Name: Dale Ticker
Age: 27
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 172 lbs (WC4)

Level: 30
Trainer EXP: 0/10

Physical Evasion: +1
Special Evasion: +1
Speed Evasion: +5

Health / Status
HP: 157
Injuries: 0
AP: 11

Hit Points: 29
Attack: 5
Defense: 5
Special Attack: 5
Special Defense: 5
Speed: 25

Acrobatics Untrained (2) Intimidate Untrained (2)
Athletics Master (6) Stealth Expert (5)
Combat Untrained (2) Survival Master (6)
General Untrained (2) Pokemon Untrained (2)
Technology Pathetic (1) Occult Pathetic (1)
Medicine Adept (4) Perception Untrained (2)
Guile Pathetic (1)
Charm Untrained (2) Focus Master (6)
Command Master (6) Intuition Master (6)
Overland 9 Swimming 4
High Jump 2 Long Jump 3
Power 5 Throwing 10

Dale really shouldn't be allowed to be anybody's boss, much less a Gym Leader. Sadly, he's both.


Item Slot Effect
Gas Mask Head Gas Masks are invaluable equipment when trying to breathe in toxic environments or heavy smoke. They not only let you breathe through environmental toxins or smoke, but you become immune to the Moves Rage Powder, Poison Gas, Poisonpowder, Sleep Powder, Smog, Smokescreen, Spore, Stun Spore, and Sweet Scent. Dale doesn't often wear this, but when he does things are serious.
Running Shoes Feet Running Shoes grant a +2 bonus to Athletics Checks, to a maximum total modifier of +3, and increase your Overland Speed by +1.

Held Items

Eviolite - Equipped by Sangria. Effects Defense and Special Defense.
Big Root - Equipped by Moonshine.
Shell Bell - Equipped by Brandy.


Vile Bait (2) - As normal Bait, but Pokemon that eat it are Poisoned.
Super Bait (2) - As normal Bait, but add Intuition Rank to the d20 roll to attract Pokemon.
Sparkling Lemonade (8) - Heals 50 HP and a Tick.

Wallet: PY.png504

Cooking Scrap: PY.png2,000

Key Items

Cooking Set: While it's mostly different alcohols and mixers, Trab can make some pretty amazing things with it.
Tipsy Bartender's Cookbook: For when Dale doesn't feel like trying anything new! Mechanically, this is The Joy of Cooking.
A Field Guide to Fungi: Dale can cook a little, but only really with mushrooms. What a shame.

Digestion Buffs

Dry Unovan (12) - Dumpling with the effects of a Dry Wafer and Petaya Berry. Dry.
Girantina's Tail (8) - Dumpling with the effects of a Lum Berry and a Wiki Berry. Dry.
Hitmonboxer (4) - Dumpling with the effects of a Shuca Berry and an Enigma Berry. Dry.
S.S. Anne's Voltorb (4) - Dumpling with the effects of a Spicy Wrap and Liechi Berry. Spicy.
Snowpoint Swinub (4) - Dumpling with the effects of a Leppa Berry and a Cutsap Berry. Spicy.
Angry Mankey (4) - Dumpling with the effects of a Lum Berry and a Liechi Berry. Spicy.
Goldenrod Glider (4) - Dumpling with the effects of a Lum Berry and a Sitrus Berry. Salty.


Occa Berry (1) - Resist Super-Effect Fire Attack one step further.
Yache Berry (1) - Resist Super-Effect Ice Attack one step further.
Shuca Berry (2) - Resist Super-Effect Ground Attack one step further.
Payapa Berry (1) - Resist Super-Effect Psychic Attack one step further.
Coba Berry (1) - Resist Super-Effect Flying Attack one step further.
Charti Berry (1) - Resist Super-Effect Rock Attack one step further.


Tiny Mushroom (2 Attack, 2 Defense, 1 Special Attack) - Increase the applicable stat by +1 CS
Big Mushroom (1 Special Attack/Special Attack, 1 Attack/Defense, 2 Attack/Speed, 1 Special Attack/Speed, 1 Special Defense/Speed, 1 Defense/Speed) - Increase both stats by +1 CS


Modest Nature (+Special Attack, -Attack)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 7 +10 17
Attack 5 +0 5
Defense 6 +10 16 (21)
Special Attack 11 +24 35
Special Defense 5 +10 15 (20)
Speed 7 +24 31
Athletics 2d6 Acrobatics 3d6+2
Combat 2d6+1 Stealth 3d6+2
Perception 2d6 Focus 2d6
Overland 6 Swim 3
Burrow 1 High Jump 1
Long Jump 1 Power 1
Naturewalk (Grassland, Forest)

