It's said that Icemen tend to have "chilly" personalities. All kidding aside, nobody has the same degree of control over cold and ice. Those fighting an Iceman can expect encasing ice to swiftly cover the field, limiting movement and the ability of opponents with ice and snow. As more and more ice piles up, the Iceman simply becomes stronger. There are few things as treacherous and difficult as Ice when it comes to traveling, and the Iceman makes full use of that fact. And while they may be called Icemen, women are perfectly able to doing this.

Prerequisites: Elemental Connection (Ice), Novice Combat, Novice Focus
Effect: You gain the Ice Body Ability.

Winter's Grasp
Prerequisite: Iceman
Effect: You gain the Freezer Capability. In addition, you are immune to the Frozen Status Condition.

Encroaching Ice
[Ranked 2][+SpAtk][+SpDef]
Rank 1 Prerequisite: Winter's Grasp
Rank 2 Prerequisite: Encroaching Ice Rank 1, Adept Focus
Rank 1 Effect: You learn the Moves Powder Snow and Mist.
Rank 2 Effect: You learn the Moves Ice Beam and Hail.

Dangerous Ground
Prerequisite: Iceman
Battle/10 - Standard Action
Effect: You create X meters of Icy Terrain within 8 meters, where X is your Focus Rank. Each square of Icy Terrain must be adjacent to another square of Icy Terrain. Icy Terrain is detailed below. You gain the Icestep Capability.

Arcran's Note: Pokemon or Trainers moving on Icy Terrain do not stop moving in the direction they start moving until they hit Blocking Terrain or leave Icy Terrain. If a Pokemon or Trainer Shifts towards a Target on Icy Terrain, they stop adjacent to the Target and the Target is Shifted in the direction opposite of the Shifting Pokemon until they hit Blocking Terrain or leave Icy Terrain. A Pokemon may choose to make a Stop Check instead of using a Move during their turn to stop Shifting as a result of Icy Terrain’s effect. A Stop Check is an Athletics Check requiring a DC of 12. Sliding does not consume a Shift Action.

Prerequisites: Encroaching Ice Rank 2
2 AP - Swift Action
Trigger: You hit with a damage dealing Special Ice Attack.
Effect: All hit Targets are Slowed for 3 rounds. Increase the Freeze range of your attacks by 2 against Targets that are Slowed due to Permafrost.

Glacial Ice
Prerequisites: Encroaching Ice Rank 2, Expert Focus
Daily - Extended Action
Target: Your Ice-Typed Pokémon with at least 1 Tutor Point
Effect: Your Pokémon spends 2 Tutor Point, and becomes Glacial. Once per Battle, whenever a Glacial Pokémon is hit by a damaging Fire Type, Fighting Type, Rock Type, or Steel Type Move that deals Super-Effective Damage, they may resists the Move one step further than they usually would (For example, if the move would normally be Super Effective, it instead deals neutral damage).

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