The majority of the Fire Breathers in the world aren't true ones, just hacks using gasoline and a match at a show. The true Firebreathers are something else. There is fire in their very blood, coursing through their veins. Flames can burst from every pore at any moment. Only the focus and willpower of a Firebreather keeps it within, controlling their vast power. Firebreathers tend to be one of two types; the ones that take their talent as a gift and focus on controlling it, or those that see it more as a toy and enjoy every second of the flames. While both have varying degrees, both do have slight pyromaniac tendencies…

Prerequisites: Elemental Connection (Fire), Novice Combat, Novice Focus
Effect: You gain the Flame Body Ability.

Human Match
Prerequisite: Firebreather
Effect: You gain the Firestarter Capability. In addition, you are immune to the Burn Status Condition.

Rolling Flames
[Ranked 3][+SpAtk][+SpDef]
Rank 1 Prerequisite: Human Match
Rank 2 Prerequisite: Rolling Flames Rank 1, Adept Focus
Rank 3 Prerequisite: Wall of Flames
Rank 1 Effect: You learn the Moves Ember and Incinerate.
Rank 2 Effect: You learn the Moves Flamethrower and Sunny Day.
Rank 3 Effect: You learn the Moves Heat Wave and Fire Blast.

Prerequisites: Rolling Flames Rank 2
2 AP - Swift Action
Trigger: You use a damage dealing Special Fire Attack.
Effect: Instead of the usual Range and Area keywords, the Attack uses the Burst 1 Keyword. Increase the Burn range of the Attack by 2.

Wall of Flames
Prerequisites: Rolling Flames Rank 2, Expert Focus
2 AP - Standard Action
Effect: You set up to X square meters of unoccupied ground on fire within 8 meters. If you are in grassy or otherwise flammable terrain, X is doubled. Any targets that begin or end their turn on a square that is on Fire are burned. Anyone that passes through a square that is on Fire takes damage equal to 1/8th of their Max HP. If a Water-Type Move or a Move with the word 'Mud' in its name targets a square (or a target in a square) with Fire in them, the fires are destroyed. All effects that destroy Hazards extinguish the Fire as well. X is equal to your Focus Ranks.

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