The Charizard Knights


Cinnabar Island has always been a singular power in Kanto. Ages ago when the Lavender Empire conquered far and wide across the land, fleet after fleet was dashed against the rocky shores of Cinnabar. When The Cataclysm brought about the end of the Lavender Empire, only Cinnabar managed to survive unscathed. When the Aura Guard attempted to reunite Kanto, Cinnabar turned away those that sought to bring them into their fold, standing strong as the only independent nation within Kanto.

As such, it should not come as any surprise that, following Lance's bloody coup and subsequent conquering of the Pokemon League, Cinnabar alone was able to resist the Dragon Master and his powerful Pokemon. What, you may ask, grants Cinnabar their strength? Their impregnable island? Their superior magic? The rumors of Cinnabar itself protecting its inhabitants from the nation?

While certainly factors, Cinnabar's true strength lies in their soldiers through the ages: The Charizard Knights. For centuries untold the most promising youth in Cinnabar have been chosen by the greatest among the Knights to summit Mount Cinnabar and seek the blessing of the mountain, and to gain their own young companion that will soon grow into the namesake of the Charizard Knights.

The year is 357 EL. It has been over thirt years since Lance first launched his assault, and yet Cinnabar continues to act as if the war is imminent. Mages create powerful new artifacts to protect the land, the smith's hammers ring day in and day out, and the Charizard Knights find those fit to join their ranks.

You have been selected by one of the chief among the Charizard Knights as a potential canditate due to your valour, power, or perhaps something more sinister. In any case, your trials to be inducted into these lofty ranks begin tomorrow. Are you ready?



Aloriana Flint
Age: 17
Info: Aloriana grew up an army brat; Her father Marcus and mother Rosalyn are both retired from the military and now own a small farm on the outskirts of a small town in Cinnabar. She has three older brothers ranging from one to five years older than her and a kid sister who is ten years younger. The oldest and middle brothers, Vince and Gerald help around the farm but also serve in the town watch when the need arises, the youngest brother Bernard is an aspiring smith, and Aloriana takes care of her sister Lilian.

Growing up with her three older brothers, Aloriana is used to being the underdog. From a young age she always wanted to play with them while the boys rough-housed and worked in the fields. As the kids grew older, this play wrestling became fighting with sticks, then wooden swords, and finally full on combat sparring with their parents. It's a dangerous world out there and Marcus wanted to be sure his kids would be able to defend themselves properly. All of them showed a knack for it, and they aspired to put their talents to use defending Cinnabar one day like their parents did before them.

Disaster struck the family when Aloriana was fourteen. A rogue magister had decided he needed live human specimens for his experiments. The town in which they lived was a long way from help and remote enough that it may take a long time for anyone to notice something amiss there. He attacked the town with a handful of shadowy minions and the city watchmen took up arms to defend against it.

In this time of crisis, the call quickly went around to evacuate the non combatants and Aloriana carried her four year old sister and fled with her brothers to a long since abandoned mine. Their parents stayed with town to fight off the threat and did not join them later that evening. Aloriana had some nasty dreams that night; she heard screaming voices, some which sounded familiar. No one got much sleep that night.

In the morning when they returned they learned the mage had escaped, but not before doing some damage. There were many wounded and a handful of dead, Aloriana's mother among them. They say she confronted the maniac up close but before she could attack, just fell over in a silently in a heap. She didn't even look wounded. The surviving family was devastated and the community mourned her loss.

That was three years ago. Aloriana is still haunted by the memory to this day and she can still hear her sometimes in her dreams, screaming the screams she couldn't when she was struck down. Her father tells her to keep such nightmares out of her head, and focus forward. Tomorrow is Bernard's eighteenth birthday and their father has managed to used his clout as a veteran to get one of the Charizard Knights to fly out and evaluate her brothers. She would be too young yet, so says her father, but the four of them have trained together for years, and she wasn't about the let them have all the fun.

Mentor: Vladimir Ward
Known Pokemon: charmeleon.pngmachoke.pnggogoat.pngcarbink.pngmareep.pngseadra.pngP9sicvC.png



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