Jax Back

Jax, like so many others born in the deserts, has dark skin. He keeps his head completely bald, as he has done ever since he left the Rangers. He is well-muscled; not with the bulky muscles of a raw brute, but with those of a gymnast. He is quite attractive, and keeps himself meticulously groomed. He prides himself on being the most attractive, and charming, person in the room. He definitely draws attention to himself; flamboyant outfits, large hats, and expensive jewelery. His shirt is almost always open, revealing his well-muscled chest. He's a bit of a womanizer; more than one woman of the court of Bahan has fallen to his guile and charm.

Jax loves finery. Fancy clothes, fine wines, the works. He spends quite a bit of money on his wardrobe; his collection of hats fills his entire closet. He is irreverent as well. Religion has had no appeal to him. He watched out for himself; he didn't need some god watching as well. He prefers to avoid combat if possible, usually relying on subterfuge and guile to complete his aims. Still, when forced to he is a deadly warrior, throwing knives rapidly and accurately. While not the best fighter, he is capable of holding his own and has a host of tricks to help him in battle.

Personality wise, he is flighty. He tends to care little about the repercussions of his actions, simply living in the moment. Fortunately, he is a master planner, allowing him to survive the ill effects of anything that could happen. Rarely does he take life seriously, being a constant fountain of sarcasm and quick wit. He doesn't often become angry; in fact, he can count the number of times on one hand. He is relaxed, always at ease, but always plotting. He's a schemer, and a damn good one.

Most things he does keep people underestimating him. His sarcasm, jokes, and innuendos give him the appearance of a less intelligent man. His finery makes him seem unequipped for battle, while he rarely has less than a few weapons and tools hidden on his body at any given time. Even his eyepatch keeps people off guard. He never shows truly how strong he is, and always has a contingency plan. He plays the part of a dandy fool while plotting every moment. He has even taught his Pokemon to obey some hand signals, allowing him even more guile in situations.

Jax loves magical items. His Styler is the most prominent of these items, allowing him a host of magical effects. Magical ropes, enchanting spells, even effects on himself are only a few of the many uses of his magic. He collects things; most of his clothing is enchanted in some way, allowing him to not wear grungy items. He wears a necklace that provides an invisible barrier around him at all times, while a ring can be equipped to provide more armor at the cost of the covertness of the necklace. He carries three sets of Throwing Knives, each allowing more damage than the last. He also carries bracers, allowing him to keep his knives hidden in a small pocket dimension, ready to be called upon at any time. He also has a small amount of magic himself, allowing him to teleport his knives back to himself. He is rarely seen without a massive hat, monstrous plume in it, and often wears an eyepatch, often changing what eye he wears it upon, but never at the same event.



Jax began his humble life in the slums of Bahna. Of course, back then he went by a different name. Alintor. A dirty, rough name, much life his life. Life was difficult, especially due to his dark skin. He wasn't a Barrite, he just had darker skin than most. He was persecuted his entire childhood. He had few friends, and nobody was going out of their way to help him.

Still, for his entire childhood, Jax was alone. His mother was a prostitute, his father long since gone. He had to fend for himself. He wasn't strong enough to fight the other boys, but he was fast. And he was clever. He'd trick the other boys, pit them against each other. Still, almost every week Jax had some new bruise or mark. Life was hard, especially when money wasn't flowing. He had to support the two of them. His mom was getting older and less people were paying for her services. At only the age of ten he began his criminal activities. It started small. A fruit here, a loaf of bread there.

The crimes got larger and larger over time. Pickpocketing. until he messed up and was caught. The guards brought him in and tossed him in a cell. He was thirteen at the time.


Prison life proved no easier than his past life. Most of the men were larger, stronger. And there wasn't nearly as much room to run in prison as out on the streets.

For three years he remained in prison, dreading every moment of it. Perhaps it was prison that helped give him the charm he has today. He couldn't run, he couldn't fight, so he had no other choice but to try to talk people down. Eventually it was decided he wasn't worth the resources it cost to keep him there, and was sold as a slave. He would never find out what slavery entailed though; he managed to slip away in the night and run to a port, hopping on a ship to Iussus, Galla in particular.

He had no money in Galla and was forced to revert back to his life of crime. His crimes escalated until he was caught yet again.

Finally, after that time, a Ranger took pity on him. Perhaps he saw that the young Jax wasn't bad. Perhaps he saw some good in him. Or perhaps he just took some pity on a child trapped in prison. He allowed Jax to take the tests to become a Ranger, which he passed with ease. He was given a Pokemon, an Ekans, and accepted into the ranks of the Rangers due solely to the pushing of his mentor. Had he not vouched for him multiple times, he likely would not have been accepted.


