The Knights


Age: ???
Info: A strange girl, Selky seems to constantly be changing small aspects of her appearance, whether it be hair color or even gender-bending. Before she showed up for the first Trial with Goto, nobody had ever met the girl. She seems impervious to, well, just about everything that has affected the group, somehow. What exactly is her mystery?
Mentor: Goto Gekido
Known Pokemon: ??? (Teddy)

sabrina_by_aki_doodle-d71qxlr.png Adrianne Wells
Age: 16
Info: One of the rare psychics on the island, Adrianne has been watched by Yvonne almost since birth. The girl has a rare talent for teleportation, although the innateness of her powers makes her less than knowledgeable about the topic. Still, perhaps because her powers come so easily to her, Adrianne doesn't seem to understand how rare they are, causing her to use them without much restraint and fortunately causing her to also lack some of the typical arrogance of a psychic.
Mentor: Yvonne Brielle
Known Pokemon: c7LMkhB.pngjt00CnC.png

The Powers of Cinnabar

Wizard_M.jpg Thonos the Most High
Age: 27
Info: The current leader of the Tower of Flame, Thonos is far younger than most would expect, born after Lance's assault. As such, the current High Priest never saw the island before Lance's devastation was wreaked on it, an act that did no small amount of damage to the faith of those on the island. Despite his young age, Thonos has been doing what he can to reinvigorate people's faith in The Mountain and Moltres herself, to mixed results. While there is a small group of fanatics that believe wholeheartedly in the Faith, religion has been in a decline across Cinnabar.
Chief Ahiru
Age: 82
Info: The current Chief of the Magmar Village, Ahiru is technically a member of the Tower in name only, but the elderly Pokemon does take a rather active role, going above and beyond the duties ceremonially required of him. Under Ahiru the Village and the Knights have grown more closely connected, with the Magmar even aiding in the breeding of the Charmanders for Initiates. Ahiru is extremely old and has lived through much of history, and his wisdom and knowledge of The Mountain are almost without compare.


Riley Grant
Info: A prolific Trainer of Ice Pokemon and leader of the Seafoam Cell of the resistance, Riley led a wide range of successful operations and was a powerful ally and reliable source of information to the Charizard Knights. Unfortunately, she was apparently murdered by a woman that appears to be made entirely of water.
Info: The harsh leader of the Redberry Island Resistance and, once upon a time, the Leader of the Flax Town Gym. After Lance began the genocide of Fairy Types, Krueger managed to escape with her Fairy-Type team, and made her way east. Along the way, she discovered a lost Togepi nest, and began raising the creatures in secret. Months of running led to the woman and her force becoming trapped on Redberry Island, where they would have perished at the hand of Gourm if it wasn't for Harisson Leeray's heroic sacrifice.


15_121413_by_evilapple513-d6y1ubk.jpg Atomus
Info: A Xatu found living under The Mountain, Atomus came into conflict with the party when they discovered the Carbink the Xatu had been using as a seeing stone by stripping its skin and psionically locking its body down. After a brief attempt at negotiations, Atomus and the Initiates came into conflict. While the Xatu had significant psionic power and a tribe of Natu to back him up, the Pokemon was eventually defeated and left unconscious in the tunnels beneath The Mountain.
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