Hit Points 10
Damage Reduction 1
Strength 17 +3
Constitution 17 +3
Dexterity 13 +1
Intelligence 6 -2
Wisdom 8 -1
Charisma 10 +0

Name : O
Age : 26
Height : 14'8''
Weight : 1,487 lbs
Alignment : Chaotic Neutral
Aggression: O is quick to anger, and almost as quick to fight.
Gullible: O isn't really good at that whole sarcasm thing.
Lack of Orientation: O is super extra good at getting lost!

Level 1

The Smashing Tale

O is a simple person. He enjoys singing loudly, watching sunsets, and bashing people to death with a great big axe. He's quite stupid, to say the least, and is extremely gullible. O has always getting work where he can, but always seems to waste the money before he can do something useful with it. He's very loyal, very strong, and a useful person to have around. He's quite literally a giant of a man, but he's mostly harmless, unless you hurt his friends or insult his singing.

In recent years, O went from working as a caravan escort to working with pirates. The ones he was with liked to sing, shout, and fight. They were his bestest friends. He was with them for a few years, and they were the best years of his life. They helped him in cities where there were tricky people, and he kept bad guys from hurting his friends. The one day, other pirates killed his friends and captured O. These pirates weren't nice. They made O fight, but didn't let him sing. O was very sad. After a long time, he got away (with most of the booze) and was able to make a boat. It sank. So he made a new boat. It sank too. Then he decided to just make a big log and start paddling. That's where O is now. Paddling. On a log.


O like to hit things and sing pretty songs.


Primary Skills
Weapon Attack (F) 4 Strength
Unarmed Strike 1 Strength
Ranged Shot 1 Dexterity
Defense (F) 4 Dexterity
Initiative 1 Dexterity
Fortitude (F) 4 Constitution
Reflex 1 Dexterity
Willpower (F) 4 Wisdom
Secondary Skills
Appraise 1 Intelligence
Balance (F) 4 Dexterity
Bluff 1 Charisma
Climb (F) 4 Strength
Concentration 0 Constitution
Cooking 0 Wisdom
Diplomacy 1 Charisma
Engineering 0 Wisdom
Escape Artist 0 Dexterity
Gather Information 1 Charisma
Secondary Skills
Heal 0 Wisdom
Hide 0 Dexterity
Intimidate (F) 4 Charisma
Invent 0 Intelligence
Jump (F) 4 Strength
Knowledge 0 Wisdom
Listen 0 Wisdom
Move Silently 0 Dexterity
Navigation 0 Intelligence
Perform 0 Wisdom
Research 0 Wisdom
Ride 1 Dexterity
Sailing (F) 4 Wisdom
Search (F) 4 Intelligence
Sense Motive 1 Wisdom
Sleight of Hand 0 Dexterity
Spot (F) 4 Wisdom
Trapping 1 Dexterity
Tumble 0 Dexterity

Feats and Combat Things

Size: 10 feet
Reach: 10 feet
Land Speed: 30 feet
Sea Speed: 20 feet

WEAPON PROFICIENCY [ MISC ] (All Melee, Light and Medium Shields)
Prerequisite: This feat can only be specially attained when choosing a class and/or prestige class.
Benefit: You are now proficient with the weapon category of your choice. This type must be listed in your class’s description. You no longer suffer any penalties when using these weapon types.

ARMOR PROFICIENCY [ MISC ] (Light and Medium)
Benefit: When you first take this feat you gain access to light armor. You may take this feat an additional time granting you access to heavy armor.

Prerequisite: Bloodlust, Intimidate 4 Ranks
Benefit: As a full round action, the warrior may bellow a mighty battle cry. The warrior and their nakama gain a +2 STR bonus for the remainder of the battle.

Prerequisite: Warrior
Benefit: While in this stance, the warrior gains a +1 damage bonus plus 1 more per 5 character levels. Defense rolls take a -2 while in this stance.

Prerequisite: Bloodlust, Weapon Attack 4 Ranks
Benefit: As a full round action you may attempt to crush one of your opponent’s knee joint. To execute this, you roll a weapon attack at a -3. If you successfully hit your target, you deal normal weapon damage and the target is considered entangled for the remainder of the battle. If you are smaller than your target, you may improve your weapon attack bonus by +1 per size difference between you and your target.

The Rusack


Greataxe 1d12 x3
Accessory 1 n/a
Accessory 2 n/a
Head Armor Overlarge Viking Cap No stats.
Hand Armor n/a
Body Armor Leather Armor +1 Defense, no check penalty
Leg Armor n/a
Foot Armor n/a


Eye Patch 1 Who wears these? Hard to see.
Empty Chest 1 O keeps his booze in this.
Cutlass 1 For if Axie goes bye-bye.


Bottle of Alcohol 15 Stolen booze is good booze


Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 125/1,000

Attributes: 16 Strength (-8), 14 Dexterity (-6), 16 Constitution (-8), 6 Intelligence (+2), 8 Wisdom (0), 10 Charisma (-2)
Race: Human (Large, +1 STR, +1 CON, -1 DEX)
Class: Warrior
Career: Pirate
Favored Primary Skills: Weapon Attack, Defense, Initiative, Fortitude
Favored Secondary Skills: Balance, Climb, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Perform, Spot

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