His mentor was not the most skilled Ranger, but he was a skilled teacher. Jax was an able learner. He quickly adapted to the new lands, learning the ins and outs of Galla quickly. The combination was quite potent; Jax soon began to rival his mentor in skill. He was charming, quick-witted, and a skilled Ranger. His skill with a Styler was phenomenal. He rose the ranks. By the time he was twenty two he had risen from a street rat turned Ranger into an officer. He had a small squad and his leadership skills quickly blossomed into something great. He was on the fast-track to become one of the highest ranking Rangers. None argued against his skills.

Still, the thievery of Jax's younger days still existed. That rush of adrenaline. The thrill of a well-commited crime. That could not be replicated through the Rangers, no matter how hard he tried. The exploration of his youth, the freedom to go as he wished. Much of the hardship was ignored in his wistful recollections, back when he didn't have to take orders. Even the promotion to Special Operations with even more exciting jobs did little to whet Jax's appetite. This questioning of authority slowly grew over time, accelerated by an arrest that was quite unfortunate for the Rangers.


Shirim Sazar. A decently skilled Psychic. Nothing special. Arrested for attempted robbery of a bank. She had been thwarted by a Ghost Type of another Ranger that had stopped his Phasing. The regular motives for robbing weren't there. No need for money, she wasn't even close to broke. It intrigued Jax, and he found himself "interrogating" the subject more often than he should have.

Jax grew to like this criminal. She didn't rob to get rich; she was a magician in addition to his psionic pursuits and needed funding for his research. Constructing portals, magical devices, things that most Psychics couldn't do. As time went on, she got closer and closer with Shirim. The woman was different, even then him. The appeal of the crime gave her nothing; she simply needed the money for research. Despite the odds, the two began to become lovers, a relationship that would lead to the end of Jax's service as a Ranger.

Leaving the Ranger's is no simple matter. Jax attempted to bribery of a few key people. That didn't work. He tried to talk to his superiors, but they would require the return of his old gear. That was not a possibility either. Jax began to think the only way out was death, which is when a plan dawned on him. Fake his own death.

Preparations were made. Poisons to give him the appearance of death. Dangerous foes. He did it successfully; he seemed dead. He was buried, clad with his gear as was customary, in the Ranger's morgue. His plan had worked! He waited until night, then attempted to slip out.

Little did he known his old mentor had been paying a vigil. Sounding the alarm as the dead began to seemingly walk, his mentor fled. Jax was forced to fight his way out. The morgue had only a token guard; what did the dead need guarding for? and Jax easily overpowered them. Finally, the only thing between the shackles of law and freedom was his old mentor, the man that had pulled him quite literally out of the mud.

Jax didn't want to fight, but his mentor was duty-bound to stop Jax. A fight ensued, ending with the death of Jax's mentor. Grief stricken, he fled. His mentor was dead, his plan blown. He found Shirim that had escaped on his own. He did a quick appearance change; shaved his head, created a basic disguise. He changed his name to Jax, leaving his old name with the corpse of his mentor. He and his new ally disappeared into the underbelly of the city, never to surface again. The Rangers still search for Alintor to this day, but Jax Stuvor remains safe.

For a time, the deed made Jax withdrawn, cold. He had killed his idol, even if it was only by accident. Slowly, ever so slowly, Jax returned to his old flamboyant self, but to this day the murder of his mentor is the only killing he has ever regretted. Once again, Jax was forced to put his past behind him and look to the future, becoming yet again that young boy that had stolen food for fun.

The Begging of the Shadow Suns

The Rangers and his past once again behind him, Shirim and Jax set out for adventure. They traveled around the globe, becoming stronger and stronger. Jax living for the adventure, Shirim constantly taking notes for the future. No challenge was two large. Eventually they became "trainers for hire" of a sort, and quite good at it. Hits, information, anything; these two could provide it. They called themselves the "Shadow Suns." It was actually Shirim that came up with the name, loving the irony of it. The two became well-known in certain circles, and the two made a small fortune in work in Galla. Everybody wanted something, and the two could provide it.

Generally Shirim accepted the jobs, giving them to Jax. The two would prepare, with Shirim typically doing much of that, using her Psychic powers to gather information that even Jax's guile couldn't. Jax would typically do the job, using his well-rounded team to help him execute these jobs. The two were legends for their skill. Soon, and unforseen circumstance arose. Promising young warriors would approach the two, asking to join the Shadow Suns. The two initially declined; they were a two-man crew. Over time though, Jax saw the benefits of a larger crew. More jobs. More money. Hire some craftsmen, get things like that going. They began taking on apprentices. Only the best were accepted. Warriors that had no small amount of renown themselves.

