Dragon Master

Dragon Master


Dragon Masters are a strange Trainer. They don't draw upon such mundane prowess as other Trainers or Pokemon. They instead manifest their regality and force of will into powerful draconic powers, becoming a dragon themself. Usually a solitary combatant, Dragon Masters have inbound connection to Dragon Pokemon. While most would expect this gives them an unparalleled connection, it actually tends to make Draogns hostile, as they see not a mere human, but a competitor.

Dragon Master
Prerequisites: Elemental Connection (Dragon), Novice Combat, Novice Command, A Dragon Pokemon or a Pokemon in the Dragon Egg Group.
Effect: You may speak to Dragon Pokemon and Pokemon in the Dragon Egg Group in their language, understanding one another with perfect comprehension.

Dragon's Power
[Ranked 3][+SpAtk][+HP]
Rank 1 Prerequisite: Dragon Master
Rank 2 Prerequisite: Dragon's Power Rank 1, Adept Command
Rank 3 Prerequisites: Dragon's Power Rank 2, Expert Command
Rank 1 Effect: You learn the Moves Dragonbreath and Twister. Both Moves are EoT instead of At-Will.
Rank 2 Effect: You learn the Move Roar. Dragonbreath and Twister now use their regular frequency.
Rank 3 Effect: You learn the Moves Dragon Pulse and Dragon Rage.

Heart of the Dragon
Prerequisite: Dragon Master
Battle - Standard Action
Effect: You and all Dragon Type or Dragon Egg Group allies gain 1 Special Attack or Attack Combat Stage, chosen for each target.

Form of the Dragon
Prerequisites: 5 Dragon Master Features, Expert Combat
2 AP - Standard Action
Effect: You gain the form of a Dragon for the remainder of the encounter, or 5 minutes out of combat. While in this form you gain the Multiscale Ability as well as the Dragon Type. You may not use any Moves or features from other classes while in this form. You learn the Moves Dragon Claw and Dragon Tail and swap your Special Attack and Attack stats, but not Combat Stages while in this form. You may make Dragon Type Struggle Attacks in this form.

True Dragon
Prerequisites: Form of the Dragon, Master Command, Master Combat
Effect: You learn the Move Draco Meteor.

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