A Forgotten Friend

Name : Eggie
Age : 18
Species: Exeggutor
Height : 6'11''
Weight : 298.3 lbs

The Ride to the Top

Eggie can still remember that day all those years ago. Six eggs coming from one, the squeal of a little girl. Miranda hadn't been the Pokemon League Champion back then or even a real Trainer yet. She'd just been a little girl with her six little eggs, playing with them every day.

It all seemed an eternity ago. Miranda naming the head egg Eggie, the rest Pinky, Stinky, Winky, Tinky and Binky. Miranda crying when one of her older brothers teased her about cooking up Eggie for breakfast. Eggie attacking a girl that kept pulling Miranda's hair. The ensuing grounding that the both of them had suffered. She'd been so small, so innocent, and so had he. They weren't a Trainer and her Pokemon, they were friends. A small girl and her Pokemon, six scared eggs and their big sister.

And then she became a Trainer. The two set off to conquer the world, their plans limitless. Miranda wasn't supposed to bring Eggie. "He's too weak," they said, "He's not strong enough!" "He's just a bunch of eggs!" She had some other Pokemon from the old professor. He was stronger than Eggie by a lot but Eggie figured he was safe. And yet, despite their friendship, Miranda began to replace her old friend with a new, stronger one. She'd talk to the new one, be friends with him. Eggie found himself inside a Pokeball more and more.

The first Gym was a bittersweet memory. The starter, in all its strength and pride, falling to the Gym Leader. Eggie going out, fighting valiantly, then being crushed under a stone. Miranda panicking as she rushed the shattered eggs back to the Pokemon Center. Miranda's red eyes the next morning when she came in to see Eggie hurt horribly but, thankfully, alive. Miranda swearing to stop being a Trainer, to go back home and not make Eggie ever fight again. Eggie forcing himself out of the hospital, forcing Miranda to fight the Gym.

They won that time.

And it seemed that everything else kept going their way. Miranda realized he wasn't a weakling and used him, almost as much as the starter but never quite as much. The starter and he weren't truly friends, they both wanted to be Miranda's favorite too much for that too happen, but they found a common cause in helping their trainer battle after battle, day after day. Sure, they lost more than once but they won far more. Miranda grew older, stronger, smarter. She wasn't a scared little girl anymore, but a seasoned Pokemon Trainer. Forcing Eggie to evolve to keep up, losing three siblings. Winky, Tinky and Binky were gone, never to return. The others hadn't seen that tear as he evolved, but Eggie had. That was when he knew she wasn't a child anymore. Neither of them were.

They gained badges, battled terrorists and, bit by bit, grew closer to the Pokemon League. The battles were, of course, difficult. The final battle, the champion. The team falling one by one against the Champion's power. From his ball he watched one by one as they went down. He watched Dot soar about until finally she was flung from the sky. He watched Aines, all fire and fury, take down two of the Champion's Pokemon. He watched Mifune dance a dance of blades. And then it was his turn, his turn against the final Pokemon. He fell, but not at no cost. Eggie had always liked to believe he paved the way for the starter to finish the fight, for Miranda to become the Champion.

And now she was dead, lying in the sands. The girl that Eggie had grown up with, had seen become a woman. His friend, his master, his teacher, his student. His better half.

And she was gone forever.

Overland 7
Swim 5
High Jump 1
Long Jump 2
Power 6
Intelligence 5
Naturewalk (Grassland)
Naturewalk (Forest)

