Name : Leonard Starn
Age : 19
Height : 5'11''
Weight : 134 lbs

Level 5 Researcher / Rogue / Ninja


Genius level intellect and a scrappy fighting style? What could go wrong?

Skills and Combat Statistics

Acrobatics Novice 3d6
Athletics Novice 3d6
Combat Novice 3d6
Intimidate Untrained 2d6
Stealth Adept 4d6
Survival Pathetic 1d6
Guile Untrained 2d6
Perception Untrained 2d6
Education (General) Untrained 2d6
Education (Medicine) Untrained 2d6
Education (Occult) Pathetic 1d6
Education (Pokemon) Untrained 2d6
Education (Technology) Adept 4d6
Charm Pathetic 1d6
Command Untrained 2d6
Focus Novice 3d6
Intuition Untrained 2d6
Combat Statistics
Hit Points: 50/50
HP 10
Attack 12
Defense 5
Sp. Attack 5
Sp. Defense 5
Speed 14
Injuries 0
Action Points 6

Moves and Abilities

Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Effect
Struggle At-Will 4 Normal.jpg DB 4 - 1d8+6 / 11 A.png Melee, 1 Target -
Feint Attack EoT None Dark.jpg DB 6: 2d6+8 / 15 A.png Melee, 1 Target Feint Attack cannot miss.
Thief At-Will 2 Dark.jpg DB 6: 2d6+8 / 15 A.png Melee, 1 Target Thief takes the target’s Held Item or Accessory Slot Item and attaches it to Thief’s user, if the user is not holding anything.
Double Team Scene None Normal.jpg - N.png Self, Illusion, Coat The user gains 3 activations of Double Team. The user may either activate Double Team when being targeted by an attack to increase their Evasion by +2 against that attack; or when making an attack to increase their Accuracy by +2 for that attack.
Poison Powder EoT 6 Poison.jpg - N.png 4, 1 Target, Powder The target is Poisoned.
Overland 6 Swim 3 High Jump 1 Long Jump 1 Power 5 Throwing Range 7

The Rusack


Item Slot Effect

Key Items

Item Effect




Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 0/10

Shifty Nerd (Adept Tech Education, Novice Stealth, Pathetic Occult Education, Survival, Charm)
Edges: Basic Skills (Athletics), Basic Skills (Acrobatics), Basic Skills (Combat), Pokebot Training
Feats: Researcher (Upgrader and Engineer) [Class], Robofighter, Rogue [Class]. Ninja [Class]
+5 Attack, +5 Speed

Feats and Edges

All Features and Edges taken have their effects detailed within.

Current Team: murkrow.gif
Owned Pokémon (1):
EXP to distribute: 0
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