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While there are many that seek to fight as Pokemon, or master their own body to become the best, few and far between are the trainers that transcend their human form to become something more. The causes of this ability to swap between the form of a man and that of a Pokemon are many; for some, it was a curse, others, eating a strange fruit gifted them with power. No matter the cause, a Pokethrope is a force to be reckoned with. Feared by most, those that learn to bend their curse into a weapon are welcome in all some adventuring parties.

Pokethrope Mechanics: When a Trainer first takes Pokethrope, choose a species of Pokemon. This is your "Form." Many of the features are dependent on this "Form" and most of the class runs off it. Upon choosing a form, rename the class. For example, if one had a Mightyena Form, it could be called Mightyenathrope (Yeesh, I need a better name for this class).
GM Note: Just as with Pokemon, not all kinds of Pokethorpes are created equal. Be careful with the species you allow your PC to use for this class.
Base Stats: Whenever this class references Base Stats, it is in reference towards the Base Stats of the species. Any Abilities that modify Base Stats change the amount of the species for the purpose of gaining points, not your full stat total. For features that add to stats based off your Form's Highest Stat, this means your current form. For example, if a Trainer went from an Eeveethrope (Special Defense and either Hit Points, Attack, or Speed) to Vaporeonthrope (Hit Points and Special Attack), these changes would occur retroactively. In the case of a tie in the two highest stats, the Trainer may choose the bonuses from among the tied values, but the assigned bonuses remain throughout the whole class.
Effective Pokemon Level: Many features use the Effective Pokemon Level (EPL) of the trainer. This means that you count as a Pokemon of a Level equal to 5+(2*Current Trainer Level).
Evolution: It would really suck to perpetually be stuck as a Charmanderthrope, wouldn't it? As such, your Form evolves over time. When your EPL is when the Pokemon species would evolve, you evolve. For strange evolutions, it is suggested you work out a method with your GM. Perhaps going from Nidorina to Nidoqueen would require some sort of ceremony involving a Moon Stone, for example.

Stances: A Pokethrope has access to multiple Stances. Only one may be used at any time, with Domestication being the exception.

Fluffing: Most Pokethropes should have some sort of indication, however small, that they aren't entirely human. Perhaps a Mightyenathrope has fangs, or a Pikachuthrope has those rosy red cheeks. The appearance of a trainer should change more dramatically in a Form; maybe in Attack Point your Mightyenathrope's jaw turns into a full on snout full of fangs and you get long claws. Domestication should create an unholy hybrid between man and beast; this fluff is between you and your players.

Prerequisite: Novice Focus, Mystic Senses, A damn good reason to be one, GM Approval
[+Pokemon's Highest Stat][+Pokemon's Second Highest Stat]
Effect: Your Struggle Attacks are the same Type as your Form and may be either Physical or Special. You may communicate with Pokemon of this evolutionary line.

Defense Point
Prerequisites: Pokethrope
[+Defense][+Special Defense]
At-Will - Stance - Standard Action
Effect: Add 1/2 the Pokemon's Defense and Special Defense to your own stats. You gain the Resistances and Immunities of that Type.

Attack Point
Prerequisites: Pokethrope
[+2 Attack] OR [+2 Special Attack]
At-Will - Stance- Standard Action
Effect: Choose either Attack or Special Attack when you take this feature. Add 1/2 the chosen stat for the Pokemon to that stat. You may use any move that the Pokemon would know, so long as they are At-Will or EoT and use the stat corresponding to which version of the feature you took and are learned at or before your EPL.

Speed Point
Prerequisites: Pokethrope
[+2 Speed]
At-Will - Stance- Standard Action
Effect: Add 1/2 the Pokemon's Speed to your Speed stat. You gain all Movement Capabilites of the Pokemon as well as their Jump Capability.

Flexible Form
Prerequisite: Two "Point" features
[+Pokemon's Highest Stat][+Pokemon's Second Highest Stat]
Effect: You may swap Stances as a Swift Action.

Natural Tricks
Prerequisite: Flexible Form
[+Pokemon's Highest Stat][+Pokemon's Second Highest Stat]
Effect: You may use any of your Forms Status Moves that are Battle Frequency or below that are learned at or before your EPL. These are accessible in any Stance, but you must be currently in a Stance to use them.

Ties with Nature
[+Pokemon's Highest Stat][+Pokemon's Second Highest Stat]
Rank 1 Prerequisites: Pokethrope
Rank 2 Prerequisites: Ties With Nature Rank 1, Enhanced Stances
Rank 1: Choose one of the Pokemon's Basic Abilities. You gain this Ability when in any Stance.
Rank 2: Choose one of the Pokemon's Advanced Abilities, High Abilities, or another Basic Ability. You gain this Ability when in any Stance.

Enhanced Stances
Prerequisite: Ties With Nature Rank 1, All "Point Features", Flexible Form
[+Pokemon's Highest Stat][+Pokemon's Second Highest Stat]
Defense Point: You gain +1 Stages in Defense and Special Defense as long as you remain in this form. In addition, you may switch into this form as an Interrupt as a Free Action for 1 AP. This cannot cause a Move to miss.
Attack Point: You gain access to Battle Moves as well. You are treated as if you are that Pokemon Type for the purpose of STAB.
Speed Point: You gain +2 Speed Stages as long as you are in this Stance. You may use the Pokemon's Skill Ranks in place of your own. You gain all other Capabilities of the Pokemon.

Prerequisite: Enhanced Stances, Level 10
[+Pokemon's Highest Stat][+Pokemon's Second Highest Stat]
Daily - 3 AP - Standard Action
Effect: You may use all three forms at the same time, gaining their collective benefits in addition to Temporary HP equal to the Pokemon's Base HP stat x 2. This transformation lasts for X rounds, where X is your Focus Skill Rank. You may only use Moves learned through Stances in this form. In this Form, you gain the Size and Weight of your Form unless they are smaller than your normal form. When this ends, you may not use any forms for 1d4 rounds.


Have fun with this class. The fact that they turn into a Pokemon can lead to interesting RP; don't just skip over that fact! In addition, depending on how they gained it, there may be other reprecussions. If their Pokethropey is the result of an ancient curse, perhaps they cannot control their shifting during a Full Moon (so original, I know). This class will likely really define the character, so don't be afraid to have fun with it!

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