Horsea, #155, The Seapony Pokemon
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Height: 1'4"
Weight: 17.6 lbs.
Length: 1'7" (tail extended)
Width: 5"
Egg Group: Water 1 / Dragon
Diet: While it would seem a Horsea would be an herbivore, they are actually clever hunters, preying on small, non-Pokemon prey.
Characteristics: Horsea are extremely small Pokemon, only a little longer than a foot. They are covered in extremely fine scales, allowing them to move through the water with minimal resistance. The possess two small fins that, on their own, could barely move the Pokemon. Instead of simply pushing the water, Horsea create a weak Pakrian field that distorts the water, pushing them forward. Horsea have extremely keen eyesight in the water, allowing them to see in even murky water. They possess a long snout, capable of shooting bone-breaking bursts of water. Horsea are the ideal underwater hunters; swift, capable of seeing, and a great shot. On land, they are far more awkward, but like all Water Pokemon they also possess lungs, allowing them to breathe in the air.
Behavior: Horsea are quite calm, but are capable hunters in the wilderness. They are patient, quite, and quite stealthy. They will lay in wait for days, waiting for prey. Horsea are quite sociable Pokemon, and rarely pose a danger to the Trainer that chooses to use them. Horsea tend to form societies in the wilderness, creating hives in coral reefs. These usually only last until they evolve, but large groups of Horsea can form. Horsea are territorial, protecting their reefs, but will rarely attack anything larger than a fish unless it attacks them first.
Habitat: Horsea primarily live in the Southern Sea, between Pallet Town and Cinnabar Island. They live in large groups around reefs, forming massive colonies.
Population: Horsea are considered rare. While they exist in massive numbers, they rarely surface, contributing to this artificial rarity.
Relation with other Pokemon: Horsea are territorial, but will usually leave anything significantly larger than themselves alone. While they might attack a Krabby that comes into their territory, they will rarely hit a large enough Pokemon that goes into their land.
In the World: Horsea are a common Pokemon among Cinnabarians, but that is about it.
Lifespan: Horsea tend to live about six years.
Egg: Horsea Eggs are small and orange, simply a sphere with a radius of four inches.
Breeding: Horsea must breed underwater. In addition, they must be at least level 20 to breed.

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