Knights Map

1. The Mountain
Calling The Mountain the single most important part of Cinnabar would be an understatement. It's the single most dominant landmark on the island, the fertile soil created by lava flows allows unprecedented agriculture, and the Pokemon on the island are almost completely focused around The Mountain. Even more, if the Faith is to be believed, The Mountain is the physical manifestation of the various deities that watch over Cinnabar. Everything on Cinnabar eventually comes back to The Mountain, one way or another.

2. Cinnabar City
The island and de facto capitol of Cinnabar share the same name. The capitol is an amazing feat of both engineering and fortitude against time, with sturdy stone buildings that still somehow manage to remain aesthetically pleasing. Of course, Cinnabar's proud military history is also quite evident in the design. Thick walls protect the city, and buildings slowly grow taller as you move closer to the center of the city, making it difficult for enemy archers to gain a foothold. With no exports save to the other small towns on Cinnabar, the city is almost purely Cinnabar's history.

3. The Tower of Flame
The only tall building on the outskirts of Cinnabar City, the Tower of Flame is a shining building of white marble, topped by a giant flame that burns eternal. While called the Tower, over the years the building has expanded, becoming more of a giant chapel with a great spire. Within the Tower the Faith conducts all of their business from chronicling the records of Cinnabar to giving baptisms by fire. And, of course, the doors of the Tower are open to all those that require aid, as taught by the tenants of The Mountain.

4. The Magi Spire
The headquarters of the Cinnabar Mages, the Magi Spireis a massive monolith created entirely from black obsidian. While the Magi have a rather extensive library in the capital, the Spire is their true headquarters. Only those that have been deemed worthy by the Council of Mages are permitted within, where legends tell of arcane secrets that range from bringing the dead back to life, artificial Pokemon and everything in between.

5. Magmar Village
A small settlement slightly more than halfway between Cinnabar City and the top of The Mountain, most of the Magmar on Cinnabar live in this small, obsidian-forged village. Despite its proximity, outside the Knights and Tower there is little contact between the Magmar and the rest of Cinnabar. The village is mostly self-sufficient and, besides trinkets made of obsidian, there is very little external trade. Still, the Magmar Village is almost as old as Cinnabar itself, despite being rebuilt time and time again.

6. Knight Barracks
While most of the more adult Knights spend very little time here, Initiates are commonly sent to live in these barracks after receiving their Charmander to ensure their safety through their remaining Trials as well as making it literally impossible for them to avoid training. The facilities themselves are rather elaborate, with barracks made to house Cinnabar's military in an emergency, specialized facilities for Charizard training, and more.

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