Ekans, #299, Snake Pokemon
Typing: Poison.jpg
Height: 4" (2" Male)
Weight: 15.2 lbs. (7.6 lbs. Male)
Length: 6'7" (3'4" Male)
Width: 4" (2" Male)
Egg Group: Field
Diet: Ekans are primarily carnivorous, with their favorite prey being Rattata. They also devour the eggs of other Pokemon.
Characteristics: Ekans are a long, serpentine Pokemon. Their skin is covered in thousands of microscales, giving them their scaly hide. They must constantly shed it to grow into a larger one. Ekans are characterized by their purple scales as well as their golden tail. While most of their scales are purple, their underside is yellow. Ekans have long, powerful fangs, capable of delivering powerful and quick strikes. Their fangs are filled with powerful poison that they may also learn to spit as another weapon. Finally, their body is almost entirely muscle, allowing them to constrict a foe with a great deal of force, immobilizing them. Female Ekans tend to be much larger and are the dominant gender.
Behavior: Ekans are a primarily a predatory species. They prowl through the grass in hunt of prey. As a single Rattata can sustain them for a week, Ekans are fairly lax when they have recently fed. When they have not fed, Ekans quickly become more and more hostile and more and more agitated. Fortunately for many trainers, Ekans are fairly easy to keep in line when they are fed. While they do resent being forced to battle soon after eating, one that maintains their food should have no more issue controlling the Ekans than any other Pokemon.
Habitat: Ekans can primarily be found in grasslands, but they are quite common in many forest areas as well.
Population: Ekans are a solitary Pokemon. They do not commonly stay in packs, with the parents usually attempting to eat newly hatched young. Familial bonds are not very strong.
Relation with other Pokemon: Ekans hunt most other Pokemon, leaving very little room for positive bonds.
In the World: Ekans are the bane of many trainers. As so many trainers use Rattata due to their easy availability, an Ekans is quite dangerous to many a young trainer.
Lifespan: Ekans commonly live about six years.
Egg: Ekans eggs are small and oval in shape. A newly hatched Ekans is quite small, looking more like a worm than a true snake. They are about 6 inches tall and four across.
Breeding: Ekans are not physically able to breed until Level 20. In addition, Ekans will rarely breed with something that is not reptilian, even if they would be technically compatible. Finally, females have a habit of killing their mate.

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