Important Figures

Characters of Kanto

Professor Oak The famous Pokemon Professor of Kanto, Professor Oak is famous for his work, his outspoken opposition of Lance, and the ways in which he aids new trainers. Likely a quarter of the more successful Trainers are in his debt, and a debt they won't soon forget.
Gary Oak The grandson of Professor Oak, Gary is one of the most successful trainers in Pallet Town. While his Pokemon is weak, he is stronger than any of the other Trainers. He is arrogant, proud, and all together a dick, but he's a powerful trainer.
Daisy Oak The complete opposite of her younger brother Gary, Daisy is a kind woman. She works as the head of the Pokemon Breeding Center, helping to make sure that Oak always has a good supply of starters. She also manages the towns clinic and helps to run it.
Brock Takeshi
Misty Kasumi
Lieutenant Surge
Erika Minhwa
Janine Kyo
Sabrina Natsume
Blaine Katsura
Jessica (Jessie) Musashi
James Kojiro
Karen Marion
Will Itsuki
Lorelei Kanna
Bruno Siba
Koga Kyo
Agatha Kikuko
Lance Wataru
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