Noltus - PL 10, Fighter

Strength 12, Stamina 12, Agility -2, Dexterity -2, Fighting 6, Intellect 0, Awareness 6, Presence -2


* designates one of the free Fighter Advantages.
Fast Grab*, Improved Grab*, Improved Hold*, Power Attack*, Takedown 2, Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Chokehold, Luck 5, Great Endurance, Interpose, Assessment, Fearless, Ultimate Effort (Toughness), Close Attack 4, Language (Elcor), Improved Disarm


Acrobatics 0 (-2), Athletics 2 (+14), Close Combat 0 (+8), Deception 0 (-2), Insight 12 (+18), Intimidation 10 (+11), Investigation 0 (+0), Perception 8 (+14), Persuasion 0 (-2), Ranged Combat 0 (-2), Sleight of Hand -2 (-2), Stealth 0 (-8), Technology 0 (+0), Treatment 0 (+0), Vehicles 0 (-2)


Elcor Physiology - 23 Points
Great Size - 13 Points
As an Elcor, Noltus is rather large, weighing in at nearly three tons.

  • Growth 6 (+6 Strength, +6 Stamina, +3 Intimidate, -6 Stealth, -3 Parry, -3 Dodge)
  • Innate

Thick Skin - 2 Points
Elcor have a tough hide, capable of stopping all sorts of damage.

  • Protection 2

Elcor Senses - 8 Points
Elcor posses an extremely acute sense of smell, as well as advanced hearing.

  • Ultra-Hearing
  • Extended Acute Accurate Olfactory

Combat Harness - Removable, 24 Points (31)
Sigmund - 17 Points
Elcor are slow to make decisions, so a VI is extremely helpful whenever trying to aim or do something quickly.

  • Enhanced Skill: Ranged Combat (Firearms) 10
  • Enhanced Advantage (Eidetic Memory, Improved Critical (Firearms) 4, Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover), Precise Attack (Ranged, Concealment))
  • Enhanced Intellect 5 (Limited to Recalling Facts)

Miniature Thanix Cannon - 14 Points
While it's too heavy for any normal creature, this cannon is just the right size for Noltus. It cost a pretty penny as well.

  • Ranged, Distracting Damage 14


Initiative +0
Unarmed: Strength-Based Damage 0, +10
Miniature Thanix Cannon: Damage 14, +8


Greed [Motivation]
Noltus was a bouncer on Omega for money, fought against the Reapers with the Dread Lances for money and is going to Andromeda because of money. He's good at what he does, but he doesn't do it for free.

Elcorian Tact [Disability]
The ways that elcor display emotions are far more subtle than any of the other races, leading many that aren't able to pick up on the extreme nuances of elcor communication believing that Noltus is cold and aloof.

Very, Very Big [Disability]
Weighing in at just over three tons, Noltus is large. Very, very large. While on a spaceship designed for him it isn't normally an issue, from time to time he has a trouble assisting with issues due to his colossal nature.

Blasto [Obsession]
Noltus always had a particular fondness for the Blasto comics, especially after some elcor landed a role in the movie.


Native Language, Elcor


Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 12, Toughness 14, Will 8

Power Points

Abilities 36 + Powers 47 + Advantages 19 + Skills 16 (32 ranks) + Defenses 10 = 129


Large even by elcor standards, Noltus' hide is covered in burns and scars from countless battles, and one of his eyes is milky and glazed over, making him even less of an appealing sight than your typical elcor. His clothing is adorned with the insignia of the Dread Lances, more out of convenience than any particular loyalty to the group. In combat, Noltus is never without his large harness that houses Sigmund, his VI and combat assistant, as well as a massive cannon that is an experimental prototype of a miniaturized Thanix Cannon. While how it functions is far beyond Noltus, he can certainly make effective use of it.


Noltus grew up on Dekuuna, as many elcor do. With a crushing gravity of over quadruple that of Earth, Noltus faced the same issue that the elcor had been forced to deal with for centuries where even the slightest of missteps could result in death. For most elcor, this results in a slow, methodical lifestyle. Never rush, never hurry, never put yourself at risk of a single misstep. It was a policy that had worked for the elcor for ages, and was unlikely to change in the near future. Noltus was no different than the masses, lumbering around Dekuuna, going about his day to day life, although as he grew in age and stature, a thought began to cross his mind. Among the elcor here on Dekuuna, he was average. Perhaps a bit stronger than a normal of his kind, but nothing remarkable. But on another planet? He'd be stronger than even a krogan, should the need arise.

With a goal in mind, Noltus set off towards Omega, the center of the galaxies' criminal activities. Unfortunately for Noltus, Dekuuna did very little to prepare someone for the quick-witted and brutal residents of Omega. It took nearly ten whole minutes for Noltus to have lost his savings before finally finding his way to the Carrd district, home to many of the elcor on Omega. Here he found a slightly more hospitable environment, but that was not to last. Nearby, district 2183 was in a constant war between the volus and batarians and it was beginning to overflow into the Carrd district. For the most part Noltus was able to ignore the conflict, until he was ambushed by a small group of batarians on his way home from work. At that moment, Noltus didn't mean to kill them, or even hurt them. He was just trying to defend himself, but a stray flail ended up throwing one of the batarians a good fifty fee through the air.

After that, the volus sought to hire Noltus, a task that the young elcor happily accepted. While he'd been unnerved by his first kill, he found a certain thrill to it. It came so easily, without even putting effort into it. Noltus became an enforcer for the volus, marking a slow, but certain, death for anybody that opposed his bosses. It was at this stage in Noltus' career that he gained most of his scars, mostly from amateurish mistakes. It was at this point in his career that Noltus received Sigmund from one of his volus partners, who was more than slightly annoyed with how long it typically took the elcor to make a decision.

Still, an enforcer for small-time volus wasn't what Noltus aspired to be for his entire life. When the Reapers first appeared, Noltus paid them no mind but, as time went on, it became harder and harder to ignore. When he heard of the Reaper invasion on Dekuuna, Noltus finally was moved to action. Fortune smiled upon him, as there was a small contingent of mercenaries that had been contracted out to try to get as many elcor off-world as possible. These mercenaries, called the Dread Lances, were happy to take a native to Dekuuna aboard, especially one with combat experience.

On Dekuuna, Noltus mostly served as a glorified pack mule and guide, handling most of the ground operations due to having adapted to the high gravity environment of Dekuuna. That is, until their ship was shot down by the Reapers. With most of the grew unable to function in the extreme gravity, Noltus ripped a cannon off of the ship and managed to hold the Reapers off for hours until they were rescued.

That's when Noltus' true career within the Dread Lances began. With his use as a heavy weapons platform established, Noltus began to work as one of the Dread Lances' heavy troopers, putting a miniaturized Thanix Cannon and Sigmund's targeting protocols to extremely effective use. With dangerous enemies that could shrug off normal weapons fire, having maneuverable artillery gave the Dread Lances' an advantage in their battle. Noltus fought battle after battle in the Reaper War, standing his ground as long as he could with the other Lances. When the war finally ended in a great green flash, Noltus found himself closer to Sigmund then he had ever been before, but still very much alive.

When the war finished, Noltus didn't know what to do other than stay on with the Dread Lances. His homeworld was ravaged, and, outside of war, he had no skills. As such, when the Lances were contracted out to assist with Andromeda, Noltus didn't think twice about signing on. After all, perhaps in a new galaxy he could find a place for himself other than war. If not, well, the Lances could always use an extra Thanix Cannon.

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