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In the world of Pokemon there exist numerous strange and uncanny powers. Chief among these are those of a Copycat, a Trainer so adept at imitation that it is alarming. A Copycat possess the strange and uncanny ability to not only manipulate their own physical form but also to copy others. While it doesn't truly change who they are or what they can do, a Copycat is excellent at what they do. They can quite literally be anyone or even anything, some of them even becoming able to perfectly impersonate a Pokemon.

The exact motivations of a Copycat can be as varied as their forms. Are they an assassin that likes to hide in the skin of others? Are they a cop that doesn't want to show his real face? Are they a criminal trying to set up another for a crime? With a wide range of uses for their copying to be put to use it should not be surprising that the motivations should be just as varied.

Copycats tend to be slippery characters due to their two main skills. Their heavy focus on Guile and Stealth does somewhat limit their class progression, leading to many Copycats picking up the Rogue class or to focus on classes that already allow those Skills to be utilized.

Prerequisites: Novice Guile, Novice Stealth, Novice Intuition
Drain 1 AP, Extended Action
Effect: You gain the Shapeshifter Capability, with some minor changes:

  • You may only imitate humans.
  • You may not change your mass by more than 25%.
  • You may not change your gender.
  • If you try to impersonate a specific target, take a -6 to your Stealth roll to be discovered from appearance alone. However, your actions may prompt Intuition Checks opposed by your Guile to notice unusual behavior.

Improved Copying
[Ranked 2]
Rank 1 Prerequisite: Copycat
Rank 2 Prerequisite: Touchup
Rank 1 Effect: You may use Shapeshifter to appear as either gender and may change your mass by up to 50%. You also may Shapeshift into objects.
Rank 2 Effect: You may Shapeshift into Pokemon. Do note that Shapeshifting as a Pokemon does not grant any mechanical changes; that requires the Move Transform.

Stored Forms
Prerequisite: Improved Copying, Adept Stealth
Bind X AP, Extended Action
Effect: You gain a number of Stored Forms equal to the amount of Bound AP. Each stored form must be specifically detailed. When in a Stored Form, you gain a +4 bonus to your Stealth Check to be noticed or eliminate the penalty for Shapeshifting into a specific target assuming you have some visual reference. A Clairvoyant with the Clairsentient Feature must make a check to discern a Shapeshift done as a Stored Form although they do receive a +2 bonus to their check.

Creating a Stored Form is an action that takes at least one hour. If the AP Bound to that form is ever unbound the form is lost and must be recreated.

Imitation Training
Prerequisite: Stored Forms
Daily, Extended Action
Target: Your Pokemon with at least 2 Tutor Points.
Effect: The Target loses 2 Tutor Points and learns the Move Mimic or Copycat.

Prerequisite: Expert Stealth, Adept Guile
2 AP - Free Action
Trigger: You make an opposed Stealth check to remain undiscovered as Shapeshifted
Effect: You may roll twice, taking the best result. This must be declared before rolling the check.

Perfect Shift
Prerequisite: Master Stealth, Expert Intuition, 4 Copycat Features
Effect: You learn the Move Transform.

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