Name : Steven Atratus
AKA: Pitch Stevens
Age : 17
Height : 5'11''
Weight : 172 lbs

Level 1 Ace Trainer


Name: Steven Atratus

Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: Around 180 pounds

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Last Seen: Heading east towards Port Tidings

Distinguishing marks: Fingertips are seared off, long, knotted scar on his left bicep.

If found, contact the Rangers. He is suspected in the murder of Marie Atratus. Reward for information on his whereabouts.


While others hide their darkness deep within, Pitch's is right below the surface. If you think to beg mercy or surrender from him, think again. He is a brutal, merciless creature, willing to do whatever he needs to accomplish his esoteric goals.

Skills and Combat Statistics

BODY (1)
Acrobatics Untrained 2d6+1
Athletics Untrained 2d6+1
Combat Untrained 2d6+1
Stealth Untrained 2d6+1
Survival Untrained 2d6+1
MIND (3)
Guile Untrained 2d6+1
Perception Untrained 2d6+1
Education (General) Untrained 2d6+1
Education (Medicine) Untrained 2d6+1
Education (Occult) Untrained 2d6+1
Education (Pokemon) Untrained 2d6+1
Education (Technology) Untrained 2d6+1
Charm Untrained 2d6+3
Command Novice 3d6+3
Intimidate Novice 3d6+3
Focus Untrained 2d6+3
Intuition Untrained 2d6+3
Combat Statistics
Hit Points: 48/48
HP 12
Attack 8
Defense 5
Sp. Attack 5
Sp. Defense 5
Speed 10
Injuries 0
Action Points 5

Moves and Abilities

Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Effect
Struggle (Knife) At-Will 4 Normal.jpg DB 5 - 1d8+8 / 13 A.png Melee, 1 Target -
Struggle At-Will 4 Normal.jpg DB 4 - 1d8+6 / 11 A.png Melee, 1 Target -
Overland 5 Swim 2 High Jump 0 Long Jump 1 Power 4 Throwing Range 6

The Rusack

Switchblade - Main Hand Weapon, +1 DB on Struggle


Item Quantity Description
Basic Ball 3 Pokeball, No Modifier
Potion 2 Heals 20 HP
Antidote 1 Cures Poison
Burn Heal 1 Cures Burn

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 1/10
Total Battle EXP: 1
Total Story EXP: 0

Just an Average Guy (+Intimidate)
Body 1, Mind 1, Spirit 3.
Edges: Basic Skills (Command), Group Trainer, Beast Master
Feats: Brutal Training, Ace Trainer (Class), Training Techniques
+2 HP, +3 Attack, +5 Speed

Feats and Edges

All Features and Edges taken have their effects detailed within.

The Making of the Madness

Initial Tests

Prison Logs

Public Service Announcement

Pitch Stevens

Current Team: charmander.gifsandslash.gif
Owned Pokémon (2): Charmander, Sandslash
EXP to distribute: 0

To Add: None

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