The ability to conjure illusions has always been attributed almost solely to the Zorua line. That is, however, a grave misconception. Just like many trainers find themselves with the ability to manipulate psionic energy, the same can happen with illusions. Usually tricky trainers that avoid a fair fight at any cost, an Illusionist is rarely unable to make a quick getaway.

[Class][+2 Speed]
Prerequisites: Novice Guile, Iron Mind
At-Will, Extended Action
Effect: You are able to create Illusions. When creating Illusions, a few things must be taken in mind. No dimension of the illusion may exceed a number of spaces equal to your Guile rank. Illusions last for a number of minutes equal to your Focus rank. At the end of the time, if the Illusionist is still within 20 meters, they may continue to maintain the Illusion as a Full Action. An Illusionist may only have one Illusion active at a time. A basic Illusion such as this must be stationary and cannot make noise.

A note on Illusions: Illusions should have a Perception DC to notice that it is, in fact, not an Illusion. When creating an Illusion, the Illusionist should roll a Guile check. This is the Perception DC for the illusion. If an Illusion has both movement and sound (through Improved Art), it receives a +5 bonus to the Perception DC.

This should also be dependent on how believable an Illusion is. Something like a rock might have a +5 bonus to identify it; it's a rock. They're neither complex nor uncommon. Something like a Dragonite (especially without Improved Art) would have a much lower DC as it is less believable in more circumstances. They're a rare Pokemon, and as such might take a -5 penalty to the Perception DC as it is unlikely the Illusionist could create a completely believable Illusion of it.

Really, play it by ear. The more out there it is, the easier to identify as an Illusion it should be. The modifier should range from -10 to +5 for the DC.

Also keep in mind that while an Illusion may be hard to believe, perhaps the target wants to believe it's true. This could either cancel out the penalty or even provide a bonus.

The save should be passive (rolled upon seeing illusionary object)(, but save yourself some trouble and only bother to roll for characters that have a chance of making the DC.

Improved Art
[+2 Speed]
Prerequisites: Illusionist
Effect: You may now create Illusions that move. In addition, you may include sound when creating Illusions. You also may make an illusory sound as a Standard Action instead of an Extended one, as long as there is no physical component. You may cause your Illusion to move, if so you wish, each round as a Shift Action.

Quick Creation
[+2 Speed]
Prerequisites: Improved Art
1 AP - Free Action
Effect: For this round, you may use Illusionist as a Standard Action instead of an Extended Action. If a target sees the creation of the Illusion, the DC to notice it as such should be lower. In addition, moving an Illusion is now only a Swift Action.

Arcran's Note: For the change, take into account whether or not something popping up could happen. If the Illusionist goes into great detail of releasing a Pokemon in their illusion, maybe there is no penalty. If the wall looks identical to a Barrier, perhaps there is no penalty. Now, a cannon spontaneously appearing should have a penalty, and a heftyish one. Probably like -10.

Basically, if it could plausibly appear mid-battle, no penalty. If you suddenly have illusionary soldiers, then there's an issue that will put a penalty in.

Prerequisites: Improved Art
Effect: You learn the Moves Flash and Double Team.

Flashy Exit
Prerequisites: Misdirection
1 AP - Swift Action
Trigger: A Double Team clone is destroyed.
Effect: You may instantly use Flash as a Burst 1 surrounding the destroyed clone, ignoring and not expending frequency.

Flawless Creation
Prerequisites: Improved Art, Expert Guile
1 AP - Swift Action
Trigger: You create an Illusion.
Effect: Your Illusion is entirely indistinguishable from the real thing from sensory information alone. Your Illusion may only be identified as such by the Clairsentient feature or effects like Miracle Eye that allow Illusions to be identified as such. Even direct contact won't necessarily reveal it as an illusion; it is so hyper-realistic that most trainers will believe them to be solid, tricking themselves into feeling it as such.

Arcran's Note: This doesn't mean that it acts as solid - an illusory boulder won't crush people. But that illusory wall? Short of being thrown through it, it will feel solid to the touch.

Prerequisites: Flawless Creation
Effect: You gain the Illusion Ability. When using Illusion, you may use it to disguise yourself as a person that you know well enough to imitate instead of Pokemon. Instead of having it trigger when joining an encounter, simply change it to At-Will. Taking damage still dispels the Illusion.

Illusory Form
Prerequisites: Illusion
Daily / 10 - Swift Action
Trigger: One of your Pokemon joins the battle.
Effect: Treat your Pokemon as if it has the Illusion Ability.

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