Steve Robinson, Cupid - PL 9

Strength 0, Stamina 6, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 0, Awareness 0, Presence 7


Attractive*, Benefit (Wealth) 3*, Benefit (Hero of Aeon)*, Fascinate (Persuasion)*, Connected*, Set-Up 3, Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Power Attack, Improved Critical 4 (Archery), Move-by Action, Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover), Fearless, Luck 4, Improved Initiative 2, Equipment 1
* Advantages come from Presence.


Acrobatics 6 (+6), Athletics 0 (+0), Close Combat (???) 0 (+0), Deception 12 (+19), Insight 10 (+10), Intimidation 0 (+10), Investigation 0 (+0), Perception 10 (+10), Persuasion 12 (+19), Ranged Combat (Archery) 10 (+10), Sleight of Hand 0 (+0), Stealth 0 (+0), Technology X (+X), Treatment X (+X), Vehicles 6 (+6)


Cupid's Bow Removable, 21 Points, (27)
Cupid's iconic bow. While damaged from the fight with Fallout, Cupid has done his best to keep it in working condition and, if nothing else, the fight seems to have strengthened Cupid's bond with it, with it currently being almost impossible to take from the Archer of Love.

  • Love Arrows - The trademark spectral pink arrows of Cupid, these allow him to put men and women alike under his control with a single shot.
    • Ranged Cumulative Affliction 8 (Dazed, Compelled, Controlled), Resisted by Will
    • Insidious
  • Golden Arrows - Cupid's only method of real offense, these arrows now strike with enough force to possibly stop an enemy in their tracks.
    • Ranged Damage 8
    • Linked to Ranged Affliction 8 (Dazed, Stunned), Limited Degree, Resisted by Dodge
  • Seduction Arrow - While not horribly powerful, these arrows begin to chip away at the will of those they hit, making it far easier for Cupid to control them later.
    • Ranged Progressive Weaken Will 8, Limited (Lowered Will only applies against Cupid)
    • Insidious
  • Showers of Love - While not as individually powerful as a true Love Arrow, these quick manifestations manage to enthrall some.
    • Ranged Blast Affliction 8 (Dazed, Compelled, Controlled), Resisted by Will
    • Insidioius

Cupid's Wings - 6 Points
Cupid has magnificent white wings, although one is rather charred and black at the moment.

  • Winged Flight 6

Body of the Gods - 5 Points
While his body isn't nearly as hardy as it used to be, Cupid is still extremely well built and has some of the magic of the bow coursing through his veins.

  • Protection 2
  • Immunity (Disease, Critical Hits)

Equipment - 5 Equipment Points

Smartphone (Phone, Video Camera, Internet Access), Fuzzy Pink Handcuffs


Initiative +8


Greed and Recognition Motivation
While once upon a time Steve fought for justice and doing good, now he does it to become more famous as well as land a few more commercials to add to his already considerable wealth.

Wanna Know How I Got These Scars? Quirk
Since the battle with Fallout, Cupid has a host of disfiguring burn scars over half of his body. While he does his best to hide them, some are on his face. What exactly is he supposed to do with that?

Heroin Addiction Addiction, Secret
Being a child star often has drawbacks, something that Steve knows all too well. Being hooked on heroin is difficult, and Steve isn't all that functional without his fix. While the news knows he had an addiction in the past, they think he's gone clean. Fortunately, his regeneration keeps the needle holes away, and he doesn't scar anyway, removing any visible trace of his habit.

Child Star Fame
Because he became famous so young, the media knows that Cupid is in fact Steve, and that fact, coupled with his attractiveness, makes him more than just a little famous, making it difficult for him to get out of the public eye for long.

Womanizer Reputation, Obsession
People tend to think badly of Steve; his womanizing tendencies coupled with the fact that he can make people fall in love with him with his powers tends to cause people to doubt his motives. Unfortunately, Steve fully embraces this reputation, and tends to enjoy being able to act as a womanizer. The rumors about the arrows are false, but Steve doesn't bother trying to show they are false; after all, who would believe him?

Not a Killer Weakness
Steve, while not a hero, has a huge aversion to killing. If he can't incapacitate an enemy without killing them, he's at a huge disadvantage. This makes him hesistant about using his Golden Arrows against non-superhumans as they are so fragile.

How Much Magic is Left? Weakness
Cupid doesn't know exactly how dependent his body was on the magic that the bow provided, so knowing exactly what being cut off from it entails could be hard to discern until it's too late.

I Can Fix You Motivation
The benefactor has promised that he knows enough about Cupid's Bow to set it right again and return The Archer of Love to his normal body. It isn't exactly an opportunity that Cupid can pass up.

I Know Where She Is Motivation
The benefactor, of course, has a stick as well. As well connected with magic as the man claims to be, he claims to know exactly where Madam Mischief currently lies and, should Cupid refuse to help, will cut her loose from the mortal realm.


Native Language


Dodge 10, Parry 8, Fortitude 8, Toughness 8, Will 12

Power Points

Abilities 26 + Powers 32 + Advantages 20 + Skills 25 (66 ranks) + Defenses 32 = 135


Regular Clothing
Steve is most commonly seen in an expensive pink suit, often with expensive watches and the like. Everything about his clothing screams opulence.

