Your Charizard and You!

Charizard Mechanics

As a Charizard Knight, your Charizard defines who you are nearly as much as your character. Kasai would be a great warrior without Kuttara but he likely would not go down in legend. And, of course, they're in the god damn title of the game. Below the special mechanics for your special Pokemon are detailed.

General Mechanics

  • You may choose your Charizard's Nature, Ability and Gender
    • In addition, you may apply the "Re-Balancing" Feature to your Charizard for free
    • You may apply three Stat Booster Items to your Charizard for free. However, these do count against Vitamin slots
    • You may select two Basic Abilities for your Charmander, selected from their expanded list. If you're Lori and use Fossil Restoration, make that three
    • Select up to three Inheritance Moves for your Charmander to be learned at the normal Levels
    • Select up to five others Moves Charizard does not normally learn. I will add these to its Movelist
    • Your Charmander knows Flame Wheel in addition to its normal starting Moves
  • Your receive your Charmander at Level 10
    • So long as you don't use a Pokeball, your Charizard does not count against your party space
  • Since no Pokeball means your Charizard will always be out, you have two options, both with their own benefits and drawbacks
    • Your Charizard is off-screen and not targetable, but takes at least one round (typically just one) to reach you, although "releasing" it does not require an action
    • Your Charizard is on-screen and may Shift as if Slowed without using your Command Action. Aside from that, it may only take Free Actions unless you use your Command.
    • Of course, a typical Pokeball is an option as well!
  • You gain a +2 Bonus to all Command, Intimidate, Guile and Intuition checks towards your Charizard that stacks with other bonuses
  • While strong, your Charmander will not evolve into Charmeleon until later (read: when plot demands)
  • Controlling your Charmander has some special rules! See below:
    • If you control your Chamander with your Command Action, it can act normally.
    • If you control your Charmander with a Charmander Action, it acts as Supressed, may not use Maneuvers or non-Static Abilities, and takes a -5 penalty to Damage Rolls for that round.
    • You may pay a CP or AP to remove one of the above effects, or pay two to remove all of them.

Soul Points

Soul Points are an important resource that represent both The Mountain's blessing and your connection to your Charmander. More on these later but, as your Charmander grows they will gain Soul Points allowing you to customize their role and how they grow as a Pokemon! You will receive 1 Soul Point every 5 Levels (as Tutor Points) starting at Level 20, and additional ones as you progress through the game. Soul Points may be spent on the upgrades below. These can be purchased multiple times.

Basic Effect (0 SP)

  • Appearance Changes: You can basically change the appearance of your Charmander as you want, but only when purchasing another effect.

Minor Effect (1 SP)

  • New Move: Your Pokemon may learn a Move that it doesn't normally get through Level Up, Tutor or Egg Move! How you learn it is GM dependent.
  • New Minor Capability: Add a minor Capability to your Charmander! This is basically any Capability that isn't Species locked.
  • Advanced Movement: Gain a new Movement Capability, or increase another by 2.
  • Power Shift: Redistribute up to 6 stat points on your Charmander.
  • Size Change: Adjust your Pokemon's size or weight 50% down or 100% up. Note: Your Charmanders will naturally grow with age.
  • Skilled: Gain two Skill Ranks to distribute on your Pokemon as you wish.
  • Minor Maneuver: Create a Minor Maneuver.

Major Effect (2 SP)

  • Type Unlock: Your Charmander may learn any TM or Tutor Move of a given Type, selected when you purchase this effect.
  • Minor Move Upgrade: Your Charmander has a Move it already knows increased slightly in power. You will work with me on how exactly this works, but this would be about on par with causing Attract to affect both Genders.
  • New Major Capability: A new Capability, usually one that is species locked.
  • Ability Shift: Change an Ability on your Charmander's list with another Ability.
  • Special Terrain: Create a Field or Weather Move. Your Charmander learns this Move.
  • Extra Ability: Your Charmander gains another Ability from its available Abilities. You may only take this Effect twice.
  • Expanded Memory: Your Charmander gains an additional Move Slot.
  • Moderate Maneuver: Create a Moderate Maneuver.
  • Expanded Repertoire: Increase your Charmander's Charizard Point pool by 2.

Greater Effect (3 SP)

  • Type Change: Type Shift your Charmander. There is a possibility you can create a custom Type for this.
  • Unexpected Development: Apply a Feature from any class to your Charmander. You may only purchase this once.
  • Greater Maneuver: Create a Greater Maneuver.
  • Major Move Upgrade: This is the big stuff. Increased DB, Effect Range, ect. You will work with me on how exactly this works, but this would be about on par with causing Attract to became a Burst 1.

Ultimate Effect (4 SP)

  • Ultimate Move: Create a Signature, high-powered Move for your Charmander. This Move does not take up a Move Slot.
  • Ultimate Maneuver: Create an Ultimate Maneuver.

Legendary Effect (6 SP)

  • Aura: Your Charizard gains an Aura, as defined in the Blessed and the Damned Book. This won't be a full Legendary Aura, but it's definitely not going to hurt your power.

Charizard Points

Charizard Points (or CP), on the other hand, are immediately available to you and are a core mechanic of how your Charizard works. At the moment each of your Charizard's knows a single Manuever. However, as you progress and spend Soul Points your Charmander will likely learn new techniques. These advanced abilities will draw on your Charizard's pool of Charizard Points, which are basically just AP for your Pokemon. The exact mechanics are detailed below:

  • Your Charizard has a pool of 2 CP, +1 per 5 levels
  • Charizard Points are replenished at the end of a Scene
  • Charizard Points can also be used to boost the Accuracy Roll or Skill Check of your Charizard or you (but only if you are engaging the same enemy/task) by +1. This stacks with AP, but you cannot apply multiple CP to a single roll.

Your Charizards

This Charmander appears fairly typical, except is covered in numerous small spikes that poke through its scales. It's also heavier than normal, and its head is adorned with two small, curly horns. Its scales seem to shine as well, reflecting light in a strange way.

Hatching Gifts

Bonus Basic Abilities: Enduring Rage and Battle Armor
Bonus Move: Metal Claw and Metal Breath (Steel-Shifted Ember, Paralysis instead of Burn)
Bonus Capabilities
Steel Soul: For the purpose of Features and Edges, this Pokemon may count as a Steel Type, and may learn Steel Type TMs and Tutor Moves.
Spiked: The Pokémon’s Struggle Attacks may be Steel-Typed if they wish. They may also add their Special Attack instead of their Attack and have the attack deal Special Damage, if they wish.
+2 Power, +1 Weight Class


Counter Attack
Swift Action, 2 CP
Trigger: This Charmander is hit by a damaging Attack
Effect: You may immediately make a Struggle Attack against the triggering foe. This attack is Resisted one step further.

Adjusted Movelist

Growth: 14
Gyro Ball: 20
Follow Me: 26
Metal Burst: 40
Fiery Dance: 50


3 SP Type Change Gain Steel Type

* All goodies are subject to nerfing because damn are these Charizards stronk!

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