Custom Items


A truly wondrous piece of engineering, the bicycles made in Kanto are extremely useful. Not only are they collapsible and light, fitting easily into most backpacks, but they also allow most trainers to compete with the speed of a wild Pokemon.

Price: money.png1,000
Effect: While riding the Bicycle, the Trainer may add either their Acrobatics or Athletics skill an additional time to their Overland.

Mechanics: A Bicycle is much like a mount, only much simpler. The following rules are for use in combat.

  • Mounting a Bicycle is a Standard Action with an Acrobatics DC of 6.
  • When on a Bicycle, if hit by an Attack that deals damage, you must make a DC 10 Acrobatics check to remain on the Bicycle.
  • A Bicycle may not be used when Paralyzed or Confused.
  • When attacking or taking any other Standard Actions from a Bicycle, a DC 8 Acrobatics check must be made to remain mounted.


Badges and Medals
Small pieces of medal infused with the power of a Pokemon, (usually a Type), these rewards for either beating or becoming a member of a Gym prove to be a great boon for any Trainer.

Price: Cannot be purchased. Badges are gained for beating a Gym, while Medals are gained for joining a Gym.
Effect: Badges and Medals generally provide a boost with a single Type of Pokemon, although there are exceptions.

Badge Mechanics
If a Trainer owns a Badge, they receive a +2 bonus on Command Checks against Pokemon of that Type. Badges do not count as a Held Item.

Medal Mechanics
Medals have a much more potent bonus than a Badge. The benefits of this do not stack with a Badge.

  • Acts as a Type Plate of the Gym acquired from. This takes up your Accessory slot, and may not be equipped to a Pokemon.
  • As a Swift Action, you may swap the benefits of the Medal to an active Pokemon. This does not count as a Held Item for them.
  • In addition, you receive a +4 bonus to Command Checks against that Type.
  • You may only ever benefit from one Medal at a time.



This golden leaf, cultivated from tress named (uninspired) Brightleaf Trees are crucial to anybody traversing Viridian Forest. You see, Brightleaf acts as a natural antidote to Weedle venom if its juices are extracted and made into a drink. It takes a large number of these leaves to create this, but the benefits pay off.

Cost: 1,000 per dose.
Effect: Brightleaf provides immunity from Poison caused by the Weedle line. This immunity lasts either a day or after stopping Poison 5 times, whichever comes first.
Special: It takes five minutes for Brightleaf to fully take effect on the subject.

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