Global Pokemon Network

Damsah had been a previous executive of Silph Co., and as such was a businessman. Soon after establishing Pokemon City, Damsah created his own company to supply the goods and manufacture for the city. This company, now called the Global Pokemon Network, is main (and really the only) major corporation in Pokemon City. They have a complete monopoly over all the manufacturing, retail, and distribution in Pokemon City. It is truly in control of the economy of the whole city.

Really, 'Global' is a bit of a misnomer. The corporation only exists within Pokemon City, and even then it can only legally trade within the city.

There are a few distinct branches of the Global Pokemon Network. Each is in charge of a large portion of what makes the City function, and are a focal point of what keeps the city in one piece.

Agricultural Branch

Land on Pokemon City is extremely limited, and as such the Agricultural Branch has to be extremely careful in how they utilize said land. The Agricultural Branch of the Global Pokemon Network has mastered amazing techniques to be able to farm the city as they do. With land going sideways at a premium, the Agricultural Branch did the next most logical thing; they built upwards and downwards. Their terraced farming is incredible, with raised crop beds stretching multiple stories both upwards and downwards. With both artificial lighting as well as panels to help direct light towards the plants, they are able to raise crops like no other facility.

Raising actual animals would be both inefficient as well as costly. Real, true meat is rarely raised, and as such can be rather expensive. Synthetic meat is extremely common though. This meat, a feat of biological engineering, allows the Agricultural Branch to create a substance with the same qualities as meat, although it is not nearly as appetizing. There is a massive fishing business that helps to supply food as well, ran by the Agricultural Branch as well.

The only items that the Agricultural Branch actually produce that are directly useable by Trainers are a wide host of Berries. Using similar technology to their terraced farming, the Agricultural Branch is able to grow Herbs, Berries, and Roots all for use by Trainers. These are powerful tools that do a lot to help Trainers with their Pokemon as well as their various other things.

Medical Branch

The Medical Branch of the Global Pokemon Network is structured much like that of Silph Co. The first and foremost duty of the Medical Branch is, of course, the maintenance of the Pokemon Centers commonly used in the city. Licensed Pokemon Trainers are entitled to one free healing a day, while others are forced to pay for their benefits. The Pokemon Centers here are extremely modern and have all the technology one would expect.

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