A long time ago, this was our world. Earth. Thousands of years of culture, learning, technology, all removed in one fell swoop.

December 21, 2012. The day he came. The they returned, the day the world fell apart.

He appeared at noon out of thin air, floating above the Washington Monument. Not huge, not threatening, but radiating power like some small sun. Equine in form with spiked circles around his body, he did nothing. Said nothing. Simply waited, watched, observed.

Within fifteen minutes the media was there. Thirty the police. For hours it did nothing. The video was streamed all over the world. Was this what the Mayans had foretold? Was this the end?

Near 10 o'clock, it spoke. Not aloud, but across the world, into the very mind- nay, soul, of everyone in the world.

You have fallen, it said. You have forgotten me, throwing false deities up to serve your own purpose. You have forgotten your Creator, your Master. You live for greed, pleasure, opulence. You are my children no longer. You have fallen, and deserve my Judgement.

Its inflection did not change. It made no visible signs of change. It disappeared, leaving a golden, glowing portal in its place that soon vanished, the Washington Monument collapsing below it. Three great shapes were rumored to have fled from the portal and President Kellen Deomori had a strange blue glow about him for a few minutes after the disappearance of the creature.

Naturally, the world was perplexed. A powerful being appeared, did nothing, spoke for all of thirty seconds, then disappeared. It was dubbed Arceus after some ancient manuscripts found about thirty years ago with a picture similar in likeness. Conspiracy theories abounded, people trying to discern what could have happened. When would the judgement come? When would all of this occur?

The next day, America declared war on China. Nobody knew why. President Kellen Deomori pushed strongly and for the first time since World War II, Congress agreed at once. The attacks soon came, decimating the two countries. More and and more nations joined the War, creating World War III. Powerful new technologies were created. Smart bombs, robotic warfare, things never seen before. Machines capable of manipulating magnetic fields, bombs that were almost sentient. The damage on a global scale was immense, almost plunging the world into the Dark Ages. Somehow the groups managed to refrain from using nuclear weapons, but only just.

Massive bunkers began construction around the world created by ArkTec in case of a nuclear fallout. These "Arks", as they were called after the Biblical story, were created in case a nuclear holocaust was to occur. Made to last for hundreds of years these bunkers were stocked with food, water, there own life support. A single bunker cost billions to build but they were strong. Each could hold one thousand occupants as well as space for various livestock. These bunkers could survive just about anything short of a direct hit from a nuclear warhead. In addition, the robotic weapon tech created for World War III was implemented in case of need for protection when emerging from the bunkers. They were fool proof, perfect, indestructible. Over a thousand were made around the world, enough to hypothetically protect over a million people.

The war continued to rage. For eight years the nations sent soldiers, bombs, and missiles over each others borders. At the end there was no clear winner. President Kellen Deomori continued to push for more and more offensive action until he was impeached in 2021. The new president brought peace. The world was in shambles; China had lost almost a quarter of its population, the western seaboard of the United States was completely annihilated. Europe had destroyed itself with infighting as well as South American invasions and Asia had mostly been absorbed between Russia and China. Even Australia was damaged, almost being destroyed. The only area in some semblance of order were areas of South America and the majority of Africa. Almost a billion dead. Then another calamity struck.

In the war hundreds of thousands of mercenary bands had emerged, becoming professional, skilled killers over the course of the war. Around the world the various mercenary bands united under a common banner; that of a certain Terrak, a brute of a man that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. As a single body on the anniversary of the arrival of Arceus, nine years later, they began senseless slaughter as if seeking simply to kill as many as possible. Thousands died. Cities were bombed. While the war was bad, this was far worse. Every country was struck, every city, every household. The few that did not know one of the dead were few and far between. At the end of the day, millions were dead, countless more injured. Once again, the world was in shock, but once again, they began to rebuild.

And they might have, if not for the massive crop failure. All over the world crops withered and died. Urban legend claimed a tall figure could be seen walking among the crops. It was equine in appearance and green. The crops would feed the creature then wither and die. This was considered myth for a time, but eventually a news crew managed to stream a shot of the creature, only to continue streaming them being torn apart by living vines.

By this point, the world was falling apart. Man killed man for food. Cities were damaged at the least, in ruins normally. Hospitals were packed beyond capacity.

Then the final blow struck. Where in the past supernatural influence had been considered, now it was made apparently clear. Massive, hulking creatures that seemed to be made from the very metal itself rose from the earth, led by yet another equine creature, blue, with long horns atop its head. These creatures killed indiscriminately; rich, poor, young, old. The military, all veterans by this point, tried to fight back to little effect. They were unstoppable, implacable, without end. Nothing stood in their way until all of the sudden the attacks stopped. Nobody knew why. The metal creatures faded, disappearing from the world.

