Joey Story

Joseph is a member of the prestigious and powerful Sarque family. Or rather, he was. His family was always one to hate Trainers. They manufactured Pokeballs, Potions, the works. As such, Joseph's parents looked down on Trainers, saw them as trash, people incapable of creating things by their own two hands.

The only problem was Joseph was so enthralled with Pokemon battles. He would watch them for hours, trying to understand every minutia of the battles. Over time he began to understand them, and how they worked. He was good at everything he attempted, so he planned to become a Trainer from a young age.

Joseph's parents would have none of it. On his seventeenth birthday, when his parents found his Rattata as well as heard the rumors he had been battling in secret with the house butlers and maids, they disowned him and kicked him out, throwing him out into the world.

Fortunately, all that study had paid off. Joseph has legitimate skill as a trainer, and has been making his way as such ever since. He is still arrogant, haughty, and above the world and views his Pokemon, other than Jeeves, as more of tools to be mastered than friends to be cared for. Even though he is disowned, he rarely shares the fact. It was quite, and Joseph loves bragging about his (well, his past family's) wealth.

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