Mankey, #462, Pig Monkey Pokemon
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Height: 1'8"
Weight: 61.7 lbs.
Length: 1'9" (nose to tail)
Width: 9" (body) 1'6" (wingspan)
Egg Group: Field
Diet: Mankey are technically omnivores, although they have to be extremely desperate to eat meat. They love fruits, to the point of killing for them.
Characteristics: Mankey, while small, are almost entirely muscle, contributing to their surprising weight. The majority of their body is covered in white fur that becomes brown as it reaches extremities. It has highly flexible arms and legs that possess a high degree of dexterity as well. Mankey are extremely quick, and are especially skilled at jumping. Mankey are also skilled climbers, quickly scaling large cliffs. Their tails provide them with extraordinary balance, and make them difficult to knock over. Mankey also have an enzyme that only triggers when angry. When angered, a Mankey's strength is amplified manifold, and they seem oblivious to any and all assault. They throw themselves at their foe with reckless abandon and feel no pain. In this state, they are a terrifying foe. Mankey often run on all fours for greater speed, although two legs support them fine. Mankey's fur also slowly turns silver as they age, making it easy to identify the oldest.
Behavior: Mankey are a brutal and vicious race. They are quick to anger and, when angered, take a long while to cool down. Mankey are also fiercely territorial; while they rarely eat meat, they still kill any and all that trespass within their borders. They also are a highly social Pokemon; a lone Mankey is a rare sight, and also one that the species hates. A lone Mankey is prone to vicious rampages and violent attacks. A Trainer that wishes to use a Mankey must be strong and capable of putting it in its place. Mankey, while they do have a sort of order to their civilizations, are nowhere near other Pokemon such as Machop or Abra.
Habitat: Mankey colonies survive both in the jungle and in the long craggy grounds of Route 22.
Population: Mankey are quite common and far from extinct. They live in colonies. These groups have been recorded as small as five or as large as almost a hundred. These groups are led by the strongest Mankey which, in addition to being the leader, is also the only that may mate.
Relation with other Pokemon: Mankey crush any and all Pokemon that enter their territory. They have been known to hunt Exegute, especially the when they are hungry.
In the World: "Going Mankey" is synonymous with going crazy, and for a good reason. When a Mankey is angry, nothing can stop it. They are rarely used by Trainers due to their difficult personalities.
Lifespan: Mankey rarely live more than ten or twenty years.
Egg: A Mankey Egg is perfectly round with a diameter of about 1 foot.
Breeding: Mankey will quite literally breed with anything. When they are mature (Level 20) they can reproduce with many Pokemon and will do so with a fervor few species can match.

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