For some unknown reason, Steve gave himself an eye mask, pink, of course. He goes shirtless, an idea suggested by some woman he was sleeping with. Fortunately, it does seem to attract the cameras, and has the added benefit of keeping his wings free. Tight pink shorts are the only real clothing he wears, as well as dark pink boots with wings running up the side.

Of course, that was his old costume. Now that he has the scars? Well, Cupid is a little more conservative, especially with the mask covering most of his face.

Character Notes

While many superheros don't begin their crusade until well into adulthood, Steve began at the young age of 12. One day while playing in the park with some friends, they found an old cave full of amazing trinkets. He and his friends assumed it was pirate treasure or something of the like, and began to look through the loot. One of these happened to be an extremely ornate, almost fragile looking gold bracelet that fashioned itself to Steve's wrist and would not come off. The group of children set out to find a wheelbarrow to cart all the treasure to their houses, but upon returning to where the cave was, it was gone.

For almost a week he kept it hidden. He didn't feel any different, but why would he? Eventually his parents found out, and tried to remove the bracelet to no avail. It seemed fashioned fast to his wrist.

Over the course of the next two years, Steve began to change, and not in the normal maturing ways. His dark hair became blonde, and his bones seemed to rearrange themselves into a more attractive structure. No matter how much he ate, hardly an ounce of fat would stick to his body. His eyes became a startling purple, confusing his parents. Doctors were clearly baffled, and the bracelet was blamed for the changes.

It wasn't until Steve was 14 that he saw the first super power appear. While playing flag football, he jumped up for a pass… And just kept going up, soaring on wings. That got the media's attention, and Steve began to become a local celebrity. Superpowers weren't unheard of, but they were uncommon enough to make Steve famous.

Famous enough, in fact, that kidnappers targeted him on his way home from school. Steve was fairly adept at controlling his wings at this point, but a quick net put him to the ground. That was when the bracelet glowed brightly, searing his wrist, and turned into an elegant golden bow. It almost came naturally, and Steve shot one of the men, who suddenly refused to hurt the boy and beat the other kidnappers into submission when they tried to finish the job. Strangely, after the fight was over the bow returned once again to a bracelet, although now it could be removed.

Steve's parents soon learned of the deed, as did the media. The news played him up as a big hero, and Steve's mother gave him a speech about how those gifted with powers had great responsibility, and, over the course of a year, managed to convince Steve to fight crime.

By then Steve was 16, and incredibly handsome. At night he would roam the city, using his Arrows of Love to convince criminals to turn themselves into the police, and swiftly became a national celebrity. His pacifist ways, unnatural beauty, and his relative youngness caused the media to focus on him almost to a fault, and soon enough Steve was more famous than he had ever dreamed of. He never had a chance to establish a secret identity or anything of the like.

As he fought crime, his fame grew and grew. Companies paid through the nose for him to star in commercials, and Steve amassed a lump sum of cash. His fame got him invited to Hollywood parties with real celebrities, and that was the beginning of the end.

At the parties he drank, smoked, and had copious amounts of sex, and soon enough the sterling reputation of the hero was dragged through the mud. The news focused on him, but not for his heroism. If he stopped a criminal, the news would focus on the party he was seen at. If he defeated some monster, the media would focus on how he had weaseled out of minor in possession charges. As time went by, he took the road of every other child celebrity gone wild, and fell into infamy. Stars stopped inviting him to parties, and even his parents kicked him out. All he had left was a big stack of money and a crippling heroin addiction, a holdover from his partying days.

For years Steve lived a life of vice and gluttony, partying, having sex, and throwing money at every issue he saw, hardly ever bothering to use his powers for what they were intended. That is, until his money began to run out. Steve didn't worry at first, but as the numbers in his account got smaller and smaller, he began to worry, and began a long trek to clean up his act. He didn't have the stomach for killing, and remained just virtuous to avoid a life of crime.

It started with small things; stopping small time criminals, defeating minor villains, making a new costume. Doing things for the public good. Small time acts. At first, the media assumed Steve was trying to simply regain the public's favor. After a time, that concern slowly went away, and Steve instead became a story of redemption. Once again he was viewed with respect, not only for fighting crime, but for pulling himself out of a lifestyle few can. Soon enough the endorsements and commercials came, and Steve began to get his money back.

The public facade is of course, simply that. Steve still is addicted to heroin, but is very careful about keeping it secret. He mostly stopped his parties, but he still returns to his penthouse with at least a few girls every night. Even though he fights villains, it isn't for those they hurt. It's for himself.

While he may act the hero, he isn't a real one.

Since being part of the Vanguard, Cupid has changed a great deal. Losing close friends in the zombie assault was one thing and accidentally killing one of Jackanapes goons nearly broke him, but it was the final straw came in the battle against Fallout and his radioactive companions. In the battle Cupid's bow has hit dead on by one of Fallout's blasts, nearly splitting the bow in two and searing nearly half of The Archer of Love's body. While Cupid was able to finish the battle, his wounds didn't regenerate like they used to and, after his wounds had healed normally, Cupid had to shave for the first time ever. Whatever magic had existed that kept him eternally perfect had clearly been broken. Cupid was slower, weaker and even his bow, mangled as it was, didn't possess nearly the same power it had before. Cupid doesn't know how long he can function with the bow in its current state, but he gets the feeling it isn't long.

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