Brickmaster - PL 9

Strength 0 (-4), Stamina -, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting -, Intellect 2, Awareness 0, Presence 0


Inventor, Uncanny Dodge, Jack-of-All-Trades, Improvised Tools


Acrobatics 0 (+0), Athletics 0 (+0), Deception 0 (+0), Expertise (All Trained) 0 (+0), Insight 0 (+0), Intimidation 0 (+0), Investigation 0 (+0), Perception 4 (+4), Persuasion 0 (+0), Ranged Combat (None) 0 (+0), Sleight of Hand 0 (+0), Stealth 16 (+16), Technology 0 (+0), Treatment 0 (+0), Vehicles 0 (+0)


Lego Man - 36 Points

  • Immunity 30 (Fortitude Effects)
  • Protection 6

Three Inches Tall - 5 Points

  • Feature (Size Rank -7)

I Can Build a Car! - 7 Points

  • LEGO Car
    • Speed (Platform) 8
  • LEGO Plane (AE)
    • Flight (Platform) 4
  • LEGO Submarine (AE)
    • Swimming (Platform) 8
  • LEGO Driller (AE)
    • Burrow (Platform) 8
  • Activation (Shift Action)

Master Builder - 15 Points

  • Quickness 14 (Limited to Inventor)
  • Technology 16 (Limited to Inventor)

Self-Repair - 1 Point

  • Regeneration 1

LEGO Master - 28 Points

  • Build Something!
    • Permanent Perception Precise Innate Create 8
  • Not-So-Mini-Figure! (AE)
    • Controlled Heroic Mental Link Minion 5
  • LEGO Army! (AE)
    • Controlled Heroic Multiple Minions (3) Horde Sacrifice Mental Link Summon 2
  • You Are a LEGO! (AE)
    • Permanent Distracting Perception Transform (4 (Anything to LEGOs)) 5
  • LEGO Repairs! (AE)
    • Perception Healing (Limited to Objects) 8


Initiative +0


Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude -, Toughness 6, Will 10


Order [Motivation]
Being originally made of LEGOs, Brickmaster loves to have everything neatly in place. Every piece snaps together, or so he says. Due to this, he has trouble handling the chaos so often caused by villains as that quite literally breaks the pieces apart. So, in order to keep everything put together, Brickmaster fights with the superheros.

Master Brick [Power Source]
Wherever Brickmaster goes he always carries the "Master Brick," the first brick of the SMART BRIC program. This grants Brickmaster his powers and, if removed for a long period of time, Brickmaster could hypothetically return to a simple LEGO minifigure.

Inhuman [Disability]
Brickmaster was not originally a human or even intelligent and, as such, occasionally finds himself unable to relate on many occasions.

Fire [Weakness, Phobia]
Plastic and fire do not get along well at all. If exposed to fire Brickmaster (and his creations) will quite literally melt if not quickly removed. This has created a massive fear of fire for Brickmaster, forcing him to keep as far away as possible.

LEGO In My Foot [Accident]
Due to the nature of his powers, Brickmaster usually leaves a large quantity of LEGO bricks behind whenever he does a mission.

The LEGO Corporation [Enemy]
With Brickmaster being in possession of the SMART BRIC prototype, the LEGO Corporation obviously wants him back in order to continue the program.


Native Language

Character Notes

In early 2010 the LEGO corporation hoped to move forward with ambitious new products. More customizable bricks, more creative shapes, more big-brand LEGO kits. And, of course, the top-secret SMART BRIC program.

In recent years, LEGO kits had become more and more complex, reaching the multi-thousands of pieces point. While these kits could be sold for hundreds of dollars, few would by them. Why? Because thousands of pieces is more work than one person could every hope to put it for something that's supposed to be fun. And, so, the LEGO team put a way to solve this issue in the thinktank.

Many traditional solutions came up. More detailed instructions? Videos on the internet instead of the typical instruction booklets? Numbered bricks? It wasn't until everybody within the thinktank was exhausted and, frankly, a bit out of it that the SMART BRIC program was suggested.

Imagine it! LEGOs that assemble themselves! The program was clearly the future of the LEGO brand. Even better, those products could be sold for ridiculous prices, allowing massive profits!

And so, the SMART BRIC program began. A simple computer system wasn't enough, no, each brick needed to be somewhat autonomous in order to create the kit. Problem solving and the such were necessities, leading to a simple AI becoming encoded within each SMART BRIC.

After months of toil, the original SMART BRIC was created. A basic AI, all the bells and whistles, but nothing fancy. Or so the LEGO scientists thought.

The program was just slightly too sophisticated and, upon assembling its first minifigure, imparted just a portion of its intelligence to the minifigure, something that should not have been possible. However, the LEGO scientists, in all their genius, decided to make a plastic-based computer, making it trivial for a small bit of the intelligence to travel.

And so, Brickmaster was born. For awhile he remained a simple minifigure, not drawing attention to himself, not bothering to move. It wasn't until other minifigures were animated by the SMART BRIC that the scientist saw anything. Some minifigures were like Brickmaster, simply playing dead. Others decided to wreak havoc, nearly destroying the LEGO plant. Brickmaster stole away with the SMART BRIC, saving it from the flames that soon melted down the factory.

Since then, Brickmaster has slowly unlocked the secret of the SMART BRIC. It seems to be capable of creating LEGOs from damn near anything, allowing spontaneous construction of machines. Even more amazing, these machines worked; a LEGO plane made from these bricks actually functioned as a plane.

Soon enough, Brickmaster was simply roaming the world. He visited cities, towns, metropolises, farmsteads. It wasn't until he'd been free for quite some time that Brickmaster had his first true "super" experience. While a ragtag group of villains assaulted some minor city, Brickmaster took it upon himself to minimize the damage, conjuring LEGOs to keep the damage t a minimum, holding up buildings, everything of the like. While he didn't fight (and who could blame him?), Brickmaster managed to help keep the city in close to a single piece. Since that day his need to help keep things from falling apart has only grown, resulting in Brickmaster becoming somewhat of a superhero.


Brickmaster is quite possibly the blandest, most plain LEGO minifguring ever created. The only distinguishing trait about him is the glowing brick that seems to have been quite literally sealed to his back.

Power Points

Abilities -16 + Powers 95 + Advantages 4 + Skills 8 (16 ranks) + Defenses 30 = 120

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