Necromancers have an uncanny connection to the netherworld. Most trainers are completely oblivious to their even being a true afterlife, but a Necromancer knows the truth. They can call upon the spirits of the dead, using them for information, power, and even calling forth the spirits of the damned to act as their Pokemon. They even take on the aspects of death, acting as a ghost itself.

Prerequisites: Elemental Connection (Ghost), Novice Combat, Novice Occult Education
Effect: You are always capable of seeing Ghost Pokemon, even when they are Invisible. You may communicate telepathically with Ghost Pokemon, as if both you and the Ghost had the Telepathy Capability.

Speak with Dead
Prerequisites: Necromancer
2 AP - Extended Action
Target: A Trainer or Pokemon that has died within the last 24 hours.
Effect: You may speak with the deceased target for up to five minutes. You may add an additional five minutes onto any conversation for 1 AP.

Touching the Other Side
Prerequisites: Necromancer
Effect: You gain the Dead Silent Capability.

Soul Twisting
Prerequisites: Touching the Other Side, Adept Occult Education
Effect: You gain the Soulstealer Ability.

Prerequisites: Commune with Dead, Adept Occult Education
One Time Use/10 - Extended Action
Target: A dead Trainer or Pokemon
Effect: Choose Gastly, Duskull, or Yamask. You summon the spirit of the dead Target to create this Pokemon at Level 5. The created Pokemon has the Nature of your choice, and ability of your choice chosen from the Basic Abilities normally available to that species. It costs 2000 in necromantic materials to raise a Gastly, Duskull, or Yamask.

Tearing the Veil
Prerequisites: Resurrection, Expert Occult Education
Effect: You gain an additional use of "Resurrection". When using Resurrection, you may also create Shuppet, Misdreavus, Litwick, or Spiritomb. It costs 8,000 to raise a Spiritomb, and 3,500 to raise a Shuppet, Misdreavus, or Litwick. Additionally, when raising any Pokemon, you may 'enhance' the Pokemon in several ways by paying the listed cost.
- 500: The Pokemon is born knowing its second Ability, as if it had reached level 20. It does not learn another Ability at Level 20, but learns one at 40 as normal.
- 1,000: The Pokemon retains all memories of its past life.
- 1,500: The Pokemon adds a Move from its Egg Move or Move Tutor List to its Inheritance List. To clarify, this is the Ghost Pokemon's movelist, not the corpses.
- 1,500: Increase one of the Pokemon's Base Stats by +1. This counts as use of a Vitamin. This may be performed up to 5 times.

Form of Death
Prerequisites: Tearing the Veil, Touching the Other Side, Master Occult Education
Daily/15 - Swift Action
Trigger: You are targeted by a Normal or Fighting Move, Ghost Status Move or the Soulstealer, Intimidate, Frighten, Cursed Body, or Omen Ability.
Effect: You are Immune to the Triggering Effect.

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