I'm not the only one who has contributed to the creation of this sight. Below are a large number of people who have helped make this setting and other projects possible.

First off, the entire Team Rocket crew of Eshkigal, MesiDoomstalker, IrnBruAddict, Espirit15, and hustlertwo. They are extremely patient with my mad ramblings and tend to shoot down my worse ideas. Without them a lot of things wouldn't make sense.

CosmicOccurence, for being a mother fucking genius. He has helped me a ton with my setting.

MintyNinja, for helping proofread and point out holes.

KujiUn, for helping on occasion with some Wikidot wizardry.

Fizzly, for making the art for all my Baby Pokemon!

Finally, all the artists who's pictures I've taken. I'm sorry if you aren't credited: thank you for the wonderful art. If for some reason you object to my useage of it, please just contact me through moc.liamg|emnarcra#moc.liamg|emnarcra and ask me to remove it.

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