Eventually though, the Shadow Suns overstepped their bounds, drawing the attention of the Rangers. A certain woman who just so happened to be the mistress of a powerful Ranger. The small fortress the two had used was gone, destroyed in a burning inferno. Shirim and Jax escaped, but nearly the entire crew was killed.


The two had been too public over their work. They had to restart, begin anew. Stealthily, in the shadows, they began their work, slinking away to Jax's homeland of Carthak to rebuild, specifically Bahna. Instead of being spoken of in casual conversation, they were spoken of in whispers among the elite. People soon learned what it meant to be too public with the Shadow Suns. The crew rebuilt, Jax and Shirim building a new, more defensible base under the city among the sewers with a few key locations that led into it. They recruited silently, taking only the best and making sure they weren't just a one-trick pony. While another merc crew may accept 20 average fighters, the Shadow Suns would take a single exceptional fighter that could also battle Pokemon. Soon they built infrastructure. Breeders to supply Pokemon. People skilled in the art of capture to help in that regard. Crafters, magicians, even a few Rune Masters that could help get people in and out of locations quickly. They were spoken of in whispers. The blade in the dark. Creators of scandals. By the time the Rangers even thought of taking action, it was too dangerous. Not because the Shadow Suns were strong militantly; they just had dirt on everybody. Ranger officers. The wealthy. Leaders. Things that could start a revolution. Things that must never see the light of day.

This information proved a shield. The nobles, apparently following the ancient "if you can't beat them, join them," proverb used the Shadow Suns. Extra guards for a sensitive location? Sure. Assassination of an economic threat? Easy. Scandal to ruin an others chance of winning just about anything? Easy. The Shadow Suns were strong. Whoever payed the most, they worked for. Not only did they become as strong as some of the ancient houses, they became stronger.

Jax was the defacto leader throughout. He was the charismatic one, and more invested than Shirim. As long as the gold was flowing in, he was content to take a backseat and let Jax run the show. The Shadow Suns were feared, respected. They were professionals. Wanton killing was not their trade. It quickly became known however not to mess with the Shadow Suns. More than one powerful lord has lost his strength due to a few well placed words, a better placed blade, or other methods of silencing their foes. They were respected for their professionalism; despite their dirty line of work, the Shadow Suns never were less than exemplary in their services. The heist that shows the skill of the crew perhaps the most is the destruction of the (former) House of Usher. Lord Usher was powerful. He had risen from modest beginnings, becoming a merchant lord. He made more than a few enemies, all of which who were willing to pay a small fortune to punish this usurp merchant.

The Power of the Suns

The Shadow Suns were, of course, recruited. The plan was spun and executed almost immediately. A Rune Master was sent in as a prospective buyer, spending thousands of gold as a cover. That night he opened a gate, allowing the Shadow Suns in. Only five assassins left that gate. They moved like wraiths, silent as the grave. The few guards that got in their way were quietly put to sleep. They snuck into the Lord's chambers, butchering his wife, his concubines, and all his five children in their sleep. They easily made it back to the portal, returning to their base. No alarm was raised, no trace left behind.

The Lord awoke the next day to his family butchered. Mad with grief, he couldn't maintain his empire. He fell into deep depression, and debt. His empire collapsed, those who had sponsored his punishment reaping the benefits.


The Suns had it all. Power, wealth, prestige. For twelve years of his life, Jax had built this powerful empire, creating this unstoppable juggernaut. Still, it wasn't the same. He was behind a desk, dealing with petty nobles all day. Rare was the job that he could take himself and whet his own blades. He misses the old days. Times when he could roam the world, explore in search of lost relics and ancient powers. For a month he has been preparing to leave and adventure like the old days. His affairs are in order, all he has to do is inform Shirim. He's not quite sure what he will do; traveling to Iussus could be good. He'd always wanted to return to Galla. Bahna is becoming too small for the Shadow Suns. Scope out expansion. Maybe hunt down famous warriors and recruit them to his side. Maybe hunt down some relics that Shirim is so intent about, or even hunt down those "gods." Jax has never been one for religion, and a god could prove useful. The man may be older than he once was, but he is still in remarkable shape, and he doesn't look nearly as old as he is.

His preparations made, Jax heads out for the office of his trusted companion.

Goals are a difficult thing for Jax. He is going to roam wherever the wind takes him. He's thinking of heading to Port Said; the Suns need to expand, and a port would be extremely useful in the future. He also has interest in old ruins and these so called "gods." One in particular, Suicune, appeals to him. It's regality and speed are both something he can understand. Perhaps he will hunt that. Or Ho-oh; one of its plumes would be elegant in his hat. Or maybe he will find powerful adventurers, simply traveling with them, seeing the world once again. Wherever adventure lies, Jax will follow.

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