Sangria: Female Bellsprout Type: Grass.jpgPoison.jpg Held Item: Eviolite (+5 Defense, +5 Special Defense) Digestion Buff: None
Level 50, 3,645/3,850 EXP HP: 111 Injuries: 0 Tutor Points: 1/18
Training Brutal (+1 Critical Range, +1 Effect Range), Focused (+1 Accuracy, +2 Skill Checks)
Ability Usage Special Effect
Spinning Dance At-Will, Free Action Trigger: The user is targeted by an attack, but is missed If not Fainted, Paralyzed, or Asleep, the user gains +1 Evasion and may immediately Shift 1 meter.
Dodge Daily, Free Action Trigger: The user is hit by a Damaging Move The triggering Move instead misses. Defensive.
Sway Scene, Standard Action, Interrupt Trigger: The user is hit by a Damaging Melee attack The triggering attack misses the user and hits the foe that made the attack instead. That foe may then be pushed to any empty square adjacent to the user.
Gluttony Static The user may have up to three Food Buffs at once, use up to three Food Buffs per Scene, and may eat two refreshments per half hour.
Type Strategist (Poison) Static Whenever the user uses a Move of the Type associated with Type Strategist, they gain +5 Damage Reduction for one full round. If they are under 1/3rd of their Maximum Hit Points, they instead gain +10 Damage Reduction. Defensive.
Type Strategist (Grass) Static Whenever the user uses a Move of the Type associated with Type Strategist, they gain +5 Damage Reduction for one full round. If they are under 1/3rd of their Maximum Hit Points, they instead gain +10 Damage Reduction. Defensive.
Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect
Struggle At-Will 4 Normal.jpg DB 4 - 1d8+6 / 11 A.png Melee, 1 Target -
Leaf Tornado EoT 3 Grass.jpg DB 9: 2d10+10 / 21 S.png 6, Ranged Blast 3 Small or Medium targets in the central square of the blast are not hit. On 15+, all legal targets have their Accuracy lowered by -1.
Giga Drain Scene x2 2 Grass.jpg DB 10: 3d8+10 / 24 S.png 6, 1 Target After the target takes damage, the user gains Hit Points equal to half of the damage they dealt to the target.
Tequila Scene x2 - Grass.jpg - N.png 4, 1 Target The target is Badly Poisoned. If the user is Grass Type, Tequila cannot miss.
Jaeger Bomb At-Will 2 Poison.jpg DB 11: 3d10+10 / 27 S.png 8, 1 Target Sludge Bomb Poisons the target on 15+. Whether the Move hits or misses, the target becomes Vulnerable until the next time they are hit by a Damaging Attack or one full round has passed, whichever comes first.
Clear Smog Scene x2 None Poison.jpg DB 7: 2d6+10 / 17 S.png 6, 1 Target The target’s Combat Stages are reset to their default, and all Coats on the target are destroyed. Clear Smog cannot miss.
Gastro Acid Scene 2 Poison.jpg - N.png 4, 1 Target The target’s Ability is disabled until the end of the encounter. If the target has more than one Ability, you choose one of them to disable.
Weather Ball EoT 2 Normal.jpg DB 5: 1d8+8 / 13 S.png 8, 1 Target If it is Sunny, Weather Ball is Fire-Type. If it is Rainy, Weather Ball is Water-Type. If it is Hailing, Weather Ball is Ice-Type. If it is Sandstorming, Weather Ball is Rock-Type. When a weather effect is on the field, Weather Ball has a Damage Base of 10 (3d8+10 / 24). If there are multiple Weather Effects on the field, choose one type for Weather Ball to be that corresponds with an existing Weather Effect.
Improvements / Edges
Source TP Cost Effect
Underdog's Strength 1 +1 to all Stats, Cannot Evolve
Realized Potential 2 Gain 14 Stat Points
Top Percentage 0 +4 Tutor Points, +1 all Base Stats
Move Sync (Grass) 1 Toxic to Grass Type (Rename to Tequila)
Foiling Foliage 0 Tequila does not take up a Moveslot
Signature Technique 2 Unbalancing Blow on Sludge Bomb, rename to Jaeger Bomb
Culinary Appreciation 2 Gain Gluttony Ability
Type Ace (Grass) 2 Gain Type Strategist (Grass) Ability
Type Ace (Poison) 2 Gain Type Strategist (Poison) Ability
Move Tutor 2 Learn Giga Drain
Underdog's Lessons 1 Learn Leaf Tornado
Accuracy Training 1 Lower Leaf Tornado AC by 1
Enhanced Mobility (Overland) 1 +2 Overland
Attack Suppressant (3) 0 -3 Attack
Heart Scale 0 +3 Tutor Points
PP Up 0 Jaeger Bomb to At-Will
Carbos 0 +1 Speed
Type Effectiveness
Double Resist (x0.25) Grass.jpg
Resist (x0.5) Fighting.jpg Water.jpg Electric.jpg Fairy.png
Super Effective (x1.5) Flying.jpg Fire.jpgPsychic.jpg Ice.jpg
Inheritance Moves
Weather Ball (20), Clear Smog (30), Toxic (40), Sludge Bomb (50)
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