Much Possessed by Death

Name : Artemis Frerin
AKA: Arte
Age : 24
Height : 5' 11"
Weight : 150 lbs

Level 40 Telekinetic/Ace Trainer/Telepath/Technicain MA/Branded


Starting from the outskirts of Mistralton, fleeing from a less than pleasant home, Artemis eventually joined Team Rocket. Just when things seemed to be on the up slope though, her life was cut short. But death is just a phase of life that we all must go through. Most of us go through it at the ends of our lives though, not the middle.

Post-Death & Resurrection

"Fuck Jaquelin." Not the best last thought to have in the world of the living. Really would have been nice to be able to say "Goodbye Romeo" or something all nice sounding like that was the last thought that went through my mind, but it wasn't. No, I went with "Fuck that bitch, coming after my boyfriend because she couldn't stand that she had fallen out of the favor of her once patron god, then rather than even kill the right person, kills the lover of their target." Not that I would want Romeo to die. I died protecting him, that's what matters…

Looking around, I could see nothing forever, a dark, blank void. It was an interesting feeling. Trying to look at myself, I was like fog. Body stayed back there, after all, so I was just a spirit. My thoughts wandered as I sat there and as I wandered the void, often coming back to "So that was my life." It only makes sense. I had all the time in the universe to reflect now, and I reflected on everything. When I was younger, trainer school, the events that lead to Team Rocket, my time with everyone in our group. Void, even Paul. He did save our lives back there, after all. More often than not, I ended up coming to the conclusion that I was a screw up. A cocky, arrogant, argumentative screw up. Part of that was how I was raised, but at a certain point, you have to take responsibility. I chose to fight with people, not Celine. I chose to cut my ties with everyone, not Zachariah. I joined Team Rocket to try and get by, not Praid. It was interesting, just accepting all of that. Normally I would have resisted, but what was the point? I had nobody I had to convince or impress, and I could not remain in death lying to myself for an eternity.

Maybe that's what the punishment for living a Muked up life is: boredom out of your mind. Or maybe it was my purgatory and I had finally passed through it, because some time (note, it is hard to tell time when you don't have any real references) after that, I saw another spirit off in the distance. It's odd, I don't have aura abilities, but it was as though I could see its emotions, and those emotions were there because it knew who I was. I had a sense who it was, too. "Aquilla?" And then the fog caught up to me and… I guess it was a hug? Two bodies of fog hugged. Sure, it's post-death, why am I trying to make sense of it out here? From there on for a while, it's all a bit fuzzy. We talked to each other though… We talked for a long time, like two equals who could be completely honest with one another…

We were disturbed by a voice. It wasn't so much deep as it was powerful sounding. It was kind of like your meeting with Darkrai, Gerald. I had a sense that I was in an other "where" that I and Aquilla were before. I was also aware that we both had corporeal forms again. Across from us was a man in a business suit, black with a gold lapel and a grey and red tie. Way too many colors for me, but I'm not going to point out fashion to someone who is likely a god. (Also because I would likely be wrong…) He introduced himself as Giratina. In so many words, he was looking at the deceased from the last few years, and apparently I was one of the more notable. Not to say I was notable, just above average. Primarily because of you guys, actually. Any friend of the chosen of Darkrai, an old flame to the chosen of Mew, and acquaintance to both the Champion and the head of Team Rocket is someone who stands out as above average if only for those reasons. He had a request for me. I appeared to be interested in living again, and he had a weed that needed plucking in the moral world. I scratch his back, he scratches mine, and everyone is happy. Not to say that that was the only caveat, as you guys can see. Couple "reminders" of where I came from.


The right side of Artemis's face bears a long, horizontal slash, as though an arrow had nicked her across the cheek. Her arms bear long, thin scars, as though cut by fingernails. Should stigmata trigger, these wounds begin to bleed. The majority of the damage is on the left side of her torso, where the injury is best described as a very serious burn, stretching from her shoulder down to her right hip. The skin is discolored scar tissue and aches a little in the cold. Should stigmata trigger, the scar slowly peels off in scratch shaped flecks, as though someone were clawing at it angrily. Otherwise, the injuries don't interfere with day to day life, aside from a few odd looks at times.


You look like you've seen a ghost.

Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body +3
Acrobatics: Untrained (2)
Athletics: Expert (6)
Combat: Novice (3)
Intimidate: Expert (6) - Skill Focus
Stealth: Pathetic (1)
Survival: Untrained (2)

Mind +4
Guile: Untrained (2)
Perception: Poor (1)
Edu (Occult): Master (6)
Edu: Untrained (2)
Focus: Master (6) - Skill Focus

Spirit -2
Charm: Pathetic (1)
Command: Master (6)
Intuition: Untrained (2)

Combat Stats
Hit Points 182/182
HP 34
Attack 7
Defense 10
Sp. Attack 34 (42) +5
Sp. Defense 10
Speed 30

