Lunar Range

The Lunar Range is defined as the area between the separate pieces of Route 3. It is dominated by the massive Lunar Mountains, a huge range of stone and Pokemon that blocks much contact between The Vale and the rest of Kanto. The only settlement, Flax Town, is the only settlement before the massive Lunar Range.

The entirety of the Lunar Range is difficult to transverse. The mountains are, requiring a large amount of difficult climbing or trails. But that, like most other areas of Kanto, is hardly the biggest danger. The biggest danger is, of course, the Pokemon. Those that dwell atop the mountains are dangerous, to say the least. The top of the Lunar Range is one of the few regions in Kanto that has Charizard present. These on their own are quite dangerous, dominating both the land and the skies. These are not even the worst of the dangers though, as many other powerful species roam the high peaks of Mount Moon.

The safest pathway through the Lunar Range are the few tunnels all the way through. While there are numerous caves and smaller tunnels throughout, most are dead ends. There are only two truly confirmed routes through the Lunar Range; one through Mount Moon, the other through Diglett Cave. Diglett Cave is an untamed and dangerous area that is almost impossible to determine due to the difficulties of finding Diglett before they attack as well as their burrowing natures.

Mount Moon is far more regulated. While the main tunnel through (predominately man-made) tends to be fairly safe, woe be it to any travelers that stray from the path…

Route 3 The Route east of Pewter City, Route 3 is the final trial of sorts before the Lunar Range. The Pokemon here are quite varied. Packs of Pokemon tend to be younger, as the older ones tend to move up the mountain. Still, there are plenty of more dangerous creatures in the area. Herds of Rhyhorn are also fairly common, creating a new danger. The Route also has many mines controlled by small corporations, and most need protection from wilds, providing a job for an entrepreneur of a trainer.
Flax Village Flax Village exists at the end of Route 3, the last bastion of human occupancy before Mount Moon. Flax Village, while small, has more commodities than just about any town its size. It possess a Pokemon Center, as well as enough general shops to supply almost anything that an aspiring traveler could wish. The Blue Sands also have their main base at Flax Village, and provide travel to a large number of trainers. Numerous rival mining corporations also call Flax Village their home and provide work for many a trainer. A large contingent of Pewter Soldiers are also stationed in Flax Village, led Tilly and Billy Takeshi, two of Brock's nine younger siblings. The heavily strained relations between Pewter and Cerulean are assumed to be the reason for this.
Mount Moon One of two confirmed pathways through the Lunar Range, Mount Moon is a place of great opportunity and great danger. The sprawling tunnel network is full of both dangerous Pokemon as well as valuable minerals. The main path through, patrolled and lit, is fairly safe, but the other areas are incredibly dangerous. The number of trainers that have sought off in search of Clefairy or riches in the lower tunnels and have not returned is staggering.
Lunar Range Trails The pathways over the Lunar Range are many, but nearly all are more dangerous than attempting to traverse Mount Moon. Not only do powerful Pokemon such as Rhydon, Charizard, and Fearow roam the peaks in a hunt for the sparse food, but the elements are also a danger. Even in summer most of the paths are dangerously cold at night, and the difficult terrain and avalanches make it more dangerous to traverse.
Arge Village The small village on the eastern side of Mount Moon, Arge village serves as a temporary resting point and area for trainers to heal after the dangers of Mount Moon. The Blue Sands are still extremely prominent in town. Arge Village is similar in many ways to Flax Village. Not only does it have a Pokemon Center, but it is also forced to rely on various small shops for merchandise and goods. Unlike Flax Town though, there are hardly any mining groups. Instead, a massive number of Cerulean City soldiers are stationed in Arge Village, led by Lillis Kasumi, Misty's older sister and leader of Cerulean's military.
Diglett Cave The second, and only other, confirmed path through the Lunar Range, Diglett Cave is hard to find. Literally just a hole in the base of the Lunar Range, it is a perilous path. It is a massive underground tunnel that goes from Viridian to Vermillion with no way to resupply during the trip. This leads many to bring in a cart of supplies, a fatal mistake. The Diglett in the area are territorial and most heavy wagons push down the soft soil of Diglett Tunnel. This soil, maintained constantly by the Diglett to be fluffy and light (coincidentally making the ground harder to traverse for those that do not dig) is quite literally the berserk button for the Diglett. Disturbing any aspect of the tunnel can set off their rage, causing the beasts to appear literally anywhere, sometimes going as far as to start cave-ins to stop trespassers. There is a small group that seems to have mastered the technique required to pass through, but they aren't sharing their secrets.
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