Man remained sealed in his Arks for the next three centuries. In this time powerful beasts poured forth from portals all around the world, created once again by Arceus. Continents shifted, oceans rose. Mountains were moved. Great birds roamed the sky, bringing forth storms of ice, fire, and lighting. Two colossal creatures, one red, one blue, waged war with the very land and sea themselves. Great golems, stories high, shaped the world. Rifts in space and time appeared across the globe. Elements clashed, beasts warred, and Arceus simply watched. Most of the world's Arks were destroyed; they were made to survive a nuclear blast, not have the very earth below them torn away.

One Ark on the western seaboard of the United States made it through unscathed. With only 800 inhabitants, they found themselves filled under capacity. Ark 607. Loaded before the attacks began, the Ark managed to somehow survive the turbulent storms and mighty earthquakes, listening in horror as the transmissions stopped coming in. Slowly, one by one, transmissions stopped coming to Ark 607. One day, they stopped entirely. They were alone.

It is said no Arks survived the The Invasion, as people had taken to calling it. The inhabitants of Ark 607, a small group of survivors, seem to be the only ones who made it through the attacks. The Ark didn't open on time either; the Ark was supposed to stay sealed for 300 years, but at 317 the Ark was still firmly sealed shut. Supplies running short, people growing restless, the inhabitants relentlessly pounded on the door; unleashing clip after clip of bullets, using whatever bombs they had left. But these doors were meant to withstand a nuclear blast; small time guns were not going to blow the gate open.

Weapons gone, food depleting rapidly, and the power failing, the Ark seemed doomed to die from a slow death from within. But there was something nobody had thought of. Four years after the Ark was supposed to open, minute changes occurred throughout the camp. Some found themselves with psionic abilities, capable of changing the natural world. Others were faster, stronger, smarter. A small minority seemed to become more animal, more savage. Shunned as freaks by their companions and calling themselves Elementalists, they proved to be the salvation of the Ark.

One man, Napole Stevens, found himself particularly affected by this change to the Ark. He found himself bending electricity to his will. The robots of Ark 607 bowed before him and he seemed to have an almost instinctive touch with the machines. He overloaded the mighty locks of the Ark, a process that nearly killed him.

Clean, unadulterated sunlight poured into the Ark. Napole found himself heralded a hero; the one who opened the Ark, saving their lives.

The newly escaped prisoners found themselves in the proverbial Garden of Eden, naming their new area as such. The soil was rich, the land plentiful. Berries grew around the Ark, capable of bringing a man back from the verge of death. Animals, not knowing the touch of man, didn't flee before their touch. Food seemed to spring from the soil, heralding a new dawn for the colony. The colonists named themselves "Eden" after said land of plenty, and set themselves to thriving in this colony.

For three years the Ark thrived, growing food and settling. They seemed to have survived the apocalypse. They were alive! Then they met them.

On 9, 2337 a hunting party, searching for food, didn't return. Four days later the bodies were found. They bore wounds as if some great beast had bludgeoned them to death. The colonists hadn't even known of predators in the area; what would be able to wreak this type of damage?

The colonists were not well armed at this point in history. Many of their Old World weapons had been used to try to break the door down in desperation. Now most of the colonists used shoddily crafted bows to hunt and spears. They were not prepared for the attack that was to come.

The colonists found themselves ambushed a weak later. Great hulking creatures in the guise of men with grey, stone-like skin struck the Ark. The meager defenses of the Ark proved to do little; it took dozens of arrows to bring down one of the beasts and a single creature could more than handle half a dozen humans. It was a slaughter; over a quarter of the population of Eden was killed before they were able to drive off the creatures. In addition, the Ark was badly damage. The battle had been taken inside to try to give the humans an advantage, only to have the creatures smash through walls and tear the robots apart in their search to kill the survivors.

These creatures, dubbed greyskins by the colonists, created widespread panic. One man, Jakob Ariam, stepped forward as a leader for the group. Napole was no longer trusted; the leader of the creatures had been seen punching with fists infused with thunder. Suddenly, the colony turned on their past saviors. The Elementalists were shunned, hated, simply for possessing the same powers as the greyskins. Jakob manipulated this fear, forcing an exile of the Elementalists, creating lies about their cowardice. He has ran a fear campaign; Elementalists are an evil to be purged. Napole lead himself and the other Elementalists on an exodus, leaving the Ark to try to start a life somewhere else. A few, mostly those with powers that could be concealed, remained behind, loathe to leave whatever families they may have.

For the last five years, Eden has struggled. The greyskins continue their assaults. Jakob has ran the colony with an iron fist; every part of the lives is regulated, as it needs to be. He has worked hard to forge the colonists into a competent fighting force, arming much of the populace. Much of the old Ark has been melted down to forge weapons and armor for the fighters. Jakob possess the only remaining ammunition for firearms as well as the guns, securing his leadership.

Life is not as bad as it could be. There is food for everybody. The greyskin attacks are usually repulsed without much loss of life. While Eden is by no means thriving, they are surviving. Nobody has heard from the Elementalists that left the colony; they seem to have disappeared into the air itself. For now, Eden is simply trying to hold out until they find a way to strike back.

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