Magnets are a strange sort of Trainer. While other Trainers of this type breathe fire or control bugs, the abilities of a Magnet are far more subtle. They control magnetic fields, giving them strange and powerful abilities. More advanced ones learn how to weaponize it, whether it be striking through these fields with blows as hard as steel, or throwing objects around like a toy, smashing foes with heavy metal. However the do it, a Magnet tends to have knowledge of science, mostly due to needing to understand the basics of electromagnetism.

Prerequisites: Elemental Connection (Steel), Novice Combat, Novice Science Education
Effect: You gain the Magnet Pull Ability as well as the Magnetic Capability.

Magnet Strike
[Ranked 3][+Atk][+Def]
Rank 1 Prerequisite: Magnet
Rank 2 Prerequisite: Magnet, Adept Science Education
Rank 3 Prerequisite: Crushing Weight
Rank 1 Effect: You learn the Moves Metal Claw and Bullet Punch.
Rank 2 Effect: You learn the Moves Magnet Bomb and Magnet Rise.
Rank 3 Effect: You learn the Moves Iron Head and Meteor Mash.

Bending Metal
Prerequisites: Magnet Strike Rank 1
1 AP - Swift Action
Effect: You may originate your Steel-Type attacks from any significant source of magnetic material within X meters of you, where X is your Science Education Rank. A significant source means at least a couple pounds; a dog tag, for example, would not work, while a refrigerator door would.

Crushing Weight
Prerequisites: Bending Metal
X AP - Standard Action, Battle
Effect: You use the Move Heavy Slam. You may use any magnetic object within Y meters, where Y is twice your Science Education, that weighs up to X pounds, where X is the AP expended multiplied by your weight. Instead of using your weight class, you may instead use the weight class of this object. If the object is a lower weight class than you this feature costs no AP and does not expend frequency. When used in this way, Heavy Slam is a Ranged Y Move, where Y is twice your Science Education

Magnetic Repulsors
Prerequisites: Magnet Strike Rank 2
2 AP - Standard Action
Effect: You create a magnetic field around yourself, providing you with a +4 Bonus to Evasion. In addition, any opponent who hits with a melee attack is Pushed 3 meters backwards.

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