Marcs Story

Marcs was born to some very rich parents. Very rich and powerful parents. As a child, he didn't see them much, and the attention he got was minimal. He spent the majority of his time alone or with his nanny, Samantha. She took care of him, raised him.

When Marcs was 12, he had the feeling that Samantha would soon be gone. He couldn't explain why, and he had no rational reason. The next day, she died in a blazing car crash. As time went on, more and more predictions began to happen. They happened with more frequency, and they were always accurate. At length, he finally spoke to his parents about it.

His parents didn't believe him until he told him predictions as they occurred. When more and more became true, his parents began to believe him. They talked to him more, wanting to know each and every prediction before they happened. At first, Marcs liked it. But, over time, he began to see the true motive.

His parents were constantly giving him information about other companies, trying to get him predict trends. Marcs couldn't control it, he knew he couldn't. His parents should have know he couldn't. At first, they thought he was faking, and punished him accordingly. No food for the night, no television for a week. Eventually, they decided to take more drastic reasons.

After some time, his parents heard a rumor of an implant. Something that would let Macs control his sight, direct it where he would. They told him it was a regular surgery, noting to be worried about. One implant in his hand, one in his head. They told him he had cancer, that it would clean it right up.

The next day Marcs woke up, he didn't feel any different. That is until the nurse walked in. He didn't do anything, but something glowed on his hand, across the scars. Next thing he knew, she was unconscious on the ground. The implant had worked, but not in the way intended. He could still see, but now he was a weapon. He was less under control than before. He touched the hospital bed, and he saw what happened. His surgery. The implants. His parents talking over his unconscious body.

Marcs was angry, and understandably so. His parents had never loved him. The implant hadn't worked, so they wouldn't care about him. He still had some sight though. He spent the next week putting on a face, acting like everything was okay. Every night he tried to see, watch the future. He found his way out. Sunday there would be an unattended laundry cart. He stole some regular clothes. Tuesday the window would be open. That was all he had a chance of.

It hurt to see. The implants burned him. But it let him get away. He crawled out that window and ran. He ran, and ran, and ran. He ran out of town, out of the city. And he never looked back.

Marcs has been on his own for five years. He's been running, dodging the police. There was a bounty on his heads. His parents didn't want him to get away; he was too good of an asset. For now, his own power has allowed him to stay away. Along the way, he met a like-minded friend, Casey, his Abra. They've lived on their own, trying to stay caught, stay safe. They didn't trust anyone, they couldn't afford to. Seeing the future has allowed them to become quite the duo, Marcs sight and Casey's Teleportation allowing the two to pull off anything. Marcs has even learned how to weaponize his power, assaulting enemies with jumbled future images that literally shred their minds.

They've stayed alive this long. Recently, Marcs hasn't been able to see the future. His implant has been malfunctioning. He can see the past, but not the future. He's been trying to find a way to fix it, but he has neither the money nor the expertise.

Scrying Method
Marcs has perfected his technique over time. While at first simply focused on his implants, that did not give the best results. He's managed to become more and more skilled with it, making it possible for him to see things more accurately. This, however, is not without drawbacks. His implant is old, dying. It glows like a cherry when he uses his powers; his palm, a thin line up his arm and to his face, and the base of his skull. Thick clothes have worked for dimming it, but the pain is an absolute. If he doesn't fix it soon, Marcs worries that he may die soon, from literally frying his brain.

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