the Pokemon's spirit, their protecting shield, and their greatest gift. While it might not be quite on par with flames or an overwhelming attacking force, it is more than enough to provide an edge and creates Pokemon that are absolutely dazzling in a Contest.

Color Ace
Prerequisites: Two Pokemon of the Chosen Color, Groomer
Drain 1 AP - Extended Action
Effect: You may use Groomer on a number of Pokemon of your Chosen Color equal to your Pokemon Education Rank. In addition to the +1d6 to the Introduction Phase in Contests, Pokemon you Groom gain +2 Evasion. Using this feature takes approximately half an hour.

Color Ace Explained

Every Color Ace chooses one of the ten Pokemon colors. Colors, however, don't just represent a skin tone, they also represent an emotional state that will be briefly explained with a few words below. For trying to decide which of the ten colors your Pokemon is, look at this page. Of course, some Pokemon are not intuitive with their coloring; Druddigon, despite being primarily blue is classified as red. If you disagree use your own good judgement. When it comes to Shiny Pokemon it is up to you; you can use their typical racial color as their "color" but it would likely be better to try to determine what color they're supposed to be. Some, like Umbreon, likely wouldn't change colors while others, such as Scizor, would likely change from Red to Yellow.

Red: Red is most commonly related to anger, intensity, and passion.
Blue: Blue is often related to calmness and serenity.
Yellow: Yellow is commonly related to cheer, happiness, and light.
Green: Green is often related to good luck and health.
Black: Black is most often used as an indicator of power although evil is often a fitting descriptor as well.
Brown: Brown signifies stability and structure.
Purple: Purple is the color of royalty and wisdom.
Gray: Gray is a truly bland color, simply representing neutrality.
White: White represents purity as well as innocence.
Pink: Pink is, of course, associated with love and romance.

Color Coat
Prerequisites: Color Ace
At-Will, Extended Action
Target: Your Pokemon with at least 2 Tutor Points.
Effect: The Pokemon becomes your Chosen Color or, if they are already your Chosen Color, become a particularly exemplary example of it. This Pokemon is now Colorful. In addition to allowing it to benefit from your features, this also grants the Pokemon +2d6 to the introduction stage of a Contest as well as a Base Stat boost based off of your Chosen Color. Color Coat may only affect a specific Pokemon once. This color change continues throughout Evolution; the Pokemon is now permanently this color and retains the Colorful Status.

Red: +2 Attack
Blue: +2 Speed
Yellow: +2 Special Attack
Green: +2 Special Defense
Black: +1 Attack, +1 Special Attack
Brown: +2 Defense
Purple: +2 HP
Gray: +1 Attack, +1 Defense
White: +1 Defense, +1 Special Defense
Pink: +1 HP, +1 Speed

NOTE: For clarification, the Pokemon does not become the typical Shiny coloring. For example, a Colored Rhyhorn done by a Pink Ace is shown below. The left is before, the right is after!


Perfect Coat
Prerequisite: Color Coat
1 AP - Special
Target: Your Colorful Pokemon
Effect: Your Colorful Pokemon may activate Perfect Coat as a Standard Action to perform one of the following Moves. They must still follow frequency limits as usual for these Moves: Charm or Captivate. Captivate may affect Pokemon of any gender when used in this way.

Color Expression
Prerequisite: Color Ace, Adept Pokemon Education
2 AP - Standard Action
Target: A Pokemon or Trainer
Effect: Make an AC 4 Status Attack; if it hits, the Target suffers the effect as chosen by your Color. The Target may allow themselves to be hit by this attack. All Effects last until the end of the Scene unless otherwise specified.

Red: The Target becomes Enraged.
Blue: The Target gains a +4 Bonus to all Saves against Volatile Status Effects.
Yellow: The Target becomes Blinded for two turns.
Green: The Target gains a +1 Bonus to all rolls.
Black: The Target deals +5 Damage.
Brown: The Target gains 5 Damage Reduction.
Purple: The Target is Suppressed.
Gray: The Target gains +1 Evasion.
White: The Target gains a +2 Bonus to Saves regarding Status Effects.
Pink: The Target becomes Infatuated with the Pokemon or Trainer of your choosing.

Mesmerizing Coat
Prerequisite: Color Coat, Expert Pokemon Education
2 AP - Swift Action
Trigger: Your Colorful Pokemon is hit with an Attack
Effect: The Pokemon that used the Triggering Attack is now Confused.

Color Paragon
Prerequisites: Color Ace
At-Will, Extended Action
Target: Your Colorful Pokemon with at least two Tutor Points.
Effect: Your Pokemon loses two Tutor Points then gains the Ability linked to your Color.

Red: White Flame
Blue: Aroma Veil
Yellow: Gentle Vibe
Green: Forewarn
Black: Pressure
Brown: Sturdy
Purple: Analytic
Gray: Clear Body
White: Early Bird
Pink: Cute Charm

Marvelous Color
Prerequisites: Master Pokemon Education, Mesmerizing Coat
Daily x3 - Free Action
Trigger: A Colorful Pokemon is hit with an Attack
Effect: Your Colorful Pokemon takes the Damage as if it was Resisted one step further. This may only be used once per Pokemon per Scene.

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