Hero Points

As Knights and heroes, there's something that makes you just a bit better than everybody else in the world. Besides your magic gear, divinely-blessed Charizard and other shenanigans, this "something" is a Knight Point. These can essentially be used to "edit" the plot and rules to a degree, giving you the capability to accomplish an amazing feat within certain limitations.

You will start each adventure with 1 Knight Point that can be spent any time as a Free Action. If you don't spend it by the end of the adventure it's gone and you start over with 1 Knight Point once again. Earning Knight Points is a bit vague, but expect to earn them by doing what your character would do in a situation where that may not be the most optimal course, acts or particularly impressive Knightitude or particularly good roleplaying. They won't be handed out like candy, but you can certainly earn a few over the course of an adventure.

Knight Points may be used in a few ways:

  • Edit Scene: You can “edit” a scene to grant you and advantage against an enemy or to overcome a situation. For example, if you determine that an enemy has a weakness to a specific chemical, you could use a Knight Point to ensure that chemical is present in the lab you are battling in.
  • Reroll: You may use a Knight Point to reroll one of your rolls or one of your Pokemon's, taking the better result of the two. This must be declared before you know the consequences of the roll, but after you see what it comes up as. This can be used on any rolls; accuracy, damage, skills, ect.
  • Inspiration:You can spend a Knight Point to get sudden inspiration in the form of a hint, clue, or bit of help from me. It's up to me to decide how much you learn, but since Knight Points are limited it will be in some way significant.
  • Stunt: While I normally let you have a lot of leeway in out-of-combat applications for a Move, Capability or what have you, this will let you do something truly out there and significant, such as building a bridge with Rock Slide or something of the like.
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