Injuries: 0

Moves and Capabilities

Struggle (Special, AC 4, At Will, Normal DB 4: 1d8+5, Range 6)
Confusion (Special, AC 2, At Will, Psychic DB 9 3d8+10, Range 6, Confuse on 19-20)
Barrier (Hazard, Battle, Psychic, 3 continuous blocking walls 2m high with HP equal to trainer level and 15 DR)
Kinesis (Status, Battle, Psychic, Interrupt, Range 6, User or Ally receives +4 evasion against single attack)
Telekinesis (Status, Battle, Psychic, Range 4, Target gains Levitate 4 and loses all other movement and -5 evasion)
Psychic (Special, AC 2, EOT, Psychic DB 10: 3d10+10, Range 5, Push 2, Lower Sp Defense on 17-20)
Nasty Plot (Status, EOT, Self, Dark, User gains 2 Sp Attack Combat Stages)
Amnesia (Status, EOT, Self, Psychic, User gains 2 Sp Defense Combat Stages)
Calm Mind (Status, EOT, Self, Psychic, User gains 1 Sp Attack Combat Stage and 1 Sp Defense Combat Stage)
Mind Reader (Status, Center, Normal, Range 6, Next attack on target hits OR next attack on the user misses)
Psych Up (Status, Battle, Normal, Range 6, User gains the target's combat stages)
Rock Smash (Physical, AC 2, EOT, Fighting DB 6: 2d6+8, Melee, Lower Defense on 17-20)
Double Kick (Physical, AC 3, EOT, Fighting DB 5: 1d8+7, Melee, Double Strike)

Capabilities: Overland 8, Levitate 4, Underwater 4, High Jump 0, Long Jump 1, Power 6, Telekinesis (60 lbs), Telepathy
Abilities: Levitate, Pressure
Action Points: 13/13

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 0/10

Level 1: Creation:
Attribute Modifiers: Body +3, Mind +4, Spirit -2

Base Stats: HP 10, Attack 5, Defense 5, Sp. Attack 10, Sp. Defense 5, Speed 10
Background: Psychic Trainer
+Focus, +Command, +Athletics, -Perception, -Stealth, -Charm
You went to a Trainer's school to learn how to train Pokémon. At the same time, you practiced honing your body and mind in your spare time, practicing your psychic abilities (totally not for cheating in school!) However, nature screwed you with nearsightedness, and you just never could quite work well with others socially.

Edges: Psychic Connection, Iron Mind, Group Training
Ace Trainer

Feats and Edges

Ace Trainer
Prerequisites: Novice Command or Novice Intimidate
1 AP - Extended Action
Trigger: You spend at least half an hour training your Pokémon
Effect: For each Pokémon that has been trained during this time, choose a Stat besides HP; that Stat becomes Trained for the next 24 hours. The default State of Trained Stats is +1 Combat Stages instead of 0. A Pokémon may have only one Trained Stat at a time.

Prerequisites: Ace Trainer
1 AP – Free Action
Trigger: Your Pokémon gains an Injury
Effect: The target instead does not gain an Injury. Perseverance may activate only once per Battle per target.

Top Percentage
Prerequisites: Ace Trainer, Expert Command or Expert Intimidate
At-Will – Free Action Trigger: Your Pokémon levels up to a Level evenly divisible by 5 Effect: Your Pokémon gains an extra Tutor Point. Top Percentage may be used on a single Pokémon a maximum of 4 times. Once a Pokémon has gained 4 Tutor Points in this way, increase each of that Pokémon's Base Stats by +1.
Champ in the Making Prerequisites: 4 Ace Trainer Features, Master Command or Master Intimidate 1 AP – Free Action Trigger: You use Ace Trainer to give Pokémon Trainer Stats Effect: Choose two Trained Stats for each Pokémon instead of one. A Pokémon may only have two Trained Stats this way.

Elite Trainer
[Ranked 2]
Rank 1 Prerequisites: Ace Trainer, qualifies for a General Pokémon Feature
Effects: Each Rank, pick a Pokémon Edge or Skill Edge, and a General Pokémon Training Feature for which you qualify. You learn the chosen Edge and Feature.

Champ in the Making
Prerequisites: 4 Ace Trainer Features, Master Command or Master Intimidate
1 AP – Free Action
Trigger: You use Ace Trainer to give Pokémon Trainer Stats
Effect: Choose two Trained Stats for each Pokémon instead of one. A Pokémon may only have two Trained Stats this way.

Hey, Hands off My Pack!


Head n/a
Body Light Armor +5 DR
Main Hand n/a
Off-Hand Special Attack Focus A Focus grants +5 Bonus to a Stat, chosen when crafted. This Bonus is applied AFTER Combat Stages.
Feet Running Shoes Running Shoes grant a +2 bonus to Athletics Checks, and increase your Overland Speed by +1.
Accessory Mark of Giratina (Razor Fang + SpAttack Booster) Inflict Injuries on 19-20, Base Special Attack is +1 Combat Stage


Pokédex So Dexy
Backpack Backpack, backpack. Backpack, backpack. Yeah!
Mark of Giratina Small bone carving attached to a necklace.



Money Enough

Current Traveling Team:


Aquilla - Met at level 5, Starter. Artemis's first Pokémon, a Rufflet she befriended after having run away.
Diluvium - Met at level 10, Gift. A Castform from Copycat.
Vigent - Met at Level 18, Rescued. Found on the body of Autumn after first Steelrupi attack.
Prolios - Met at Level 10, Gift. Pokémon gifted for joining the Saffron Gym.
Calva - Met at Level 13, Saffron. Caught by Gerald as a mate for Aquilla.
Tabula - Met at Level 20, Gift. An experimental war Pokémon, gifted to a new Rocket member.

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