Fighter Story

Jonathon became a soldier early. Not by choice, not really. His family was poor and needed the money, so he was sent away. He doesn't remember what country he fought for, or even what side he was on. All he knows is that the war was terrible. Pokemon create dangerous opponents on any day, and when they are explicitly used as weapons…

When he was able to get out of the army, Jonathon was left with no schooling, little money, and a family he could not find. All he had was his skill in combat and his two Pokemon, Buck and Wingman. As such, him becoming a bounty hunter wasn't as much a choice as a logical jump.

He was a good bounty hunter. Didn't ask questions, didn't wonder about the person's situation. He did his job, and he did it well. He became one of the better known small time bounty hunters, and his reputation for having few morals spread as well.

Eventually, Jonathon got in too deep with the wrong people. When that happened, he got on the first refuge boat and hasn't looked back.

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