Eggie: Male Exeggutor Type: Grass.jpgPsychic.jpg Tutor Points: 1/17
Level 50, 3,645/3,850 EXP Held Item: Leppa Berry HP: 150/150 Injuries: 0
Ability Usage Special Effect
Filter Static Effect: When the user is hit by a Super-Effective attack, the attack deals x1.5 damage instead of x2 damage. If the user is hit by a Super-Super-Effective attack, the attack deals x2 damage instead of x3 damage. If you have both Solid Rock and Filter, you gain 5 Damage Reduction against Super-Effective Damage.
Cluster Mind Static The user's Move Pool is increased by +2.
Harvest At-Will Free Action Whenever the user eats a Berry, flip a coin. On heads, the user gains all the benefits of eating the Berry, but the Berry is not consumed or used up. On tails, the berry is consumed normally. While in Sunny Weather, the Berry is never consumed. The user may “eat” a Berry up to once per turn during an encounter, disregarding the “Food Limit” Rule, but only until they flip “Tails”, after which they become full as normal.
- - -
Patient Nature (+Speed, -Attack)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 11 +19 30
Attack 9 +0 9
Defense 10 +1 11
Special Attack 14 +20 34
Special Defense 9 +1 10
Speed 11 +19 30
Athletics Acrobatics Charm Combat Command Guile
3d6+2 2d6 4d6+2 2d6 2d6 1d6
Intimidate Intuition Stealth Survival Perception Focus
1d6 4d6+2 5d6+3 6d6+3 5d6+2 6d6+2
Edges Signature Technique (Solar Beam) - 2 TP Accuracy Training (Hypnosis) - 1 TP Accuracy Training (Leech Seed) - 1 TP Evolved Memory (Psyshock) - 1 TP
Advanced Mobility (Overland) - 1 TP Tutor (Telekinesis) - 2 TP Skill Improvement (Perception) - 1 TP Skill Improvement (Stealth) - 1 TP Skill Improvement (Focus) - 1 TP TK Mastery - 1 TP
Skill Improvement (Survival) - 1 TP Skill Improvement (Intuition) - 1 TP Skill Improvement (Charm) - 1 TP Advanced Mobility (Swim) - 1 TP
Items Sunny Day (TM) Heart Booster PP Up (Natural Gift) Zinc
Carbos Carbos
Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect Contest
Struggle At-Will 4 Normal.jpg DB 4: 1d8+6 / 11 S.png 8, 1 Target - -
Twin Suns Scene x2 2 Grass.jpg DB 14: 4d10+15 / 40 S.png 6, 2 Targets, Set-Up Set-Up Effect: If the weather is not Sunny, the user’s turn ends. If the weather is Sunny, immediately proceed to the Resolution Effect instead and this Move loses the Set-Up keyword. Resolution Effect: The user attacks with Solar Beam. If the weather is Rainy, Sandstorming, or Hailing, Solar Beam’s Damage Base is lowered to 6 (2d6+8 / 15). Cool - Special Attention
Leech Seed Daily x2 3 Grass.jpg - N.png 6, 1 Target At the beginning of each of the target’s turns, Leech Seed’s target loses 1/10th of their full Hit Point value. Leech Seed’s user then gains Hit Points equal to the amount the target lost. Leech Seed lasts until the target faints or is returned to a Poké Ball. Grass Types and targets immune to Grass Attacks are immune to Leech Seed. Smart - Safe Option
Synthesis Daily x2 None Grass.jpg - N.png Self The user regains Hit Points equal to half of its full Hit Point value. If it is Sunny, the user gains 2/3 of its full Hit Point value instead. If it is Rainy, Sand Storming or Hailing the user gains 1/4 of their full Hit Point value instead. Smart - Reflective Appeal
Extrasensory At-Will 2 Psychic.jpg DB 10: 3d8+10 / 24 S.png 5, 1 Target Extrasensory Flinches the target on 19+. Cool - Exhausting Act
Hypnosis Scene x2 5 Psychic.jpg - N.png 4, 1 Target The target falls Asleep. Smart - Excitement
Telekinesis Scene x2 None Psychic.jpg - N.png 4, 1 Target The target becomes Lifted. While Lifted, they gain the Levitate Ability, are Slowed, and lose all Movement Capabilities except for the Levitate 4 granted by Levitate (reduced to 2 by the Slow condition). While Lifted, the user may not apply any Evasion bonuses to determine whether they are hit by Moves or not. The Lifted target may use a Shift Action to roll 1d20; on a result of 16+, they stop being Lifted. Smart - Steady Performance
Sunny Day Daily x2 None Fire.jpg - N.png Field, Weather The weather becomes Sunny. While Sunny, Fire-Type attacks have their Damage Base increased by +2, and Water-Type Attacks have their Damage Base reduced by -2 (minimum 1). Beauty - Sabotage
Natural Gift Scene x2 2 Normal.jpg DB: See Effect S.png 6, 1 Target, Berry Refer to the Move Keywords Berry list. Natural Gift deals damage according to the Berry list and Natural Gift’s Type is also defined there. The user’s Berry is destroyed and is not consumed. Cool - Desperation
Type Effectiveness
Resist (x0.5) Fighting.jpg Psychic.jpg Ground.jpg Water.jpg Electric.jpg Grass.jpg
Super Effective (x1.5) Flying.jpg Ghost.jpg Dark.jpg Fire.jpg Ice.jpg Poison.jpg
Doubly Super Effective (x2.0) Bug.jpg
Natural Gift Types
Berry Type Damage Quantity
Leppa Berry Fighting.jpg DB 6 (2d6+8 / 15) 1
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