Jax Team

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Inigan was the first of Jax's Pokemon. An Ekans received early in Jax's career as a Ranger, the two are inseparable. Of all his Pokemon, Inigan gets the most freedom. Hell is commonly graced with the sight of the massive serpent slithering around, observing, watching. Inigan, much like the rest of his team, is one of the few things that Jax truly cares for. The snake, likely due to almost two decades of traveling with Jax, is extremely vain. The sight of seeing a snake groom herself is a rare one, but Inigan constantly does it. Jax himself takes the time to help remove dead scales. The two are like brother and sister. Few things make Jax want to murder somebody, but harm to Inigan is one of them. Jax can commonly be seen lounging in the coils of his great snake. The snake is even more adept at prowling the shadows than Jax, and the other bands in Bahna know the snake signals a swift death.

The only other Pokemon acquired in his time in the Rangers, Nightmare is fast. Extremely fast. He is perhaps one of the best mounts in the world. Jax loves the horse for more than a few reasons. He's regal; show up to a party on a Rapidash and nobody questions your classiness. Nightmare comes from how the mercenary and the horse met. The horse constantly showed up on Jax's missions, interrupting and leading to the escape of more than one criminal. A constant hindrance, Jax eventually set aside a week to hunt down the horse. He and Inigan pursued it. It was constantly fighting and escaping. Eventually they trapped it in some nets, finally capturing the beast. It took weeks to break the horse, but the then duo eventually did it. Slowly the mutual respect blossomed into friendship, and Nightmare became a core part of Jax's team.

It truly is a tragedy that Kimmuriel cannot truly speak. His dry wit and clever humor often keep Jax well amused, and the Alakazam is happy to oblige. A gift from Shirim when the two began adventuring, Kimmuriel (often just called Kimm by Jax) has become a close friend. An intelligence even greater than Jax's, the two often play intellectual games such as chess. Kimm usually wins, but it keeps both sharp. The Alakazam is extremely serious in appearance. He would appear to be all business. To those that know him, his dry humor reveals a shard of personality, although the Alakzam is fairly closed off. Kimm often serves as a relay for the group, sending Jax's commands out silently. In addition, Jax has trained his Alakazam in the art of stealth, allowing him to be an incredible ambusher.

A large Venomoth, Rhopa was acquired while the Suns were first starting. Caught as a Venonat, the Pokemon was a useful tool at first, rarely missing and with a host of useful attacks. As time went on and it evolved, under Jax's training, it slowly grew a personality. Not much of one, but one nonetheless. Like Jax's other Pokemon, it is vain as well though. It keeps its wings shimmering in psychedelic hues, often mesmerizing foes. For missions the moth is forced to dim her wings to better hide. Jax is careful never to let Rhopa out at parties; she has quite the sweet- well, not really tooth, but the bug equivalent of such, and drinks more wine than some of the large Barrite tribesmen.

Named fairly uncreatively for her large gem, Ruby is a core part of Jax's squad. While Jax knows she technically has no gender, he always refers to the Starmie as a female. Jax actually hunted down a Starmie, fascinated by their gem. While he got a Starmie for its looks, it has proven more than useful. Rhopa is tough to fly on, but Ruby makes a sort of hoverboard in flight. She can recharge his Styler, camouflage like a Kecleon, and even fight well. The Starmie is strange, alien even, but Jax always makes sure Ruby's ruby gleams like the sun. The Pokemon seems fascinated with shiny things. Jax tries very hard to communicate with the Pokemon but rarely gets anywhere. It always obeys, but isn't the best conversationalist.

Last, but definitely not least, is Plume. The Ditto is much like a smaller version of Jax. A prankster, a jokester, and never revealing his true potential. Of all of Jax's Pokemon, Plume is rarely in his Pokeball. He likes to disguise himself as a part of Jax's clothing, most often his namesake on Jax's hat. The Ditto seemingly has no end of uses. Lockpick, rope, trap, disguise; the uses are endless. Plume enjoys the fineries of court, and often messes with people as the plume. The rumor around Bahna is that Jax's hat is possessed, a rumor that Plume likes to perpetuate. The two are close friends, mostly due to the similarities in personality. When Jax gets lucky, there is usually something for Plume to have fun with as well. An ongoing joke between the two is for Plume to become a mirror so Jax can check his appearance. More often than not Plume is a trick mirror, messing with his friend.

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